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What's Wrong With the Captain?

It was a very quiet day at Torchwood. The monitors had been silent, and everyone was drinking coffee and talking. Everyone except Jack, that is. He had barely left his office all day; and it wasn't because he and Ianto were "weevil-hunting"... again. Ianto had only gone up once, and that was to bring up some coffee and a stack of papers. Jack was just sitting there at his desk, hunched over. He hadn't even sexually harrassed anyone today.

"Do you guys think somethings wrong with Jack?" Tosh asked

"Nah, he's probably just working on his latest plan of ambush for the tea-boy," Owen replied

Ianto didn't say anything, but his face was creased with worry. He had never known anything to be wrong with Jack, but something did seem to be off with his lover.

"Any weevil alerts Tosh?" Gwen asked

"Nothing," she replied, "completely quiet."

Suddenly, the door to Jack's office opened and he rushed out, running somewhere known only to him.

"Oi, where's the fire?" Owen asked

Jack didn't answer and Ianto got up and chased him to the bathroom, where Jack was getting sick.

"Jack!" Ianto exclaimed

He ran to his boyfriend's side and began rubbing his back in soothing circles. Jack sat back, panting.

"Cariad, what's wrong?" Ianto asked

"Don't know," he replied

"Do you want me to help you back to your office?" Ianto asked.

"I think I can make it," Jack said, "oh, and Ianto, please don't tell the others."

"I won't sir." he replied

Ianto went back to the gossip circle.

"Is he alright?" Gwen asked.

"He's fine. He just forgot to get something," Ianto said, mentally slapping himself for the lame excuse.

Jack walked back up to his office, trying to maintain his usual swagger, but not coming on well. Luckily, none of the team noticed. He went back to his office and resumed his former position. The rest of the team resumed their work as per the norm, except for Ianto checking on Jack more than usual. Eventually, Jack came down and laid on the couch. Owen gave him a strange look, but said nothing.

"Sir, wouldn't you be more comfortable in your own bed?" Ianto asked.

"Too hot," Jack sort of explained, :will you lie down with me?"

"Well, I have some work to do sir," Ianto said, while Jack gave him a pouty face, "well, if you insist."

Ianto got on the couch behind Jack. Jack snuggled into his chest and quickly fell asleep, Ianto soon after.

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