a/n: Inspired by "the real snape" 's fic of the same name.

He perspires the same vitriol he swallows
Passing it through his blood, veins, liver,
Through the sullen cavernous rooms of his heart.

When his thoughts quiet, it roars I his ears:
A venomous sea barely contained within
The spiderstrung maze of capillaries

And he vomits the same lies that he once so cherished
When they were presented on ivory platters guilded
With gold and other such precious ores

When his gluttony exhausts him and parches
His tireless majickal jaws, his tongue beckons:
Scooping, in, out and around

He sets his fate 'fore even turning to them:
Veneerless replicas, black stationary
Marching across the board in fives and nines

Metal-laden kamikaze, docile swain
Of the first lady, riled negro cobra rising:
Darkled feathers on the stagnant rhine.

Black knight moves forward.