"Raven, heads up!" Robin yelled angrily, reaching out to shove Raven's thin frame out of the way.

She moved easily under his strength; she went tumbling to the side and then disappeared into a black hole before her body had the chance to hit the ground.

It was one of those days when nothing was working right, and the only thing about her that seemed to be turned on was her sex drive; everything else was, in fact, completely useless.

Beast Boy watched her, worry creasing his face, if she didn't pull her head into the game he knew she'd end up getting hurt...that was the last thing he wanted for her; he could barely stand to watch her fight at all, let alone get knocked around.

Something had changed within Beast Boy over the years. He'd grown up and grown out of most of his childish ways. They'd all changed though, all matured to a point where they were a well rounded and solid team of completely capable young adults...at least, they were a solid team when everyone was focused; it was fair to say that not everyone fit those requirements today...it truthfully wasn't just Raven.

A moment later Cinderblock threw a large piece of rock at the now reappeared Raven and it hit her square in the chest. A horrifying snap rang through the large warehouse, reaching everyone's ears as they watched horrified. Raven's suddenly very fragile body flew backwards with astounding force, smashing her against the opposite wall.

Beast Boy morphed quickly and got over fast enough to catch her mid plummet, another harsh impact could have put her out of service for quite a few days if not longer.

Her skin was hot, nearly boiling against his own, and once his feet we back firmly against the ground he realized that he was afraid to put her down, afraid to move her at all in fear of breaking her more.

He hated himself, he'd known this would happen, especially when Raven wasn't lucid enough to think actively for herself. Even if he knew she would be fine in a few hours or so it didn't make it any better.

Robin was screaming inside, he wanted to go to the aid of his dear friend but somehow his desire to defeat the enemy prevailed and he continued in the fight without a second thought about her. He could worry later.

Starfire, on the other hand, was worried sick.

With renewed determination Cyborg, Robin, and Star continued the vicious fight while Beast Boy stood, fidgeting and nervous on the sidelines.

Just a few short minutes later Raven's eyes flew open and she gasped, pushing harshly against whatever was so agilely restraining her.

Raven's powers reacted before she could even process the situation, suddenly Beast Boy was consumed in dark magic, his blood slowed within his veins and his heart nearly stopped pumping. She fell out of his grip and onto the ground, gasping at the unwanted pain that the landing caused but also causing her defensive magic to falter, freeing Beast Boy so that now he was gasping for air, his body craving circulation.

"God damn, Rae, you nearly killed me!" He growled angrily and glared, bending over to rest his hands on his knees to catch his breath and work at restarting his heart.

"Sorry." She growled.

"Sorry? That's all you've got to say after I risked my life saving you, fretted over your injuries, held your very much broken body and then you thank me by sucking the life from my veins!" Beast Boy huffed, exasperated.

Raven stiffened but said nothing, the sounds of the fight in the background faded as electricity coursed between them.

Beast Boy glared, "You're welcome."

"I said thank you." Raven snapped and tried to get up, but she wasn't healed enough to stand, she just needed long enough to collect herself enough to teleport home; though she did want to stay and make sure her friends were all right.

The entire situation was messing with her head, with her stability. She didn't want a physical relationship with another person, she didn't want to get that close. But, her body craved intimacy and satisfaction, both of which she was unable to supply or regulate within herself or by her own means. For some reason Beast Boy seemed to quell the animalistic urges that turned her coherent mind into an utterly unfocused mess.

"You're so hostile all the time, Rae, go get fucked and loosen up a little! Gloom and doom is so depressing all the time and you're never fucking grateful for anything, its like you don't have a funny or contrite bone in your body, and compassion? That's completely out of the question for you!" Beast Boy's outburst caught them both off guard, but Raven was careful to hide her wonder while Beast Boy looked instantly chagrin.

Raven nodded slowly and glared at him, but Beast Boy could sense a change in her, something subtle but deep, "You're probably right, but I can't change what I am or what I was meant to be."

But he really is right, Raven thought bitterly.

"That's not an excuse, Raven, you defeated Trigon years ago, stop dwelling on it." Beast Boy snapped in another burst of sudden anger.

Right again, she mentally slapped herself.

Raven nodded outwardly and shrugged pathetically from her position on the ground, "Maybe…but its kind of all I have left, so I'm going to dwell on it as long as I damn well please." Then she tried to push herself up off the ground, temporarily having forgotten about her quickly healing injuries.

A whimper left her lips before she could stop it and before she could even blink she was again wrapped in the protective embrace she so fervently wished to keep, but her pride kept her arrogant and she shoved at him, limping back a few inches, "I'm not a newborn foal, you don't have to carry me."

"Stop being a bitch and come here, we're all headed home anyway, and I'm always willing to sweep a lady off her feet." Beast Boy pushed back her rude comments and abrasive attitude into the past and decided to continue to flirt with her lightly. After all, flirting agitated her and he preferred her agitated to angry.

Raven's skin began to heat as he tossed her over his shoulder, large warm hands holding her in place, her soft tummy resting over his shoulder.


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