Tony knew that if Gibbs was back, the others were back too. Back to see the damage done that was obviously his fault. Not wanting to face them, he stopped the elevator and got off by the warehouse. He hung around there for a while, perhaps to gather his thought, perhaps to get a box to gather his things in.

After several minuets of pure procrastination, he finally decided to return to the bull pen. But when he did so, there was no one to be found. How odd…

He knew Gibbs would be pissed. He knew Gibbs would fire him. He pushed off all the crap on his desk into the box he got from the warehouse.

Tony sighed. He knew facing Gibbs was inevitable. To he walked up to the confernce room where he knew they were all talking about his punishment.

Of course he was greeted by several pairs of eyes all staring at him. Including those tiny crying red eyes of tiny Timmy, who was sitting on Abby's lap. He stifled a laugh when he saw little Tim McGee where Abby's red pumps. Silence. Gibbs was the first to approach him.

SLAP! Gibbs hand came across the back of his head, hard.

"That was for disobeying direct orders," Gibbs growled. His hand went up again. Tony flinched knowing he deserved it. But instead of another Gibbs Slap, Gibbs simply placed his hand on Tony's shoulder and patted his back. "And that was for breaking Timmy's mental block," He said giving a sly smile.

"Wh-what?" Tony asked, quite nearly collapsing from relief.

"You have done it, Anthony! You broke young Timothy's mental block!" Ducky chimed in happily.

"He remembers everything now," Abby added, smiling at the boy.

Timmy nodded. He hopped off Abby's lap, stumbling over and wrapped his arms around Tony's leg. He was significantly taller because of the pumps. "I'm sorry I hurted you… and, and, I'm sorry I brokeded Abby's room, and… and… Lisa's co'puter and Ducky's stuffs," He sniffled, hiccupping sadly.

Tony looked at Ziva and smirked. Lisa? He mouthed. She just glared at him. He bent down and hugged Timmy. "It's OK, kid. I forgive you,"

Timmy smiled and ran back to Abby's lap.

"The poor kid remembers everything," Kate sighed. "We know exactly who killed the McGees. That guy from the bar we interviewed remember?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, the one you said had a hot-" Tony started.

"DiNozzo you are such a pig!" Kate punched him in the shoulder.

"Which reminds me. Kate, Ziver, go pick 'im up," Gibbs said.

Both nodded and ran out the door.

"Why don't you tell Tony here what happened," Ducky asked little Timmy.

Timmy nodded. "There was a man at my house. He and daddy yelled at each other for a long time. Then he threw the weird man out. But he came back and tolded me he needed to fix our house so I let him in. Then he left and there was a funny ticking and… and… grandpa said run… and daddy said run… so Ani and Izzy runeded, and I was scared so I hid then BOOM!" He said crying hysterically again.

He was like that for hours, crying and crying and crying. Ducky said it was a good thing, to let it all out, but Tony still felt bad. He offered to care for Timmy while Abby worked in her Lab. Abby didn't want to let either of them out of her sight (because Timmy was so cute) so the three of them played board games in the Lab until Timmy fell asleep playing Tiddly Winks.

Now the only problem was locating some family.