I felt like submitting this because well Sket Dance deserves more love so here is this little ficlet that I hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own this awesomeness!

A Silent Tomorrow

I greet everyday like any other, in silence.

It's been 2 years since I've uttered a sound and though it can be quite lonely I've found myself slowly getting better. I no longer lay there at night hearing the voices of my brother, Sawa, and my own forgotten one; instead I hear the, sometimes loud, voices of my friends.

Bossun who brought me out of my darkest days into the sunlight where I could actually smile again.

Himeko who cares for and protects us while still showing her pride and loyalty.

Momoka who is starting to break though my frozen heart.

Yuuki who has given me a rival to constantly butt heads with.

All of them and more have helped me who I am today.

Even though I'm reminded everyday by the glass covering my eyes and each tap of the keyboard, I'm starting to feel more alive. I chose this life to live and it's becoming a lot more entertaining than it ever was before.

Perhaps one day I will no longer need a computer to speak my mind, but until that happens I'm quite happy where I am now.