In the morning they wouldn't remember.

The younger one would not remember the smooth olive skin he stroked frenziedly as the two bodies floated passionately in the hot water. He would not remember running his hands down a strong back, panting heatedly against a strong shoulder as the other man nibbled on his neck. He would not remember staring back into the pair of dilated brown eyes searing through him. He would not remember gasping in pleasure, working one hand down his spine, dipping under the waistband of the boxers, not registering it was too cold for just boxers, too strange at a party.

The other man would not remember devouring a pair of soft, responsive lips as he caressed the slim muscles of the younger man's thighs. He would not remember working his way across his jaw and down his throat, nipping at the heated sweat-slicked skin. He would not remember stroking and being just barely stroked in intimate places, his hand falling across a trembling body. He would not remember the waves of desire crashing against him with every kiss, every touch, every gasp. He would not remember wanting to never end this night, this perfect, crazy, amazing kiss.

"...All I remember is getting drunk and making out with some guy in the hot tub."

"Oh my God, so did I!"

Horror. Soft mouth, edible skin, frenzied touches. That was Jack?

Horror. Tanned skin, firm body, passionate kisses. That was Will?

"I don't really remember that."

"I don't—I don't—phew."

Throw it off.

Throw it off.

Author's Note: I'm not one hundred percent sure what they say at the end. Anyway, this is not what I'm supposed to be writing, but I've been on a Will and Grace kick recently. This is a moment from the season 3 episode "Husbands & Trophy Wives." Or based on a moment. Whatever. Hope you enjoyed.