If you're reading this, that means that I went ahead and published this story. This is unlike anything I've ever written, because I'm not usually this…sadistic. O_O

Title: Emotionless

Rating: M

Warnings: Sexual abuse, violence, rape, m/m in a violent setting, suicidal thoughts

Summary: Uther knows, and Merlin pays. So leaves the beaming servant of Camelot for an emotionless slave.

It was a quiet, sunny day in Camelot. People were going about their business as usual, chatting amongst one another and passing along the daily rumors. Above, in the great Camelot castle, the young prince was staring out his window in a worried way.

Arthur hadn't left his chambers for more than dinner in a long while. He barely cared about the mess strewn around his room behind him, because all he cared about right now was his missing manservant.

He remembered it so clearly...

There was a mighty yell as a bunch of men came charging out of the woods and into the clearing where Arthur and Merlin sat, enjoying a break between hunting trips. Both men leapt up, shocked, as they were surrounded. Arthur whipped out his sword, stepping in front of his weaponless manservant, and began to parry blows.

Soon he was in the thick of it, cutting down as many men as he could. When it was finished, he realized two things very quickly and sharply:

There were some men who had ran away, and they had taken defenseless Merlin with them.

Arthur squeezed his eyes shut as the horror washed over him again in a wave that he couldn't control. There had been no word from Merlin at all, not even a sight of his whereabouts. Of course his father, the king, had told Arthur to get a new servant, any one would do, but the prince just couldn't let his friend go.

He continued staring out the window, watching the daily life of the people below him, and waiting for a familiar shock of black hair to come running through the crowd. No such person came.

Uther was in his chambers, hands clasped behind his back as he stared out the window much like his son, watching the outdoors and patiently waiting. There was a knock, not from the door to his chambers, but a wall panel which hid a secret tunnel. Satisfied, Uther commanded the person inside.

His eyes followed the two people that walked in, one walking with a slight limp as he held himself dignified. He wore nondescript robes that fit him nicely, and in his hand he held a thick, metal chain. Around the metal chain were symbols, ruins that, if somebody else were to see, Uther would have betrayed his country. The king followed the chain straight up to a collar around the neck of a man he knew quite well, one that he had been keeping an eye on for quite some time. The man wore only black pants and a pair of scruffy-looking boots; his chest was bare and just as pale as the rest of him. He looked sick, ill, and he made no move to raise his head.

"So, sorcerer," Uther said in a low voice, and the man looked up with fearful blue eyes. Uther felt the hatred rise within him.

"You have conspired against the kingdom for too long, and I could not stand to watch you tease me in my own palace," he said with a cold voice. "You betrayed my trust, befriended my son, and all the while you had magic."

Uther breathed in deeply as he started forward, stopping when he was standing over the manservant.

"What do you have to say for yourself, Merlin?" he asked in a threatening voice.

Merlin bowed his head again, not speaking a word. Uther leaned back, satisfied.

"You should consider yourself lucky," he said in a casual voice as he turned back around and faced the window, watching the people like ants move below in their daily routine. "I am not killing you. Yet."

There was an audible sigh as Merlin took in this knowledge, and a small smile passed the king's lips as he revealed his information for the first time.

"I have been doing some research the last year, and have discovered many things about magic that I didn't know. For instance, there are different types of magic, some that almost anybody can harness, and others—" he turned around to face Merlin, a malicious glint in his eyes. "That are elemental, that belong with the person."

He knew he had the sorcerer there. Merlin's eyes grew wide and he instinctively took a step back. Tann, the man behind him, gave him a shove forward and the boy stumbled and fell to the floor.

"You possess such magic, don't you," Uther stated calmly, watching as Merlin sat up in haste. "But I have discovered some other things about this type of magic that even you don't know, sorcerer." He strode over to Merlin, who remained on the floor, frozen, as his blue eyes bore into the king's. Uther knelt down to look him in the eye.

"I know how to take that elemental magic from you and use it at my own will, and that is what I plan to do," he whispered. Merlin's eyes were wide as saucers now, and he tried to scamper backwards, but Tann was in the way, still holding the chain to the collar around his neck. Uther nodded to his ally, who pulled out a dagger and handed it to the king with a flourishing bow. Uther looked at the dagger, nodded at it with satisfaction, and proceeded to crouch down in front of the manservant again.

"Before I can harness any of your power, however," he said, "I have to do a sort of bonding ceremony. When it is complete, your free will will be gone and I will have control over your magic...and your physical being."

At that last statement Uther nodded to Tann, who came from behind and grabbed Merlin's arms, holding him in place. Uther then moved over him, pinning down his legs with his knees. The king put one hand over Merlin's mouth as he struggled faintly, and with the other he brandished the dagger.

"I'll only need a bit," he said to the boy before he took the knife and slowly cut a long gash across his middle. Merlin screamed into Uther's hand, but he couldn't fight anymore as he was so weak. Tann then handed over the end of the long chain and Uther took the last chain cuff in his hand, slowly rubbing it across the blood before he examined it again. With the dagger in his hand again he cut a small prick on his own finger, and smeared his own blood over that of the manservant's, and this suddenly seemed to have an effect on Merlin. He stopped screaming, his eyes rolled up in his head, and he passed out.

Uther didn't even notice. He was staring at the last rung of the chain in awe, and then he carefully pulled it from the rest of the chain; it had been designated to do that all along. With a final tug he fit the chain-made-bracelet onto his arm, and then turned to smile at Tann.

"It is almost done," he announced. "I shall take care of the rest. You may go for now, until I call you next."

Tann nodded, bowing lowly before heading back the way he came, through that door in the wall.