Is it Good?

"I still don't know, Chichi!" Videl exclaimed again, setting her frying pan down and fidgeting with her new apron yet again.

"Listen, dear, I'm sure he'll love it! By the looks of it, I think that it'll taste fine! Now, relax, and get the table set for the boys." Chichi said, reassuring her daughter-in-law of 1 month. Videl smoothed down her apron and took a deep breath. She was Videl Satan, for crying out loud! Just because she was now married, does not mean that she had to get so nervous over serving her...husband…(it was still hard to think the word, let alone say it out loud…) breakfast for the first time. He was a Son man, and Son men love their food. A LOT. And if the food wasn't good, then would he regret marrying her? Would he? She began freaking out again. Chichi took her by the shoulders and gave her a little shake. She looked her straight in the eye.

"Videl, calm down. You'll be fine. My Gohan will love your cooking, I don't know how I know, I just do. So, calm down." Videl looked back at her mother-in-law and took a deep breath. She smoothed down her apron one more time. She finished setting the table and strode confidently over to stand by Chichi. Chichi smiled warmly, and soon they heard the sound of 3 Son men running down the hall.

"FOOOOOD!" Goten yelled.

"That smells great!" Gohan exclaimed. Videl blushed and Chichi squeezed her shoulder encouragingly.

"FOOOOOD!" Goku yelled. They ran to the table and Goten and Goku began scarfing down their portions. Gohan walked to give Chichi a quick peck on the cheek, and kissed Videl on the forehead. She blushed, and gestured for him to sit down.

"Mom, this doesn't taste like it usually does!" Gohan exclaimed. Videl's face fell, and she waited anxiously.

"It tastes so GOOD!" Goten and Goku exclaimed, their mouths full of food. Chichi wacked them both on their heads with her lethal frying pan.

"OWWWW!" They both exclaimed.

"No talking with your mouths full!" Chichi exclaimed. Videl usually would've smiled but she stared intently at Gohan who was staring back at her.

"Yes, this doesn't taste the same…" he began. Videl waited anxiously. "It tastes so much better! Who made this? Obviously not Goten…" he added, staring at his 13 year old brother who was scarfing down some muffins. Videl blushed, and looked down, embarrassed.

"Your wife made this!" Chichi said, grinning. Gohan's eyes widened.

"Videl, you made this?" Gohan asked, dumbstruck. Goten and Goku looked on open mouthed. All three Son men were soon dealt with a hit on the head with Videl's new frying pan.

"Owwww!" they exclaimed.

"Videl, what was that for?"

"So you thought I was going to be a bad cook?" she practically yelled. Chichi looked on proudly at her family, and at her new daughter-in-law. Her son really couldn't have picked a better wife. Now, all she had to wait for was grand-children!

Author's Note: Short and sweet, I hope you enjoyed the first of many! Just to let you know, these one-shots could be about the Son family when Pan is born, when Videl and Gohan aren't even married, when Goten isn't born yet. It basically covers any timeline. :) Read and Review! :D