"Please…" Raven murmured, "I will not allow you to put my friends in danger."

Lust laughed softly, "I told you, I always get my way."

Raven nodded softly, she didn't doubt the truth in lust's words anymore, she didn't doubt her power or her ability to hurt the people Raven loved. But Raven had thought to an extensive degree about the way this situation should be handled and even though the options didn't please her it was only way she saw to avoid causing those around her pain.

"Fine." Raven's voice was hoarse and quiet, the words burned, "I'll figure out a way to appease you, but I want to do it on my own time...I don't want to be forced into anything...I'd rather be dead."

Lust contemplated that for a long moment and then grinned widely, "Fine, but you don't have all the time in the world, and if I feel as though I'm losing control of the situation I will come back and next time I won't be so friendly."

Raven nodded softly and closed her eyes tightly, trying to control the suddenly wild emotions flowing through her body. Lust had somehow separated herself from the rest of Raven's mind and therefore Raven was safe to think and analyze without fear of being found.

Lust moved closer to Raven and wrapped a hand around her neck tightly, pulled her face closer and pressed her lips against Raven's temple, "I'll be watching."

Raven gasped loudly and jerked up on the medical table, all the worse she'd been connected to ripped through her flesh painfully.

Beast Boy had been moment's from closing the door to her room, Cyborg waited feet from his position in the doorway, ready to confirm that Raven had almost no chance of waking.

Beast Boy turned and sprinted to her, his arms wrapped around her thin for so tightly she almost couldn't breath, he couldn't get her close enough fast enough and it frightened him.

Raven felt smothered but comforted all in the same moment, her skin heated and the contact made her body tingle delicately, she took another deep breath and closed her eyes tighter.

Cyborg was suddenly in the room with them, "Get off her, she's unstable."

"I'm fine, Cy." Raven's voice was gentle, her fingers gripped at Beast Boy desperately even though her mind craved personal space.

"I thought you were going to let me do this by myself." Raven nearly screamed mentally.

Lust cackled loudly and mentally flicked Raven, "Oh my sweet baby girl, it's not me anymore...my hands are clean, I swear, but just because I'm not trying doesn't mean my instincts will cease to thrive within you…" lust laughed softly to herself, "I've been unleashed, you can't undo that."

Raven frowned as Cyborg pulled Beast Boy away angrily and pressed Raven back into the pillows, he worked carefully and quickly to pull out all of the tedious wires and tubes. He was confused as to how she'd come out of such a detrimental state. Her brain had appeared completely dead and yet there she was, miraculously alive and clinging to Beast Boy as if he held her life in his hands.

"Thank you Cyborg,"


I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE. But I've encountered a complete mental block. I haven't even a clue of where this was/is going and to be completely honest it's torture to have to force myself to write. I hate this.

So there it is, I'm being completely honest with you guys. And I hope you all know how sorry I am. So yes, I'm trying my very hardest to salvage where this is headed but it's proving very, very difficult.