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"Talk" Talking

'Think' Thinking

The Fishman District started out as a gigantic institution to take care of orphaned children. But barely a year after its creation it descended into chaos and anarchy. The people in charge were unable to keep their charges under control, and so became a lawless region, homes to rebels and outcasts of Fishman Island. Gang violence was an everyday occurrence, and normally most fishman within the district didn't live long lives. That was until one of the mightiest fishman to ever exist took over the entire district, and ruled over it until he left to be an adventurer.

That man was none other than Fisher Tiger, the first Captain of The Sun Pirates, the only person of any species to stand up to the Mariejois, and possibly one of the four most famous fishmen to ever come out of the district. The second being Jinbe a royal knight of King Neptune's Army, the second Captain of The Sun Pirates, and first fishman to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea. The third being the infamous Arlong, a crew member of The Sun Pirates, and later the Captain of the Arlong Pirates. And finally the fourth being Macro, a member of The Sun Pirates, the later Captain of the Macro Pirates, and a notorious slave trader.

But on this day a fifth person would be joining them, a fishman by the name of Uzumaki Naruto.

His story started like any other, he was born to Namikaze Minato a bull shark fishman and Uzumaki Kushina a dolphin mermaid. He grew up with love and affection, until the two were captured while they were out catching fish for their small, but respectable restaurant, and eventually sold in Sabaody Archipelago, leaving him at the mercy of the Fishman District.

This is his story.

Hearing the telltale scream of a fishman getting the living crap beaten out of him was the alarm clock Naruto woke up to. Flinging the torn and dirty blanket the blond yawned before getting to his feet. Bringing his hand to his back he bent it back and popped his spine back into alignment after sleeping on the hard floor within the hut he was 'provided' with.

After scratching his side Naruto proceeded to put on a blue shirt and a slightly tattered pair of white shorts. "I wonder if Madame Shirley has some work for me?" he wondered to himself. After his parents were abducted the blond fishman was forced to live within the Fishman District when he was six years old, and it was only six months ago did he find a job that wasn't illegal after a nearly two years.

Giving a fond smile he remembered going past the Mermaid Cove for one 'errand' he was he was hired for within the Fishman District. All was what he considered normal while he was returning after the successful drop off when he found himself abducted by the playful mermaids, and because he was described as 'adorably cute' they helped him as best as they could once they found out about his life. Whenever he came around they always had some sort of work for him, usually they were small stuff, but he was eternally grateful for their kindness.

After walking out of the severely damaged hut Naruto headed straight towards the coral mansion on the sea floor of Fishman Island. Stepping over several unconscious bodies he kept his eyes peeled for any type of threat hidden within the dark alleyways, it wouldn't be the first time a child, or even an adult jumped him. After Fisher Tiger's death the peace that used to govern the Fishman District once again erupted into anarchy, times were hard back then, but after the great pirate fell things just became worse for everyone.

Thankfully for him nothing happened on his way out, sure he passed several dangerous looking fishmen, each boasting how they were better than the human race. Hearing that caused Naruto to grit his sharp teeth in anger. Humans, what a foul word. Before his parents were taken from him, he honestly didn't think much about the surface dwellers. Yes, he listened to Queen Otohime's speeches to her people about forming a bond with humans. She would also ask them to sign a petition to promote co-existence. Most however were met with refusals. Even now he kind of felt sorry for his queen, she tried so hard and got nothing but disappointment in return, and it did wench his heart when she apparently got drunk and screamed at everyone over the loudspeakers. But for him it was far too late to feel anything for humans, especially when they would destroy anyone's life to make a quick buck.

The blond soon stopped his self-loathing when he accidentally bumped into someone, someone big. Looking up Naruto's jaw dropped when he saw probably one of the biggest fishmen he ever saw in his entire life.

Standing at what he believed was nine foot eight the person was obviously a blue-skinned whale shark fishman with a face that he could only compare it to a demons. He had yellow eyebrows and sideburns, a bulb-like nose and an angular lower lip pointing upwards; a lightning-shaped scar can be seen from his left side burn and reaching over his left eye. He had a severe underbite that possessed two tusk-like conical lower fangs. His long, two-toned black hair had two long white stripes coming from the roots over his forehead and trailing down the back, and a small tuft of hair on his chin with a slight green hue. His hands and feet were webbed, typical for a normal fishman, and his limbs were somewhat thin in comparison with his enormous girth. And finally his gills were in between his shoulders and neck. He was wearing a fancy-looking diamond shaped karakusa with a floral design with a purple scarf-like a ribbon around his waist. For the fishman's footwear, he appeared to be wearing simple sandals on his webbed feet.

Leaning forward the large fishman bent his knees until he could fully see the person he bumped into. "Are you okay little one?" his rough, but kind voice asked.

"Ye-yea, I am." Naruto stammered out. When the man offered his giant hand the blond happily took it before he was easily raised to his feet. "I'm sorry I bumped into you mister..."

"Jinbe." The gigantic fishman introduced himself.

"The Knight of the Sea?" The blonds blue eyes nearly bulged out of his eyes in awe that he was looking upon one of the most legendary fishmen around.

Giving Naruro a chuckle in response Jinbe patted the young boy on the head, "Now where are you going all off in a rush?"

Becoming slightly flustered at the attention he was receiving he sputtered a bit before answering. "I-I was hea-ding-"

Before he could complete his answer the two heard a loud crash, alerting everyone within the area. Jinbe looked over to see a giant ship that was completely wrecked at the entrance of Fishman Island.

"What's going on Mister Jinbe?" Naruto asked the whale shark fishman.

"I honestly don't know…let's go find out." Grabbing the boy by the back of his shirt the former pirate Captain firmly placed him on his shoulders, and ran towards the sight of the wreck.

Before the former pirate Captain could get there, there was already a crowd, an angry crowd. Many of the merpeople's eye's widened when they saw the torn sails that had the insignia of the World Government, and it got worse when he saw a man with his dark green hair stick up at the top of his head, a wide, obese face with a bulbous nose, thick lips, and small slit-like eyes. The man was also wearing a white protective suit and was extremely bloody and injured. This man was Saint Mjosgard, a World Noble.

Mjosgard pulled a flintlock from the holster on his belt and shot it off into the air, and began screaming. "Blast it all! Those worthless fools, dying after another!" Pointing his pistol at a random fishman and continued his haughty screaming. "You there! Fish! Bring me my mask at once! The stench of this place is simply unbearable! Hurry up and bring me my mask! Save my life you insignificant creature I demand it!"

The entire crowd just stayed still, many glaring at the World Noble.

Panting loudly the World Noble shakily pointed his pistol at a mermaid. "Are you all deaf! I said bring me a doctor I require treatment!"

Instead of a doctor walking forward several large fishmen stepped forward, each carrying a fire arm, and each having a tattoo of a red sun on various parts of their bodies. Saint Mjosgard's eyes widened in recognition and opened his fat mouth once again. "It's you, it's you! My slaves! You must return with me immediately, who gave you permission to leave, you lousy fish!"

In response to the man's useless screaming the scariest-looking fishman stepped on the noble's flintlock, and kept it under his foot, much to the man's shock. The various merpeople gasped, each shouting for them to stop what they were doing, and Mjosgard once again screaming at them, making threats and how important he was.

The scariest-looking of them sneered at him. "In the world above, you are protected by the treat of Marine Admirals coming to save your sorry ass!" His sneer quickly twisted into an evil grin before he continued. "But we're in the depths. As long as everyone is quiet…this will be no more than an 'accident as sea'."

The fishman's words seemed to have a strong effect, because every resident began to shout their encouragement. Shoot him they screamed, kill him hey screamed, make him suffer like he did to us they screamed.

"Don't you dare!" Saint Mjosgard screamed. "I'm an important person! You can't do this to me!"

"You of all people, I could never forgive. Even if I tried!" The fishman screamed at the World Noble before pulling the trigger.

The cheering immediately died down, and the cheering soon turned to gasps of horror. On top of the World Noble was a golden blonde haired mermaid that was partially held up in two short loops. She also had green eyes, thick eyelashes, and wore pink lipstick. The mermaid was wearing a very long white kimono with a cream-colored carp-scale design and a white cloth around her shoulders that somehow floated behind her head.

The fishman who pulled the trigger immediately began to tear up out of shock. "Queen Otohime!"

Ignoring the searing pain in her right arm from where she was shot Otohime turned her head towards everyone, "Drop your weapons now!" She commanded. "There are children watching."

"Aladdin! I heard a World Noble was here, where is he?" Jinbe shouted once he arrived.

Turning to face him was a tall, muscular merman with slanted thin eyes, dark hair tied in a long ponytail falling on his back in many curves, that matched his full beard with a goatee. He had long light-colored tail on the upper part, but darker near the fin area. The man wore a long, open black vest with the Sun Pirate's Jolly Roger on the left side of his stomach along with a tattoo on his left bicep that said '1TC'. Clutched in his hands was a silver trident.

"I don't know I just got here myself…" He then trailed off and raised an eyebrow when he saw a boy on his former boss' shoulders.

But coming right behind him were the queen's children. One being a cream-skinned muscular shark merman, with a wide chest and large arms. He had a long face, framed by blue wavy fair hair flowing down to his shoulders, a sharp and pointy nose, and some sort of dot his forehead. He had gills on his massive neck, and a dark blue tail with llight blue polka-dots. The only piece of clothing he wore was a purple garment around his waist, held up by an extremely long light blue long band, which passeed over his shoulders, drawing a circle around the back of his neck, and falls down to his waist, seemingly floating behind him.

The second was a light-brown skinned oarfish merman and was easily the tallest of the three males and extremely thin as well. He had wide eyes, long wavy orange hair, gills running along his neck, and beaver-like teeth. He also has a long purple tail with white polka-dots and a red fin. Unlike the other two he was the only one fully clothed in the upper body, wearing a fancy white robe-like garment with sleeves that are puffed at the shoulders and wrists, and a orange sash around his waist in the same manner as his eldest brother.

The third was a pink-skinned rotund, stocky and large opah merman. Like the other three, he had a polka dot tail, with a black variation along with white polka-dots and red scales. He wore a blue hat with a white stripe going across the middle of it that barely covered his brown hair, and the red fins on his head. And like his eldest brother he wore a light blue garment around his waist held in place by a yellow sash in the exact same manner as the other two.

Finally the last was a mermaid, a giant-sized smelt-whiting mermaid with short strawberry-blond hair with a fish-shaped hairgrip, green eyes like her mothers, and a permanent blush on her cheeks. She had a very long light red and pink striped tail with broadly striped tail ends in a ruffle around her waist. The only piece of clothing she wore was a cream colored crop top with floating straps.

Naruto really didn't pay attention to what they were saying; instead he kept his eyes on the queen. He saw her begging them not to harm the noble, for the sake of the children; he saw her telling them not to pass their hatred onto the next generation. But her speech fell deaf on the world Noble's, with an insane glee in his eyes Saint Mjosgard picked up his discarded pistol and pointed it at his queen's head!

Jinbe saw the action and opened his mouth to shout out a warning. But suddenly his shoulders felt heavy like ten pounds were suddenly dropped on him, then he felt light as a feather and saw Naruto springing at the World Noble with a roar of furious outrage escaping from his mouth. The roar was soon silenced as the blonds mouth firmly clamped onto Mjosgard's gun arm, his teeth digging into the soft flesh of his hand and his gun, snapping the deadly weapon in half.

As the noble fell back in a loud scream of pain, Otohime immediately turned around to see a boy that barely looked to be about eight years old. At first she thought he was a human with his lack of webbed hands and feet, tanned skin, and messy blond hair. But taking a closer look she saw the tell-tale gills on his neck, the dorsal fin on his back, the black tiger stripes running along his arms, a few on his fin, and oddly enough three thin ones on each side of his cheeks, but most importantly his sharp teeth tearing into Saint Mjosgard's hand! She went to raise her arm to stop him, but then she saw the boys eyes, his eyes that were the color of the sea were filled with so much hate and rage, the sight of a child having eyes like that brought tears to her eyes.

"You little freak!" Saint Mjosgard screamed at Naruto. Violently flinging his bloody hand towards his ship the sudden movement forced the tiger shark fishman to tear great chunks of flesh, muscle, and most importantly his thumb and index from his hand! While he cried in absolute pain the boy hit the ship hard enough to normally kill a child. While he was sniveling about the loss of his precious fingers and his royal blood being spilt by a lowly fish, he did take pleasure in his superior mind that the boy was now dead for his sins.

Or that's what he thought until he heard an angry groan coming from his ship. Fearfully turning his head he saw Naruto getting to his feet, everyone saw him spitting the man's fingers and flesh from his mouth, and the promise of violence in his eyes as his body looked like it expanding with muscle and adrenaline. Jinbe's eyes widened when the boy raised his right arm and punched the hull of the ship, causing the hull to quake and shatter upon impact.

Screaming out in terror Saint Mjosgard brought his left hand down to his hip holster, and brought out his second and last pistol. Shakily raising it at the enraged fishman tears of terror spilled from his eyes, and snot dripped down his nose. "What the hell are you!" He screamed when a sudden terrible smell came from his pants, and a vision of a defiant bull shark fishman he killed a year and a half ago replaced the boy attacking him. Then for the first time in his entire life the noble put two and two together, and gave off a wicked chuckle. "Now I see it, you're the spawn of that fish and mermaid. Hahaha! Well then die with your wretched family!"

Naruto's eyes widened from the noble's confession he clutched his head within his hands. His mind processed what Mjosgard said before he screamed a heart wrenching scream of sorrow and denial. His eyes that were once blue slowly became as crimson as freshly spilt blood, bearing his bloody teeth hatefully at the World Noble; he bolted towards him, tearing up the ground with each step as his rage poured out of him.

While this was happing a six year old Shirahoshi not used to the violent nature she was witnessing began to cry. Raising her head upwards she screamed at it all to stop at the top of her lungs, her screams echoed throughout the entire ocean causing the ground to underneath them to shake and crumble, before bursting to reveal three gigantic Sea Kings, the biggest of them devouring the noble's ship. Many people shrieked in terror, Saint Mjosgard fainted with a good amount of foam falling from his mouth.

All except Naruto, he just stared impassively at the three creatures before letting out a threatening roar. To the second shock of those still conscious the three Sea Kings let out a submissive whimper and slightly lowered their gigantic heads, with a growl escaping his throat the blond started walking towards the unconscious World Noble. Every merfolk gathered there took a step back when they saw the determination to kill the noble in his crimson eyes.

Otohime however, couldn't allow him, a child to stain his hands with another's blood, and flowed over in front of the noble blocking him with her arms wide open. Naruto didn't even stop when he saw his queen in front of him, he was too far deep in his anger that he flexed his right hand, his small muscles bulging he geared up to attack the two of them. Everyone panicked when his fist lashed out at the queen's face, the women shrieked out in terror, the men moved to stop him, but it was useless when the tiger shark fishman stopped just inches from her face.

Tears spilled from his eyes when they returned to their true blue color. Just looking at Otohime's determined face stopped him from going through with his murderous deed, and seeing her daughter, who looked no older than six crying for everything to stop, he couldn't do that to another child, especially when it happened to him. Feeling two gentle arms wrap around his shoulders Naruto collapsed from exhaustion into the warm embrace of his queen, fully spent from the amount of energy he used today.

"The Mermaid Princess, and The Sea King at the same exact moment." Jinbe whispered to himself in disbelief, turning his giant head towards the queen he saw her ask his former crewmate to take care of the human.

"It will be done my Queen." Aladdin reluctantly said, "But what of the boy?"

"I will take care of him myself." Otohime told him as she gently picked the boy into her arms.

Several hours passed after the incident at the front gate, yet King Neptune was not satisfied just hearing about it from one person. As king he needed to hear all the accounts, so far he listened to Aladdin, then Hody Jones, his wife was currently with their daughter to keep her calm, so far he didn't like being what he was told. But now he was asking his most trusted friend, Jinbe.

The king was a giant-sized and muscular coelacanth merman. He had a dark red nose, small eyes, and long thick orange curly hair, eyebrows, and beard. The merman was bare-chested revealing a thick amount of hair on his chest and arms, and he had matching black tattoos on both arms, which looked like spirals with wavy protrusion designs around it. The only things that would be considered clothing was a golden crown that resembled a tulip with jewels embedded on the base of it, a golden bracelet on each of his wrists, and a golden trident with an elaborate design laying near him.

At his side was Hoe, a gigantic whale that was his pet, as well as his transportation. The mammal was black in color with a light underbelly, a set of rounded teeth and round eyes. He was wearing an elaborate crown on his head, and a bubble ring to 'swim' through the air since he wasn't in the water at the moment.

"Jinbe." Neptune's sophisticated voice said to the former Captain of The Sun Pirates. "I want to know what happened at the entrance, and why a World Noble is missing his fingers, and a young fishman in one of the guest rooms."

Bowing in response the whale shark fishman began telling his king from his own point of view. "My Lord it all started out when I bumped into the young boy on my way here. He came from the Fishman District-" seeing his king narrow his eyebrows at the mere mention of that crime ridden place Jinbe sighed a bit. "I know your majesty I don't like that place either, but he is just a child who lost his parents."

"I know that." Neptune said, "It just breaks my heart seeing that my intention for good backfired." after a moment of self-brooding the king motioned for Jinbe to continue.

"After I introduced myself we both heard a loud crash, and I took him with me to investigate, I thought it would be a good idea at the time my king." he defended himself a tiny bit when he saw Neptune raise an eyebrow at him. "When we got there I saw Queen Otohime defending the World Noble from being killed by the angry members of my former crew after a bullet grazed her. She then gave a speech about not passing the hatred onto the children." Giving the king a fanged smile Jinbe said, "It struck a chord in me, at least until the World Noble tried to shoot her.

"Before I could attempt to stop him the boy flew from my shoulders and attacked him. I saw the boy bite clean through the gun and into the noble's hand. The man screamed out in pain before flinging his off his hand; taking his fingers and a good part of his hand with him. When the boy hit the hall of the ship I thought he snapped his neck."

"But he didn't did he?" Neptune asked.

"No, instead the boy got back up, and I saw his eyes. Your majesty the boy's eyes that were blue when I met him were pure blood red. Not just his sclera, iris, or even his pupil. They were all completely blood red, that's not all what normally should have been a weak ten year old, at least until he hit puberty, he destroyed the hull of the ship, tore up the ground underneath him, and him normal arms bulged with muscle that he shouldn't have."

Neptune's black eyes widened in realization. "Jinbe surely you don't mean the boy has the-"

"I do my lord, the boy has what I like to call Sea King Mode an incredible power that grants him the strength, anger and ferocity of a Sea King. From what I saw he had the crimson red eyes, the muscle expansion, the high immunity to pain with what I suspect was a high amount of adrenaline, the intense bloodlust, and most importantly the submissive nature from the three Sea King's your daughter summoned."

King Neptune leaned back and rubbed his bearded chin with his left hand. Within the entire history of The Ryugu Kingdom there existed three legends. The first being the Tamatebako a mystical box that was capable of making anyone older, and rumored to be held with the royal family-something he would neither confirm nor deny. The second being The Mermaid Princess of a mermaid capable of speaking with Sea Kings every few hundred years, which was apparently his only daughter Shirahoshi. And the third and final legend was The Sea King, just like The Mermaid Princess, only every few hundred years a fishman was granted with the power of the Sea King's.

"What do you suppose we do old friend?" Neptune asked. "If we leave this matter alone there will be a catastrophe on our hands. Otohime and I can handle things with Shirahoshi, but what shall we do with the boy?"

"I will handle things with the boy my king." Jinbe told him.

"But don't you have your duties as one of The Seven Warlords?"

"I have not been given any duties from the World Government, I will train the boy for as long as I can, and if I have to I will take him with me to see the world and introduce him to the various cultures of the world. And of course lessen his hatred on humanity." The former Sun Pirate responded.

"Then let it be done." Neptune said to him.

While the king and warlord were chatting in the throne room, Otohime found herself standing in front of the room Naruto was sleeping in. After assuring Shirahoshi that everything was fine the queen found herself in thinking about the nameless blond tiger shark that nearly killed the World Noble. When she saw his eyes that were as blue as the sea, she saw that he experienced the tragedy of losing his parents, something that nearly broke him and brought the hatred of humanity in his heart.

Opening the door Otohime entered the low lit room to see the boy peacefully sleeping in a medium sized bed. Almost floating towards him the queen slowly brought her right hand towards his tan face, gently placing her index finger on one of his whiskered cheeks, then to her surprise the boy leaned into her hand. "Mom." She heard him whisper out.

Giving a sad smile the queen stayed like that for the longest time, just keeping the fishman company like a mother would do for a child. The serene moment was soon interrupted by a soft knocking on the door. "Come in." She gently called out.

The door opened to reveal Jinbe. The gigantic fishman knelled down to poke his head through the six foot tall door. "My queen may I have a word with you?"

Reluctantly pulling he hand away from the boys head, she bent over to give him a motherly kiss on his forehead to keep him at ease before leaving the room. After quietly closing the door Otohime tuned to Jinbe, "What did my husband say?"

"After hearing all sides of the incident from Aladdin, Hody, and myself, we both came to the conclusion that the boy should stay here in the palace. As soon as he awakes I will start training hi-" Jinbe's sentence was immediately cut off when Otohime jumped to his height and bopped him on the head. Blinking in surprise the former pirate Captain looked down at the goldfish mermaid.

"You will not be training him!" The queen said to him. "You saw what happened to him today, what that boy needs is love, and a family right now, not learning how to fight."

"But my queen!" The whale shark fishman protested.

Poking the former pirate Captain in the stomach Otohime continued to protest his decision, poking his stomach with each and every word. "I know what he is Jinbe, like Shirahoshi he's one of the legends that have been passed down for generations. He needs to learn that not all humans are like the noble he met today, please just trust me on this."

Rubbing his stomach Jinbe could only, and reluctantly nod at his queen's logic. "But you may want to take that with your husband."

"Just leave him to me." The queen smiled at him.

Almost an hour later Naruto awoke from his sleep. Grumbling about the stupid floor he placed his hands on the soft floor…wait a second the floor wasn't soft, his eyes widening he threw the royal blue sheets off and fell to the floor. His bare feet feeling the carpet he bolted towards the door, frantically slamming the door open the blonds breath hitched when he saw the marble walls and the fancy decorations.

"No." He whispered to himself, "I've been captured." Hearing the sound of footsteps and chattering voices Naruto ran in the opposite direction. The sound of his bare feet clapping against the tiles, his head frantically searching for any exits that he could find, he didn't care if it was an air duct, a door, or even a window to jump out of, anything was better than the unspeakable things the king would do for killing the queen.

Skidding to a stop when he heard voices around the corners, the tiger shark fishman frantically searched for a way out. There were no doors near him; soldiers were coming from each side of the hallways. The only thing in front of his was a balcony, with the need to survive overpowering his sense of judgment he sped towards the balcony and jumped off it.

Immediately he knew that was not a good idea when he saw nothing but a garden. "Oh shi-"

Meanwhile below the balcony Shirahoshi was happily clapping to her brothers; Ryuboshi and Manboshi doing a wild and silly dance in front of her while Fukaboshi stood on the side with a humorous smile on his face. While his younger brothers were entertaining the only sister he had in the world his mind was in another place, more specifically it was on the events from a few hours ago when he saw that tiger shark fishman, well the term would be fishboy as he should rightfully call him, and his pure savagery against the World Noble.

Thankfully his younger siblings were more or less ignorant, or too shocked to hear what transpired between that horrible man and the young boy. Shaking his head he honestly couldn't believe that a boy barely a year older than his sister went through so much in the years where one was normally showered with love and affection. But the most important was his intense hatred of humans, the first prince himself didn't know too much about humanity, except what his mother taught him and all the children who came for her lessons. But her lessons included their society, their achievements, and most importantly their acts of kindness towards each other, the noble however dashed many of those lessons out the window showing him that his mother was sugar coating the truth.

Any more thoughts on the matter were interrupted when he heard a long running of 't's'. Looking upwards, his siblings and himself saw the blond falling out of the sky. He hit a surface that broke his fall, it wasn't the ground or the flowers, no it was his little sister's head. The fishman bounced right off her forehead and then violently hit the ground with a loud thump.

The two younger brothers screamed in surprise and immediately went to calm their teary-eyed sister. Fukaboshi turned his head towards the tiger shark fishman he was just thinking of, suppressing a chuckle when he saw his spiraling eyes and exaggerated bump on his head, the merman wiggled on over to his unconscious form and started poking his forehead with his tail.

A minute later Naruto irritably whacked whatever was prodding him in the forehead. "Ugh, can someone tell me the name of the ship that hit me?" He muttered to himself.

"The ship as you called her was my little sister." An unfamiliar voice alerted the blond.

His eyes widening Naruto slowly turned his head to see the semi-familiar face of Prince Fukaboshi. Immediately panicking he sprang to his feet and got into a sloppy fighting stance. "I'msorryIdidn'tmeantodoitpleasedon'tkillme!"

"I'm sorry what did you say?" Fukaboshi asked.

Hearing the calmness in the mermans voice the tiger shark fishman lowered his arms. Seeing that the prince held a look of confusion instead of anger, the thought that he killed the queen lessened quite a bit, but he still wasn't fully convinced and asked one of the dumbest things in his short life. "The queen, is she okay?"

"Mother is fine, exhausted from today's events, but in perfect health." The first prince said.

Sighing in relief the feeling of immense guilt was lifted from the blonds shoulders, only to be replaced by two more weights when he was tackled by the other mermen, and got into a small scuffle with them. Fukaboshi squinted his eyes to see what was exactly going inside the cloud of dust, at least until a pebble flew out from the cloud and smacked him in-between the eyes, "That's it! You three knock it off!"

Immediately the dust cloud died down, revealing Naruto pushing his right big toe up Ryuboshi's nose, while the oarfish merman was strangling said foot while his tail was wrapped around the fisman's waist. And Manboshi was currently chomping on the blonds head, even though Naruto's left arm was putting him in a headlock, causing Shirahoshi to giggle a bit.

"Now I'm going to ask three questions." The shark merman said to him after the three disengaged from each other. "First I want to know how you got in the garden. Second, where did you come from, and finally who are you?"

"First of all my name is Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto said to him, "I came from the Fishman District and somehow ended up here, finally I jumped out of a window to fly out of here." He finished with a tone filled with sarcasm, this however was lost on the three younger siblings who gasped in awe.

Letting out a chuckle of amusement Fukaboshi reached out and patted Naruto on the shoulder. He honestly didn't know why his mother brought the young tiger shark fishman into their home, whether it was impulsive; something she was insanely famous for, or planned after what he saw that day, he would do his best to make sure that whatever his mother's plans for him came to fruition.

"You can really fly? That's so cool!" Shirahoshi giggled in excitement, bouncing up and down on her tail the mermaid started clapping. "Do it again, do it again!"

Nervously scratching the back of his head Naruto replied, "I'm afraid I can't right now."

"Pwease?" The gigantic mermaid clasped her hands together, and gave him the adorable gigantic teary-eyed look.

Seeing the fishman in a pickle Ryuboshi and Manboshi gained two mischievous looks on their faces.

"Don't worry sis." Manboshi started.

"He just needs a little 'help' to get started." Ryuboshi finished.

In a balcony overlooking the garden King Neptune, Queen Otohime, and Jinbe looked over the five children with smiles on their faces. They seemed to be interacting pretty well...at least until the two youngest mermen grabbed Naruto under his arms, and threw him into the air. That only caused them to laugh when Shirahoshi giggled in amusement.

"Am I right? Or am I right?" Otohime's sweet, yet all-knowing voice echoed in the males ears.

Letting out a sigh of exasperation Neptune nodded in defeat. "Okay my dear we see your point. Young Nakuto will stay with us so he can learn to master the gift within him."

"It's Naruto my king." Jinbe reprimanded the God of the Sea, even though it was a small quirk in his king's personality. "But right now let's leave him be and have a normal childhood like other children should have."

Giving a laugh of agreement Neptune continued to look down on the now playing children. None of them knowing that the future they envisioned would spiral completely out of control.

Pvt. Liquor: Holy shit, he did it! Armageddon went through with his promise and did it!

Lt. Doom: Damn right he did Private!

Armageddon: Damn right I did, with the help of Agurra of the Darkness, the man who convinced me to take this fic even remotely possible I created this. But he takes the credit for making Naruto a fishman, and producing several ideas for future chapters so all the credit goes to him for this. And I will tell you this, we already got the two pairings figured out which is NOT negotiable, also this is strictly going to stick to One Piece characters...unless we probably see a good reason to put one of them in, it won't happen but shit does happen.

Pvt. VFSNAKE: That's cool man, I honestly hope the fans take a liking to it.

Pvt. Leaf Ranger: Of course they'll like it! Armageddon is probably one of the best writers on this entire fucking site! I mean he ain't super famous like many others, but his realism and strict look at details is what makes his stuff interesting!

Pvt. Gold: That's true, wait why is my name short! Oh right Armageddon shortens people's names because he's a lazy bastard...though I like the name gold. Yea gold is good!

Armageddon: Haha okay everyone I hope you enjoy this first chapter, rock on and let me know what you think!

Lt. RasenganFin: Ain't you forgetting something?

Armageddon: Oh right the shout out. This time it is Black Flames Dance In The Wind: Rise of Naruto by DevilKeys Writing! There we go, see you all soon!