The Wrath of Chaos

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Last chapter Flash Back:

"I trained him personally, giving him control over the four elements and increasing his strength, speed, and skill by twenty! He has a Celestial bronze sword that I combined with my own essence and reformed in a new born star. He can easily defeat all of you, the Titans, the Giants, Gaia, and Typhoon by himself, and he has a very large grudge against all of you. Have fun!" Chaos finished with an evil laugh and teleported back to where ever in Hades he came from and we became unfrozen.

"What are we going to do?" Hera asked Zeus, hugging him, with fear in her voice.

"I don't know. I just don't know."

Chapter 3:

Artemis' POV

While Zeus attempted to comfort Hera as she bawled her eyes out, the rest of the council tried to come up with a plan.

"We should…maybe we can…how about…," Athena spluttered out, for once in her life without a plan. Aphrodite wanted to dress us up like nymphs so we could hide among them. Apollo wanted us to get in his sun chariot during the day and in my moon chariot at night so we didn't half to deal with this, and Ares wouldn't stop talking about how he was going to kick everyone's ass.

"Silence!" I shouted out, causing everyone to turn and look at me. "This is what's going to happen; we are going to bring the demigods and my hunters to New York and scare the mortals away with some freak weather. Hephaestus and his children will build up our defenses while the Cyclops forges weapons for our 'soldiers'. While this is happening, I will be out looking for-," I told them, but I was interrupted by Apollo.

"Not this again! Sis, just accept the fact that he's gone already! You've forced us to look for him for 100,000 years now and we haven't found him. Besides, who wants that loser around anyway?" my brother asked, trying to make me give up my search.

"I do," I answered his rhetorical question as my bow appeared in my hands and my quiver on my back. I made a big show of slowly pulling out and arrow while saying, "By the way, what did you call him?" as I strung my weapon of choice.

"Um… sis? What are you doing?" Apollo nervously stuttered out, eying the sharp tip of the arrow.

"What did I tell you about calling him names?" I said, ignoring his question as I pulled the string taunt and aimed.

"You said not to or else you'd… you wouldn't do that to your favorite brother would you?" he squeaked out as he saw where I was aiming.

"No…," I answered, causing him to relax. "…But I don't have a favorite brother," I finished and fired.

Annabeth's POV

"Hooray!" I yelled as my super cute boyfriend, but still not as cute as me, Matthew lifted me in the air. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Shouldn't you be dead?'

Well Zeus decided, very reluctantly of course and with much persuasion from the rest of the council, that for our efforts, every camper who fought in either one of the Titan Wars deserved immortality. Each one of us decided to take the offer and we were instilled as teachers for the future generations of campers. I hope that answers your question you A-hole! Why don't you sit down, shut up, and listen to me? Who's more important here? That's right, it's me. (AN: I warned you!)

So before you so rudely interrupted me, I was talking about my boyfriend tossing me in the air and was going to say the reason for this being that we were celebrating. What you may ask, but I thought I told you to stop talking! Anyway, it was the 100,000 year anniversary of my pathetic and stupid ex-boyfriend, Percy, disappearing!

Every year, all of us immortal campers get together and celebrate the day that loser left. The normal campers usually just stared of us, probably to jealous and intimated of my amazing beauty and my incredible brain to come join in the fun, but who cares about them anyway?

Just as things were really starting to heat up, the stupid Olympians and my mom, she is not stupid of course since she had the brains to create me, and had to ruin our fun. I wanted to ignore them and keep going, but everyone else decided to wimp out and pay attention to them so I didn't have a choice.

I walked over, waving high to my mom who looked distracted for some reason and barely acknowledged my greeting. Strange, but it probably didn't mean anything. I looked at the rest of the council and noticed several strange things like the fact that Hera was hanging on to Zeus for dear life, like he was her rock in a rough sea, with tear streaks on her face and the rest looked scared out of their minds. Aphrodite was actually holding Hephaestus' hand and was ignoring Ares. Apollo wasn't listening to music for once and I saw he had a tourniquet wrapped around one arm and was completely serious which surprised me since I had never seen him like that.

All of these strange things started to get to me and I voiced my fear with a shaky voice. "Wh-what's wrong? I asked scared out of my mind at what their answer would be.

"We have learned that…," Zeus said, pausing as he gathered his thoughts, trying to put them into words, "… Chaos has awoken and or freed every single one of the enemies you fought in the Second and Third Titan wars. He is planning on having his army attack Camp Half-Blood with them and destroy all of you, and then they'll come after Olympus." We all stared at him, trying to wrap our brains around it.

"What's the plan, mom?" my half-brother Malcolm asked. My mother merely looked at him, tired and silent, and then gestured to Artemis.

"All of you, the Romans, and my hunters will pull back to Olympus where we will all make our stand. We will fight till the last to keep this planet from their control!" she said, which made me mad.

"Malcolm asked Athena, not you or are you to busy being such a (AN: Insert put down and bad words of choice here. I'm sorry to make you do it, but for some reason, every time I try and write an insult about Artemis, I always get rid of it immediately and find a way around saying it. Strange.) to notice?" I screamed at Artemis, not caring what the consequences would be.

The goddess of the moon's face went from shock to one of pure fury. I thought she would smite me, but Zeus stepped in just in time. "We don't have time for this! We must get them all to Olympus today, but don't think you're getting off the hook for that daughter of Athena. If you ever insult my daughter again, I'll turn you mort so fast it'll make your head spin! Now, gather everyone together and head for the vans. We have to get to Olympus in time."

All of us headed for the vans. We had decided to get more many years ago and it just made sense to get enough for the entire camp to ride in if every an emergency arose like this one. I was holding hands with Matthew as we made our way round to gather everyone together, the Greeks and the Romans since we had decided long ago to join our groups together. They have separate cabins, dining pavilion and training grounds, but we still share the arena, climbing wall, and forest.

As soon as everyone was ready to go, we headed out. I was sitting beside Matthew, who was driving, and even after he turned on the engine and we began to hover down the road, (AN: its 100,000 years in the future, sheesh!), low tech I know, I still held his hand in a white knuckle grip, afraid of what was going to happen to me even if we defeated the forces of Chaos.

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