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Kurt sighed as Blaine drove away heading for Dalton. He smiled, thinking about the text he knew would arrive as soon as Blaine reached his school.

Kurt missed Blaine all the time they weren't together, he felt safe when Blaine was with him, he felt wanted and special, even though they weren't together.

Blaine had saved Kurt, his very own superman.

Unfortunately, Blaine didn't see him the same way so Kurt would just watch everyday as Blaine headed off to his safe, prestigious school, hoping he didn't fall in love with anyone else.

He walked over to his car pulling out his keys, not hearing the roar of an engine behind him. Suddenly, Kurt was flung onto the ground. He groaned because these were his favorite jeans and there was no way they didn't have a hole in them now. Then he became aware of someone talking to him.

" Kurt? Are you okay?"

Kurt looked up to see Blaine staring down at him, his brow furrowed in concern. He rolled onto his back and sat up, checking his hands for any scrapes, wincing at the grazes there, knowing he was lucky it wasn't worse.

" Yeah, I'll live." He smiled weakly at Blaine. " Thanks." He said shyly, blushing a little. Blaine helped him stand and held onto Kurt's hands, scrutinizing the grazes himself.

" Don't be silly, it's nothing, I'm just glad you weren't hit." Blaine replied, pulling Kurt back into the coffee shop to clean the wounds.

" I should have seen it or-or heard it or something, I was a bit lost in thought." He frowned. " You had left already, why did you come back?" He asked, running his hands under the cold water. Kurt looked over at Blaine who was blushing a little.

" I realized that- uh- I didn't want to leave you without... I always forget to tell you..." He mumbled the last bit.

" What did you say?" Kurt asked. Blaine whispered something that sounded like 'courage' to himself before taking a deep breath.

" I always forget to tell you I love you."

Kurt's mouth opened a little in shock.

" Really?" He asked incredulously. Blaine nodded, looking down at his hands.

Kurt suddenly grinned and pulled the other boy towards him. When their lips met it wasn't a long kiss but it was perfect. " Me too, Superman."

" Did you just call me Superman?" Blaine asked, drying Kurt's hands for him. Kurt blushed.

" It-it was what I was thinking about when you... Saved me... Again." He explained nervously. Blaine grinned.

" I like it." He twined his fingers with Kurt's and lead him out of the bathroom and out to their cars.

" So, if I'm Superman does that make you Lois Lane?" Blaine asked, pausing beside Kurt's car.

" You are not calling me Lois!" Kurt said adamantly. Blaine chuckled.

" How about 'babe'?" He asked, watching the grin that lit up the other boy's face.

" Does that mean... Am I y-your boyfriend?" Kurt asked.

" Well, I don't make a habit of kissing people that aren't so, yeah. If you'll have me?"

Kurt just pulled him in for another, longer kiss.

" Now get to school, Superman, I am not going to date someone who can't spell."

Blaine smacked him on the arm before kissing his boyfriend softly.

" Whatever you say, babe. I'll call you later." He kissed Kurt once more. " Bye."

Kurt couldn't stop the grin that spread over his face.