The Wrath of Chaos

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Stop looking at me…

Chapter 1:

Percy's POV

I'm leaving this dump of a camp; after all, the left me first. I guess the fates wanted it made very clear why loyalty was a fatal flaw. It's all thanks to my brother, or I should say half-brother, Matthew.

He showed up at Camp Half-Blood three days after I had left and was immediately claimed by Poseidon. My so called "friends" were desperate for a leader and thought he would make a good replacement until I was found or came back.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, 'That sounds like a good plan to me,' and normally I would agree if not for what happened as a result.

When Jason, Leo, and Piper showed up and it was revealed after their quest that Jason was supposed to become camp leader, Matthew refused to step down and was backed by every single camper and satyr in that camp.

He had earned their loyalty when he defended the camp from invaders, seeing as the boarders had weakened considerably. The satyrs, especially Grover, liked him because he stopped in the middle of the battle to put out a fire started by one of the attacking monsters.

Since Jason didn't become the camp leader, the Romans refused to join forces and kicked me out the second they could, destroying any chances of the prophecy coming true. Apollo, for one, was shocked. None of his prophecies had ever failed to come true.

When the final battle came around, it ended up with me versus every single titan. I somehow managed to beat them, just barely of course, but it seemed they hadn't had very much time to generate their powers to full after they had last been beaten.

I was able to gather enough strength to then join up with the hunters and take on the giants. I took out about half, while they took the out the ones left behind. Artemis and I teamed up to take down Gaia and, once again, we just barely won. Unfortunately, I lost my left eye during the fight with the primordial goddess when I jumped in front of an attack meant for Artemis. I thought the Curse of the River Styx would reduce the attack, but Gaia had enough power to easily overcome it.

Artemis quickly sealed the wound so I wouldn't bleed out and I struck the final blow, sending Gaia back to dreamland, to a wait reawakening once again.

The entire time this was going on, Camp Half-Blood and the Romans were forced to join forces out of desperation to get through the horde of monsters between them and where the titans and giants were.

My brother and a handful of others made it just as I defeated Gaia. Matthew, thinking he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, then went after the only titan left, Rhea.

I left her alone because she was neutral in all this. She desperately wanted to help her children, yet at the same time, no matter how monstrous her husband was she couldn't go against him. She had done it only once before and that was for her children, but she could not bring herself to do it again.

Matthew, to pig-headed to realize this, or at least to listen to her for two seconds, defeated her. It happened quickly, since she didn't fight back! He imprisoned her in a cell of pure water, which I thought was no big deal, but apparently others did.

Back at camp, once things had settled down again, I was walking to the tables to get something to eat when I heard very loud cheering. I walked towards it source, which just happened to be the tables, and saw what looked like a giant feast going on.

I had been staying in the Big House with the other injured kids, trying to recover from my wound and learning how to deal with one eye, so I didn't know what it was about.

I thought it was probably the other campers celebrating our victory since all of the gods were there, except for Artemis, and were cheering and laughing with the best of 'em. All of a sudden, my father stood up and raised his wine goblet.

"I propose a toast to the hero of the Third Titan War, the greatest hero of all time, and my favorite son…," Poseidon shouted out to the crowd, eliciting even louder cheers at every phrase. I got ready to step forward, my face red from embarrassment since I didn't really like when people made a big fuss over me.

"Matthew!" my father finished, causing me to jump in surprise and everyone else to erupt into chants of, "Matthew! Matthew! Matthew!"

Their voices suddenly degraded into mindless shouts of joyful noise and I saw Matthew kissing someone. When he pulled away, I saw familiar golden curls and grey eyes. It was Annabeth! I turned my gaze to Athena to see her reaction to this and she was smiling and nodding with approval! I could only stare at them all, wonder- no, hoping I was dreaming, until an angelic voice rang out over the noise.

"Stop!" it yelled, causing everyone to turn and see who it was.

Artemis was standing there with her arms crossed, her bow in her left hand and arrow at the ready in her right. A cold fury shone in her eyes, only enhancing their silver gleam.

"What is going on here?" she said in a quiet voice that could have been made from ice from the way it sent shivers down people's spines.

"What do you mean sister?" Apollo asked carefully, for once not taking the opportunity to annoy his sibling.

"Why are you saying Matthew is the hero of the Third War? What about Percy?" she said, so calm you could tell she was about to snap.

"Percy? Who cares about Percy?" said someone that shocked me, broke my heart, and brought tears to my remaining eye all at the same time. Annabeth. She stood there defiantly, one hand on her hip and the other interlocked with Matthew's. The other campers and even the gods gave out shoots of agreement, asking what about me. Artemis was very close to losing, until she saw me. Her mouth dropped open and concern replaced her fury, but I was to sad to even consider thinking about why she was worried about a boy.

They all turned to see me, noticed my heart broken expression, my tears, and above all they noticed that I was missing an eye. I had hidden it from the others and they thought I was healing from a wound on my leg, but this time I had forgotten to brush my hair in front of it and they could all see the telltale hole where my eye was supposed to be.

I looked at every single one of them in turn, shook my head, and walked away.

I'm leaving this dump of a camp.

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