A Life without…


Summer 1988
5 years ago 1:46 pm

"Babes don't leave me!" Beetlejuice cried out as he clung onto Lydia's leg, "If you go who will be there to get in trouble with me! Or bail me out of a tough spot?" with that the distressed poltergeist turned into a dirty spot on the floor, before poofing back to his abnormal self.

"Beej I don't want to go either…"Lydia sighed with a heavy heart and packed the last of her things into her luggage. "But their my parents and I have to go…Mom got a good job offer in New York and…oh Bj it's going to be the pits without you..." she turned to the sad ghost and hugged him tight. "Please take care of the house for me Beej...I left something in Jacques' care, so only when it's an emergency and you need to come to the world of the living just ask him." She smiled sadly as he clung to her waist sniffling pathetically.

" Lydiaaaa!~ We have to go nooooow!~" called out the overly sweet voice of Delia Deetz.

"Coming mother!" Lydia called back and sighed prying herself from Beetlejuices' hold. "Guess this is goodbye huh babes..?" he sniffled and blew his nose on a gray snotrag, before standing up and slouching. "Not goodbye Beej...just see you later…"she smiled and gave him one last hug before grabbing her luggage. "Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice!" and with those three words the ghost with the most poofed back to the neither world, Lydia wiped her eyes before turning off the lights to her room and walking down the stairs.