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Also, here are the ages after the timeskip:

Ludwig: 18

Roy: 17

Iggy: 15 Lemmy: 15

Wendy: 14

Morton: 11

Larry: 8

Bowser Jr.: 4

Along with the timeskip alert, depressing darkness alert at the end!

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Bowser returns after about thirty minutes. "That woman is so stubborn." he grumbles angrily.

"Eh, father, dinner is almost ready," Ludwig says, changing the subject.

The king smiles. "Good! I'm so hungry I could eat that princess!" he says, now happier.

Chef Torte enters the dining hall, pushing a large cart full of silver dishes. He places them all on the table. "This is my own mutter's recipe," he says cheerily. "I hope you enjoy, your excellence." He bows and leaves the hall, taking the cart with him.

Bowser rubs his hands together. "Well, kids, let's eat!" The three young boys get into their respective spots and stare down at the meal. Ludwig, being the most eager to eat the tafelspitz, immediately takes a large piece and devours it.

"Well, Ludwig, my, boy, is it good?" Bowser asks.

Ludwig nods. "Oh, yes father! It's just like I remember!" he replies.

Bowser looks down at his own dish of tafelspitz. He cut off his own piece and eats it. "Hey, this is good!" Bowser says through chewing. "Your mom had good tastes!"

Ludwig smiles. "She did."

The four enjoy the dinner of tafelspitz (everyone except for Lemmy) and the three boys head off to their rooms. Ludwig feels a bit worried entering his own, but tries to ignore it best he can. "Hello, Roy." he says quietly before climbing onto his bed.

Roy puts his magazine down, glaring at his elder brother through his sunglasses. "You're dead," the pink boy hisses.

"You do not want to get isn more trouble, Roy." Ludwig says. "So it's best not to hurt me."

Roy gets off his bed. "I don't even care right now." He approaches Ludwig's bed and drags him down to the floor.

"E-Eh, R-Roy, let's not be h-hasty..." Ludwig says nervously, trying to cover his face.

"Shut up." Roy punches Ludwig in the stomach. The elder groans and holds his stomach, leaving his face unguarded. Roy then punches Ludwig in the face several times.

""R-Roy! Stop!" Ludwig cries, trying to shove Roy away.

Roy rolls his eyes. "I said you were dead, Luddy."


"Luddy!" Iggy is standing in the doorway with some kind of contraption. "I'll save you! He presses a red button on the contraption, which springs out a rope, tying Roy up. "Hey!" Roy says angrily, trying to get out of the bonds.

Ludwig gets up and brushes himself off. "Thank you, Iggy." he says.

Iggy nods. "No problem." he replies. "I just thought I'd try out my new invention and Roy gladly volunteered."

Roy growls at Iggy, still writhing in the binds.

"Should we tell father?" Ludwig wonders.

"I'd say so." Iggy says.

The two boys leave the room and head to Bowser's bed chamber. Ludwig knocks but no one answers. He knocks again. No answer again. The two glance at each other and try to pull the door open enough to get in. "T-This door is heavy!" Iggy remarks as they pull the side of it slightly.

After a while, they get the door open enough to enter. "Father, Roy-" Ludwig stops.

Mario and Luigi are in the room, glaring at Bowser. Princess Peach is still tied up. "Time to stop all of this, Bowser!" Mario hisses. "Just give her up now and we'll be good."

"NEVER!" Bowser roars.

"Then you leave us no choice!" Mario says. He and Luigi pull out Fire Flowers they'd been saving and eat them. Their clothes change and they shoot a fireball a Bowser, hitting his foot. "OUCH!" Bowser shouts, grabbing his foot. he tumbles backwards and lands on his shell. He writhes about. "Darn shell!"

Mario smirks and jumps on Bowser's stomach.

"Hey! You're heavy, Mario! You're crushing my stomach!"

"You deserve any treatment you get!" Mario says. "You've kidnapped Peach for the last time!" He prepares another fireball.

Ludwig and Iggy run forward. "STOP!" they shriek.

Mario stops. "Kids, get outta here. This isn't your fight." he says.

Bowser continues to writhe. "Don't even think of hurting them, plumber! They are OFF LIMITS!"

"I would never hurt kids!" Mario replies. "Even if they're yours! Luigi, take them out! I don't want them to get hurt in any of this! And stay with them in case they get any funny ideas of returning!"

Luigi walks over to the two boys. "Time to go, guys." he says, picking them up.

"B-But father!" Ludwig says.

Iggy taps Ludwig. "I think I have a contraption that can save King Dad!" he whispers.

Ludwig blinks. "All right. Do you have a plan?"

He nods. "Yep!"

"Just tell me what to do."

Luigi enters Iggy's room. Lemmy is playing with his toys. "Aw, jeez, another one?" Luigi mutters.

Lemmy looks up. "Another one?" he echoes. "Iggy, who is?"

"'Who is'? I think you mean 'who is this', kid!" Luigi corrects. Lemmy merely stares.

"Lemmy is a bit... challenged, sir." Iggy says quietly.

Luigi nods. "Ooohhh. I see."

He sets the two kids down, and shuts the door. Luigi sits down in front of it. "You kids aren't getting out of this room until this is all over." he says, crossing his arms.

Ludwig sighs fakely and sits down beside Lemmy and Iggy. "What do we do?" he whispers to Iggy.

Iggy quickly whispers the plan to Ludwig.

Ludwig nods. "Got it."

They play with Lemmy for a bit, before Iggy glances at Luigi. "Do want to play with Lemmy for a little bit? We don't want to play anymore." he says.

Luigi blinks. "Eh, sure." He moves over to Lemmy and starts playing with the toys.

Ludwig heads over to the door and starts to open it.

Luigi looks back and sees him. "Hey! Stop!" He picks up Ludwig, who bites him with his sharp fang. "Ow!" Dang kid! That hurt!" he exclaims, dropping Ludwig.

Meanwhile, Iggy is opening the door, the invention under his arm. "Run!" he says as he darts out. Ludwig runs after him.

"Darn it! Stop!" Lugi runs after them.

As hey reach Bowser's door, they stop. "How're we going to get the door open?" Ludwig asks.

"I don't know!" Iggy replies.

Mario pushes the door open. "Luigi, I got the- hey!"

The two boys run in. "Father!" Ludwig shouts. Bowser is still on his back. "Argh! Help me!"

They try to pull him up. "You're too heavy!"

Mario glances at the boys,. then Luigi. "Whatever! We got the princess, let's go!"

"Not so fast!" Iggy shouts.

Mario stops. "What now?"

He displays his invention. "This invention will knock you guys out and then we'll have ALL of you!" He presses one of the buttons and the invention explodes on him. He is covered in a lost of black soot. "Oh."

Mario rolls his eyes. "Let's go, Luigi. Princess."

Peach nods. "Yeah. I hate this dank place!"

The three leave. The two boys are left standing next to Bowser. "Oh father. We're sorry they got the princess." Ludwig says.

Bowser growls. "Whatever! KAMEK!"

Kamek opens the door with magic. "Yes, my liege?"

"WHERE WERE YOU?" Bowser demands.

Kamek uses his magic to put Bowser on his feet. "I-I-I-"

"On second thought, I don't WANT to hear it! I wouldn't find your pathetic excuse good enough!"

"But sir-"


"Your daughter, sir."

Bowser stops. "Eh?"

Kamek waves his wand and a little toddler appears. "Your daughter, sir. Wendy O. Koopa." he says. "I got her from her mother."

Bowser blinks then walks over to the little girl. "My little girl? I got her? ALL RIGHT!" he says cheerily. He picks up the little girl. "Aw! So cute!"

Ludwig and Iggy stare. "We have a sister?" they say in unison.

"Yep! Say hello to Wendy!"

He kneels down and places her beside Ludwig and Iggy. She pulls Ludwig's hair and took Iggy's glasses and put them on her own face.

Bowser grins. "Aw, she likes you two!" he says. "Anyways, where's Roy and Lemmy?"

"Lemmy's playing with his toys and Roy is tied up." Iggy says.

"Do I want to know why Roy is tied up?" Bowser asks.

The rainbow child shrugs. "Not if you want him in trouble again."

"Nevermind then."

~Here Comes the Timeskip~

Over the years, Ludwig's life went basically like this: he composed symphonies that no one liked, he helped his father kidnap the princess, who soon became a queen, over and over again, he tried to help him defeat the plumbers and failed, read the books in the library, and then received siblings every few years. After Wendy he met three more: Morton, Larry, and Bowser Jr. The house became much noisier when they all were at Ludwig's home finally.

12 years later

Ludwig, now an eighteen year-old, is sitting in the chair in the library. This was the only place that was quiet. Wendy opens the door. "King Daddy wants you in the war room, Ugly-wig." she says.

Ludwig sighs and glances at his little sister. "Ugly-wig? Is that ALL you could come up with?" he replies.

Wendy glares at him. "Shut up!" She closes the door.

Ludwig saves his page in the book he was reading and leaves the library. He glances into the living room. Larry is fighting with Morton, Wendy was talking on her cell phone with friends (though Ludwig can't fathom how she had friends), Lemmy is balancing on his ball, Roy is bullying Iggy, and Bowser Jr., though he is only four, is already strutting about the place as if he owned it. Ludwig shakes his head and turns away from the room. He heads down the hall to the 'war' room (though they never used it for war) and enters. "Father, you called?" Ludwig says.

Bowser smiles. "Ludwig! Glad you're here! We're planning another kidnapping and we need your help!"

"You always need my help." Ludwig says blankly.

The old king laughs. "So I do! Anyways, what do you think we should do?"

Ludwig shrugs. "Well we can't just bust through the ceiling or walls of the castle anymore. I think we need to disguise ourselves."

~Prince of Evil~

Five toads are running towards the palace of Queen Peach. One is obviously very injured. "Who goes there?" demands a guard from the top of one of the watchtowers on the wall surrounding the castle.

"Let us in! Our friend is very badly injured and she won't make it to the Toad Town doctor!" says a blue toad.

The toad finds binoculars and looks down at the five. "Very well. Go in and tell the inner guards your situation!" They open the gate and the four rush inside.

The blue toad waves. "Thank you, sir!"

They head over to the front of the castle, where two guards are stationed in front of the door. "May we help you?" asks one.

"Sir, as you can see our friend is injured. She was attacked by a stray chain chomp just nearby and she needs medical attention now!" the blue toad explains, motioning to a bleeding purple toad being held by a green toad.

"I see. We shall lead you to the royal physician. He can help your friend." the guard says. He glances at the other guard. "I'll be right back."

The first guard takes the four into the castle. He leads them deep into the castle until they're at the south of it. He opens a door with a star with a doctor's coat on it. The guard opens the door. The physician, a yellow toad, turns around. "Can I help you, Mort T.?"

"Mister E., this toad here is badly injured. Can you help her?"

Mister E. takes the toad and puts him on a steel table. "I can. She'll need stitches, a lot of bandages, and she seems to have lost a lot of blood. I don't know what to really do about that, but we'll see." he says. "You may go, Mort."

Mort T. nods and scurries out of the room. Mister E. begins his work on cleaning up the injured toad. The green toad frowns and starts to cry. "I can't look at our friend anymore!" He runs out of the room with two blue toads following suit.

"Yes, if I was this toad's friend I couldn't look at them in this state." Mister E. says.

The remaining toad, an orange one, nods. "Yeah. But I have to stay with her." he says.

"Good man."

As the green toad and blue toad leave the doctor's room, the green asks, "Did you think he bought it, Ludwig?"

Ludwig, the blue toad, nods. "Most definitely. You did a great job, father."

"Yes, sire. Most excellent." the other blue one says.

Kamek, the green one, smiles. "Thank you, Kamek. Ludwig. Now let's get going."

They head towards the queen's chamber, following a map they have drawn out. "She should be the next door!" Kamek says as he reads the map.

Ludwig stops. "There aren't any guards here." he says.

"It's very deep in the castle, Ludwig. Of course not." Bowser tells his son.

"Yes, but this is where the queen is." Ludwig says. "There should be more guards than ever."

"Well, we've gotten this far. We can't turn back now." Kamek says.

Ludwig sighs. "I suppose you're right."

Kamek slowly opens the door to the queen's chamber. It is very dark. Queen Peach was standing in front of a dresser, holding a glass, back towards the toads. "Here to kidnap me again?" she asks.

The three blink and removes their disguises. "Eh?" Bowser says.

Queen Peach drinks whatever she had in the glass. "I knew you were coming. We have insiders infiltrating your servants."

"WHAT? HOW?" Bowser demands.

She turns around and steps forward. She no longer wears a pink dress. She wears an odd black dress. "Nevermind that!" she says. "It is time for you to be taken care of, King Bowser, and all your little children, your grandfather, and anyone else who is a threat to my land!"

She's become so assertive, Ludwig says to himself.

Bowser scoffs. "Oh yeah? How're you going to do that?" he asks.

Peach pulls out an ornate dagger. "With this." She lunges forward and stabs Bowser. "I am tired of being kidnapped every month, every week, every day-" She continues to stab.

Ludwig tries to pull her away. "No! Please stop! You're hurting him!" he shrieks.

Kamek is too shocked to do anything at all. "L-Lord Bowser..."

"STOP!" Ludwig shrieks louder. "STOP! NOW!"

Queen Peach slowly stops stabbing Bowser, who falls to the floor when she's finished. She is panting heavily. "I-I've done it." She drops the dagger. "I've ridded myself of this monster." The queen was oddly calm, despite the heavy breathing.

Ludwig kneels down beside Bowser. "F-Father!" Bowser is unresponsive. He places his head on the king's chest to listen for a heartbeat. Nothing. "Father?"

Kamek looks down. "Lord Bowser... my child..."

Peach is standing still. She was till calm. So calm. Ludwig glances at the dagger lying on the floor. He slowly begins to pick it up and stands up. She doesn't notice. The queen is still panting, a smile on her face.

Ludwig drives it through her neck. She falls to the floor like Bowser has.

A few guards open the door with Toadsworth behind them. "Queen, we heard a commotion! What-" the guard stops. "Oh my- oh my- oh my- oh my-" He continues like a broken record.

"What happened? What did you do?" The purple toad, no longer injured, demands.

"Yeah! Have you ruined our plan?" asks the orange toad.

Ludwig stares down at the two. "Father and Peach... they have... have..." he says quietly.

"Passed." Kamek adds.

The toads frown and take off their disguise. On is Kammy and the other is a Magikoopa. "That can't be so. Not our Lord Bowser, he can do anything."

"No, he can't." Ludwig says, becoming angry. "As you can clearly see. He's dead now. Get over it."

Kammy scoots over to Ludwig. "My prince, do not be angry. I know it is one's nature if someone close dies, but do not take it out on us."

Ludwig balls his fists and passes by the guards. "I'm leaving."

The guards turn back to Ludwig, still shocked. "Wait! Stop! You've murdered our queen!" one shouts as he chases after him.

Kamek, Kammy, and the other Magikoopa glance at each other and then make their broomsticks appear and fly away, but not before transporting Bowser's body to the airship they'd hidden near the castle.

Ludwig is sitting in his quarters, ripping up pages from one of his many symphonies out of frustration. After he rips apart everything he could get his hands on, he stops and sits don on his bed and starts to sob.

Kamek enters. "My lord Ludwig, I am sorry for this loss." he says gently, sitting on the bed beside his 'grandson'. "Bowser was like a son to me, and this isn't easy for me either." A few tears were welling up in his own eyes but Ludwig's couldn't see if he wanted to.

"He didn't deserve to die," Ludwig says through sobs. "He was my father. he was so wonderful. He wasn't the brightest, or the kindest to some, but he really did care about our family and his land."

"I know." Kamek says, patting Ludwig's shoulder. He is quiet for a moment. "But do you realize what this means?"

Ludwig glances at Kamek, his eyes red from crying. "What?"

"You're the king of Dark Land."

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