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This chapter is really nothing but smut. Slightly lame and slow smut, but smut none-the-less. So, if you are under age or do not like explicit homosexual activities, then please do not read this.

"So I was thinking," Sirius began as he trailed his lips down Remus' neck, the other boy tilting his head back with a sigh. "Since it's a special occasion, we should do something to celebrate."

"What'd you have in mind?" the brown haired boy asked, unable to keep the grin from his face.

"What do you think?" Sirius smiled against his neck, his hands snaking down to give his soft backside a squeeze.

Remus had noticed that, more and more, Sirius seemed to have a preoccupation with his ass. He was hesitant for a long time about focusing caresses in that area, given Remus' fear of bottoming, but slowly, Remus had found himself enjoying the feel of Sirius' fingers digging into the soft flesh, pulling their hips close together, nearly forcing Remus onto his toes. The feeling made his lungs suddenly empty, and made him instantly aroused.

"We do this all the time, Sirius." Remus said with a smile, though Sirius could hear the breathless quality his voice had.

"Well it'll be special tonight," He said, giving Remus that pull from where he was holding onto two soft handfuls of flesh that he knew left him eager for more, "because it's our anniversary. That automatically makes it special."

"Don't try too hard to be romantic, now." Remus said sarcastically, though Sirius could feel the reaction he had already stirred in him pressing against his thigh, and knew that he was just as aroused.

With a loud bark of laugher, Sirius used his grip on Remus' ass to pull him up over his shoulder. The smaller boy put up an obligatory protest, but wasn't trying very hard to get out of his lover's grasp. He liked how Sirius was bold and straightforward when it came to his attraction to the other boy. It made Remus, who admittedly needed regular reassurance, feel wanted and appreciated. After a trip down the hallway that consisted of flailing limbs and empty threats of retaliation, Sirius dropped Remus onto their shared bed.

Sirius had worried, for a while, about whether it was appropriate for him to be so bold or forceful when flirting with Remus. He'd been afraid that being too forceful would bring up bad memories that still woke Remus from his sleep sometimes. But as he tested him, little by little, he found that the other boy seemed to relish the attention. He could see it in his face now as he crawled slowly onto the bed. As he made his way over Remus' body he could see his golden eyes darken with arousal and saw a subtle shiver run up his spine.

It was embarrassing to admit, after what had been done to him by Greyback, but he loved when Sirius played predator. Sirius had continued to take the bottom roll in all of their lovemaking, but he only surrendered control when it came to that one crucial moment. Recently, though, Remus had wondering what sort of lover Sirius would be if left to continue the dominant role that seemed to suit his personality so well. The thought sent heat to his face and he heard a chuckle rumble in Sirius' chest when he saw the flood of color.

"Excited?" Sirius asked teasingly as he raised up to his knees, pulling his shirt over his head in the most graceful motion that Remus had ever seen.

Remus opened his mouth to answer, but all heard come out was a pathetic whimper of arousal. In the past yet they both had grown, beginning to leave their teenage bodies behind, developing into their bodies of adulthood. Sirius, however, seemed to have grown a little bit more. His chest had grown broader, his muscles more toned, though his addiction to doing pull ups on their bedroom doorframe might have been a factor. Remus often teased him about his addiction to working out, but he would never complain about the results. He felt his mouth water and couldn't stop his hands from reaching up to splay across his tight abs.

"I'll take that as a yes." Sirius said cockily as he tossed hi shirt aside before leaning down over Remus again. "Spread your legs." He whispered as he lowered himself over Remus, his mouth coming to his ear.

Remus did as he was told, letting his legs fall open so that Sirius could descend between them. Bowing his back down, Sirius brought the hard bulge of his arousal down against Remus' answering hardness and began undulating his whole body in a way that left them both moaning. The friction caused by the fabric of their jeans was almost too much as they both strained against their flies. They continued, their bodies rolling to meet each other, until they were panting between the open mouthed kisses they exchanged.

"Sirius, wait." Remus gasped after one particularly hard grinding thrust from the strong hips above him.

"What is it? You alright?" Sirius asked as he stilled immediately, his face moving to assess Remus' face..

Remus couldn't help but chuckle at the intense expression on Sirius' face. It was something that had always amazed him, and had helped to build the unshakable trust that he had in the other boy. It didn't matter how far along they were, how close to climax Sirius was, he would stop immediately if Remus so much as murmured a 'wait.' His control seemed inhuman at times. It was the fact that he trusted him so fully, that made that nagging thought return. If he truly trusted him, why had he not let him take the top role yet? He knew that Sirius wanted to, but would never press for it. he was too gentle for that, even if he didn't want to admit to it. Feeling that twinge of panic he got when thinking about it, he pushed the thought aside.

"I'm fine. It's just starting to hurt." He admitted, his cheeks heating up again. "I need to loosen my pants.

Sirius looked relieved and gave him a smile that made Remus throb hard against his zipper again. It always amazed him how Sirius could make him so hard with just a look.

"Is that all?" He teased, lifting himself to his knees again. "I'm sure I can help you with that problem."

Remus lifted his arms so Sirius could pull his shirt over his head for him. Many of his smaller scars had faded, but the larger ones still showed brightly against his naturally olive skin. As though it were ritual, Sirius leaned forward, kissing his way across Fenrir's name scarred in his chest, as though kissing it enough would erase it, and, at least in the emotional sense, it nearly had. Remus still avoided looking at himself in the mirror when bare-chested, but he no longer felt the surge of disgust and self loathing that he once had when Sirius saw him bare.

Without lifting his mouth from skin, Sirius made his way downward, pausing to flick his tongue into Remus' ticklish belly button. He loved the way the boy's stomach tensed when he teased the little dimple, and the way he could hear his breath hitch in his throat. Remus was shaking noticeably by the time Sirius' lips reached the band of his pants. With a quick flick of his thumb, the button was undone, and when Sirius began dragging the zipper over the sensitive bulge with his teeth, Remus moaned unabashedly.

"Shit, Sirius… fuck." He said articulately, though what he had meant to tell the other boy was that he never looked as sexy as he did when he was unzipping him with his teeth.

Sirius knew that this action got his lover every time, and he loved that he could make him descend into syntaxless jarbles of words. He grinned cockily up his body, loving the way he whimpered and squirmed his way out of his pants as Sirius tugged on them gently. His boxer briefs came off immediately after, the smaller teen kicking them off eagerly.

It made Sirius ache with need to see Remus tearing his own clothes off so eagerly, and he couldn't help but moan as he saw the other boy's pride resting hard against his belly, a little pearl of arousal already shining on the tip. His lips were drawn to it, and with a gasp from Remus he used them to gently smear the bead of precome around dark head of his cock. He felt him twitch against his lips as he did so, which made him all the more confused when Remus' cool fingers pulled his head up and away from him.

"Roll over a sec." Remus said in a way that made it very clear that he was extremely embarrassed, but feeling bold.

Sirius didn't argue, and turned over onto his back, never breaking eye contact as he watched his uncertain lover move over him. His fingers were shaking a little as they came to his waistband, where they struggled a little bit more than Sirius' fingers had. Sirius was curious. Remus usually let him take the lead up until the very last moment, and even then, Sirius often kept in control by riding his lover to the point of delirium, Remus only rolling them over and taken control just before his climax. He wondered what the other boy had planned as he hovered over his body.

Tawny hair tickled Sirius' chest as Remus laid himself on top of Sirius' body, his lips coming down on the scar that had once punctured his lungs. He kissed it and licked it for a few moments before moving his mouth over to the scar at his collarbone, giving it the same treatment. Sirius had once thought that Remus paid so much attention to his scars because he felt guilty or responsible for them. But Remus had explained to him once that he paid them so much attention because he loved them. He felt they were animate signs of Sirius love for, and devotion to, him. Since then, feeling Remus' mouth on them made Sirius burn with both arousal and overwhelming affection.

Feeling bold, still, Remus' mouth moved back down to where he'd unzipped Sirius' pants. Getting comfortable where he was laying between Sirius' legs he gave his pants a tug, working them down his hips just enough to give him access to what he wanted. Still feeling nervous he bought himself some time by bringing his lips and nose to the base of Sirius' cock, nuzzling it and planting a few kisses on the hot skin.

Sirius felt his heart almost stop as Remus' mouth descended on him. This was something that Remus hardly ever did, as he said it brought back a lot of bad memories. He'd tried it a few times in the past, but it often lead to him falling into tears, leaving Sirius to pick up the little pieces that he broke into. Sirius had never pressed for him to do anything he wasn't ready for. He didn't realize that his mouth was hanging open like a dead fish until Remus' eyes moved up his body to meet his, and he chuckled.

It was hard to explain what was drawing Remus' mouth to the hot flesh in front of him. He knew that Sirius would never force him to do it, and in the past he'd tried to push himself past the fear he had, knowing that it was unfair for Sirius to do all of the work, but somehow, this time was different. He could feel his mouth salivating. His jaw ached with want as he looked at the hard, perfect dick laying on a hard, perfect belly in front of him. It was like a meal laid out for him, and before he could feel nervous, a few shaking fingers had lifted the heavy flesh from Sirius' abs and his lips were wrapped tight around it.

"Remus, you don't have to force yourse- Fuck!" Sirius' sentence was cut off as his head hit the pillow beneath him, the tight heat around him making his brain turn to static.

After a small grin of victory, Remus realized that the world around him began to fade away, leaving only the sensations inside his mouth. He felt like a starving man suckling for nourishment, and was so focused that he didn't even hear the whimpering and moaning that escaped his throat. Sirius had propped himself up on an elbow, wanting watch his lover, and what he saw nearly pushed him over the edge. Remus was writhing between his legs, his body undulating against the mattress, slowly grinding his own arousal against the soft material of their comforter. It was the most beautiful and erotic thing that Sirius had ever seen.

There was no fear this time, only longing, and an intense, lusty want. As his own arousal pushed through the fog that had surrounded him, he shifted his hips and slid a hand between himself and the blankets, needing to relieve some of the pressure that had built up. Seeing Remus touch himself, even as he pushed his mouth down further onto Sirius' cock, the black haired teen couldn't stop the loud moan that escaped him, his fingers moving to Remus' cheeks to pull him off.

Remus seemed dazed as he was pulled away from the hot prick in his mouth. The surprise of it left his mouth open as he was pulled away, strings of warm saliva pulling between his lips and the twitching, throbbing cock that slapped back against Sirius' stomach. As he started to come back around he looked up at Sirius, confusion clouding the lust in his eyes. Sirius felt himself throb again as he saw the naked arousal expressed in his lover's features, his lips red and swollen, slick with precome

"You didn't like it?" Remus asked quietly, uncertainty beginning to taint the arousal in his eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous." Sirius said, slowly catching his breath as he guided Remus up his body so they were laying chest to chest, giving him the room to kick on his pants that were still around his thighs. "It was too good. I don't want to come yet."

As Remus opened his mouth to protest, to tell him that he had wanted to feel him come in his mouth, Sirius silenced him with a kiss. Sirius could feel that the body above him was tense, even as it was trying to settle down against his chest. He could feel a subtle shaking in Remus' limbs that was uncharacteristic to their normal love making. Finally, Sirius slowed the kiss, then pulled back to look at him. As soon as he saw his face, he knew that something was off kilter. The other boy was looking at Sirius' lips instead of his eyes, a sure sign that he was feeling nervous about something.

"What is it, Rem?" Sirius asked quietly, bringing a hand up to brush his bangs from his eyes. "I told you that you didn't have to do that if you didn't want." His thumb brushed over his still swollen lip for clarification.

"What? Sirius, no, I told you, I wanted to do that. I really wanted to do that." He said, his cheeks reddening as he spoke, his eyes finally coming up to meet Sirius', not wanting him to think that he was upset with him.

"Then what's the matter? You're shaking," He said, bringing his hands to his back to rub small circles. "and tense."

Sirius was shocked when Remus' face flared up brighter than he'd ever seen it. Even his ears were turning an adorable shade of pink.

"Well…" Remus began, having to look away from his lover's searching eyes again. "I was just thinking, what with it being a special occasion and everything…" He trailed off some, squirming on top of Sirius' hard body. "I mean, I thought that there wasn't any reason not to… since I trust you so much… and so I thought that, um…"

Remus trailed off again, his fingers rubbing back and forth over the scar at Sirius' shoulder. He hated himself for being so nervous, and found himself huffing in irritation with himself. All he wanted to do was scream out 'Sirius, I want you to fuck me!' but instead he could only stutter and make an idiot of himself.

"Damn it," He tried again, hoping some frustration would help to force the words out, his brows pulled up in distress. "Sirius, I want you f-" his throat constricted again and cut him off "I want you to be on t- shit…" He finally muttered as he failed again, dropping his face to Sirius' chest, wanting to fall down a hole.

He felt a surge of humiliation as he heard Sirius chuckle, feeling his chest shake a little with the laughter.

"Remus Lupin." He said, the smile obvious in his voice, the tone reminiscent of someone scolding a child for doing something wrong, but somehow adorable.

Remus felt his face flush again, but also felt like slapping the smile off of Sirius' face, that is until he felt long fingers take his chin and guide his eyes up to meet those of his lover. The smile he saw was not teasing like he'd expected, it was beautifully serene, his eyes softer than he'd ever seen.

"Are you asking me to fuck you?" Sirius said quietly.

Somehow when Sirius said 'fuck' in that statement, it didn't sound crude or dirty. It sounded so intimate, like it would be the most natural and beautiful act in the world. Remus was glad that he and his lover seemed to still have moments of perfectly silent communication, and that through all of his pathetic attempts at explanation, Sirius had manage to get right to the heart of the message. Not only did he know what Remus was asking for, he knew the weight of what he was asking for. Remus nodded subtly, still too embarrassed to speak properly.

"Are you sure, though?" Sirius asked, his fingers trailing back and forth along his cheek, even as Remus felt the other man's cock pulse and grow impossibly hard at the proposition. "You know I love what we do already. I don't want you to fee obligated."

"Damn it, Sirius!" Remus said irritably, something that still happened when he became embarrassed. "I want you to do it, so just do it before I change my mind!"

Remus became even more flustered when Sirius just chuckled at his frustration, but before he could complain, Sirius' soft fingers were wrapping around the back of his neck and pulling him down into a kiss. Any argument that Remus had evaporated as Sirius began to guide him through a slow, deep kiss. He gave total control over to the black haired man beneath him, his body happily turning to liquid, molding itself to the dips and planes of Sirius' body. Releasing his neck, Sirius moved his hands down his back, loving the way it dipped at the base of his spine and then swelled up into the smooth, warm flesh of his ass. He tucked his fingers under the soft globes and gave them a squeeze for good measure, loving the way it made Remus moan happily into his mouth. Moving on to his thighs Sirius gave a gentle tug, spreading the boys legs apart so they fell to either side of Sirius' narrow hips, the new position pressing their cocks closer together and exposing Remus in a way that made him tremble slightly.

"If you want me to stop," Sirius said, breaking the kiss to trail his lips down his chin, "you know you just have to say so."

Remus just nodded, too nervous and aroused to speak, afraid that if he did he would sabotage himself yet again. He felt the urge to waggle his hips, both to try and hide his now embarrassingly exposed opening, and to urge Sirius to get on with it. He was glad that Sirius continued to distract him with his all consuming kisses while his hands traveled up and down his back and thighs, soothing the nervousness out of him.

Distantly, Remus heard the drawer to their bedside table as Sirius pulled out the lubricant, and he felt his heart start to race nervously, but instead of feeling cool, slick fingers at his opening he felt broad, warm hands take hold of his soft backside, squeezing and massaging the two globes, spreading them apart and then releasing them, only to do it again a moment later. Remus knew that Sirius was taking great pains to keep him comfortable, and he appreciated it, but every time he pulled his ass cheeks apart he felt a thrill of excitement rush through him, only to be disappointed when his hands moved away.

Finally, Remus broke away from the kiss, looking down at his thoughtful lover, their noses brushing affectionately.

"It's okay. I want you to do it." He said softly, his back bowing to press his ass into the air just a little, exposing himself more, and even though Sirius couldn't see it, he felt a surge of arousal shoot through him.

With practiced fingers, Sirius managed to open the small tube of lubricant, extract a dollop for his finger, and close it, all with a single hand. He kept his eyes locked on Remus' soft, golden orbs as his fingers finally slide down the cleft at the base of his spine, spreading the quickly warming gel over the tight ring of muscle. He felt Remus' body flinch a little, and saw his lashes flutter as he rubbed back and forth, wanting to let him acclimate to the feel of being touched in such and intimate place again. When he felt the smaller body over him begin to sink back down against his body, their lips brushing together again, he slowly began to push the very tip of his finger past the tight barrier.

Remus broke the kiss as a shiver ran up his spine, causing his back to bow as Sirius pushed further inside him.

"Alright?" Sirius murmured against his chin.

"Yeah." Was all that Remus breathed in response.

"Hey, look at me." Sirius said, gently guiding his face back down to his with his free hand.

Remus did as he was asked, not able to hide the expansion of his pupils as Sirius slowly started to fuck him with his finger. He licked his lips over and over as he concentrated on the foreign invader inside him, amazed at how it made his prick twitch against Sirius as his body began to slowly rock back against the long, elegant finger inside him.

"More?" Sirius asked teasingly, unable to keep himself from grinning as he watched Remus chew at his cushiony lip.

All Remus could do was nod, and his mouth fell open silently as he felt Sirius begin to push another finger inside of him. He could feel some minor discomfort this time, but the way was made easy by the lubricant, and soon he felt Sirius thrusting and spreading his fingers inside him slowly, and he couldn't stop the whimper that escaped him.

Sirius was trying to keep from coming too soon as he felt the tight, hot walls squeezing around his fingers. The way that Remus rolled his hips and whispered his name wasn't helping him much, either. Often, when they made love, it was fun and a bit wild, as Sirius liked to try and coax the aggression out of Remus that he knew he hid at times. But now, with the rolls reversed, everything was slow and meaningful and gentle. The small warbling sound that escaped Remus' throat as he pushed a third finger in with the others made Sirius groan deep in his chest. The way that Remus' eyebrows twitched almost continuously, going between worried, to nervous, to aroused over and over made Sirius want to roll him over and fuck him into the mattress, but he knew better and quickly reigned those thoughts in. Finally, Sirius knew that he had to continue, before he lost control and did something he'd regret.

"Are you ready?" He asked, his voice gravely with desire.

"Yes." Remus said breathlessly, "Sirius, I…" He seemed to struggle with the words again, but as Sirius brushed his fingers over his sweet spot he gasped the rest of the words out. "Fuck! I want you inside me. Hurry!"

Sirius moaned again and regrettably withdrew his fingers. Quickly, but thoughtfully, he maneuvered them so that they both rested comfortably on their sides, Sirius' chest pressed flush against Remus' scarred back. Propping a knee up he pulled Remus' leg over his own, hooking it there to keep his legs spread apart. Reaching between Remus' legs he guided his own cock to the other boy's now slick and open passage. He stilled himself a moment to collect his wits about him.

"Ready?" He breathed against the shell of Remus' ear.

With the eager nod as his answer, Sirius began the slow, but determined push inside the warm body, wrapping his arms around Remus' waist and chest, holding him tight as he continued the long slide home. Sirius could feel Remus' whole body trying to arch away from his chest, but his strong arms held him tight against his warm body, his mouth sucking at his ear, panting against it as he felt his tight walls wrapping around him. Remus was surprisingly silent during the whole process, though his mouth hung open wide, feeling that as Sirius' thick, hard cock pushed into him, it pushed the air out of his lungs, as though there was not enough room inside of him for both at once.

When Sirius finally felt himself come against the soft curve of Remus' ass, knowing he couldn't press in any further in their current position he stilled himself, his face pressed into the softness of Remus' neck. He held as still as he could, wanting his lover to adjust before they continued, but he couldn't keep his lips still.

"Fuck, Remus. Oh, Rem, I love you so much, you feel so good." He whispered over and over into the other boy's ear, babbling nonsensically at this point.

Finally, Remus seemed to be able to get a breath into his lungs, and his whole body quivered from the effort. He'd done it. He had Sirius inside of him, and the care that had been taken had left the experience mostly painless. There was a slight sting, and an unbelievable feeling of being stretched so wide, but he didn't feel that soul shattering pain that he'd felt in the past. Now he just felt hot and full and perfect.

A quiver had started in his limbs first, but quickly moved to his whole body, and soon he felt his hips pushing back against the searing heat that was filling him.

"Shit, Sirius… move." He begged quietly, gasping for air when he felt his lover comply.

Hooking an arm under Remus' spread leg he dug his toes into the mattress to give himself leverage as he started a slow but strong pace, his hips rolling gracefully with each thrust. His free hand wrapped around to press on Remus' chest, holding him tight against him. Sirius thought it was adorable how Remus let out a small gasped 'ah' sound with every thrust, each time the noise sounding more and more like a whimper.

"Oh, Remus…" Sirius started to murmur into the other boy's ear, the hand on his chest finding a nipple, delighting in the squeak that he got as he pinched it gently. "You're so beautiful… so sweet. Tell me what you want."

"Siri-uh… ah! Oh, h-harder… fuck me harder." Remus begged so prettily, his fingers moving back to dig into Sirius' hip, pulling at him in an attempt to get what he wants.

Sirius couldn't stop the growl in his chest as he felt his need spike and quickly gave Remus what he asked for. Leaning forward he pushed the smaller boy onto his stomach, quickly moving up to his knees, his hands pulling Remus' hips up with his. His legs were shaking badly, but Remus managed to get them propped up under his body, but as he was trying to push his upper body off of the bed he felt Sirius thrust hard inside of him and he surged forward, his cheek pressing into the blanket and his arms losing any hope of holding himself up. If he hadn't been moaning so loudly he might have felt embarrassed to have his ass stuck up so shamelessly in the air, but the feel of Sirius' long fingers wrapped around his hips, pulling him back in short snaps to meet his thrusts, left his mind wonderfully blank.

The view was wonderful; Remus' back bowed, his hands fisting the blankets, pulling them around his face to muffle the screams that were forced out of him as Sirius' thick cock rubbed ruthlessly across his prostate with each thrust. As he watched the long, scarred torso begin to undulate, to roll back against him, Sirius felt his breath forced from him. He wasn't going to last much longer.

Wrapping an arm around his torso he pulled the nearly convulsing body up against his chest again. Remus' eyes rolled up in his head as he felt his body weight push him down onto Sirius, the searingly hot head of his dick pressing further inside him, brushing places that had never been touched. Bringing a hand up to Remus' cheek, Sirius' tongue darted into his open, gasping mouth, as his other hand came around to squeeze the heavy shaft in Remus' lap, making the other boy's voice catch as he tried to cry out.

"I want you to come for me, Rem." Sirius said as his mouth moved over to suck at his earlobe. "I love you."

As though he had spoken magic words, Sirius felt Remus clamp down around him, his back arching his head digging into Sirius' shoulder, and after a few sharp jerks he nearly screamed as he came, thick ribbons making a perfect arc onto the wrinkled blanket. The site of Remus in the throes of his orgasm were too much, and, paired with the feel of his already tight body pulsing around him, Sirius came harder than he thought he ever had. He was vaguely aware of the stream of obscenities that fell from his lips as he pressed his face into Remus' quivering neck, emptying himself inside his lover.

It took several minutes for them both to catch their breath, though Sirius had managed to keep them upright, Remus draped back against the firm chest supporting him, his head draped over his shoulder. As soon as Sirius gained enough of his wits he began laying kisses all over Remus' neck and shoulder, and eventually lift the still recovering body so that he could slide out. Remus shook as he felt Sirius pull out of him, a shiver running up his spine as he felt thick come leak down the curve of his cheek. He was also unable to stop the whimper that escaped him as Sirius slide a few fingers over the now slick, open hole, pushing them inside for a few gentle thrusts.

"Mmm… it's so soft now." Sirius said quietly as he continued to explore the open remains of their love making.

"I love you." Is all that Remus could think to say.

Turning his head, Remus met his lover in an open mouthed kiss, both of them unwilling to stop as Sirius continued to tease his opening, loving that he finally had access to such an intimate place. Eventually, with both of them still shaking from the exertion, they maneuvered into the bed properly, curled up together under the warm blankets.

"Thank you, Remus." Sirius finally whispered.

Remus just shook his head, his face pressed against Sirius' collarbone. The silence began to make Sirius nervous.

"Are you sure you're alright though? I wasn't too rough, was I?" He asked cautiously.

"You weren't…" Remus said.

Sirius felt his heart still for a moment. He could hear it in Remus' voice. He could tell that something was bothering him, that he wanted to say something but was too afraid to. He started chastising himself, mentally flogging himself for not taking things more gently.

"Remus, look at me. What is it?" He pushed himself up to his elbow, forcing Remus back so he could look him in the face.

He had been right. Now seeing his face, Sirius recognized the expression of guilt that the other boy wore. He thought he must feel guilty for enjoying what they'd done? Or was it that he was feeling guilty, and didn't want to tell Sirius that he hated it, thinking it would hurt his feelings?

"What's wrong?" Sirius asked again, his heart stilling as he waited for the answer.

"Well…" Remus began and Sirius felt himself move to the edge of his mental seat. "After that…" Remus continued.

The pauses were killing Sirius, who wasn't breathing any more.

"After that, I don't know if I can be on top any more." He finally finished, all in one breath.

Sirius stared at him a moment before suddenly bursting into waves of relieved laughter. He would give this boy anything he wanted, and he was glad that Remus had made that confession, so that he wouldn't have to make his. After that… he never wanted to change positions either.

"Don't worry love. We'll draw straws or something."


Thanks again to everyone who has read this story! Sorry if the smut was drawn out or lame, but lets get on to the sneak peak of my new story!

Title: Lily's Plan

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating: M

Universe: Marauders Period, Wizarding World.

Summary: Remus has had a secret crush on his fellow marauder, Sirius, for a very long time. When Lily finally catches on, she decides to do whatever she can to help Remus get what he wants. After all, she has plan. And her plans never fail.

Sneak Peak:

"Well take a look at the kinds of girls he likes." Lily said with a wave of her hand, as though motioning to every single student in the crowded corridor. "They're little, dainty, helpless. He's the knight in shining armor type. He needs a damsel in distress!"

"Exactly. Lily, I'm not dainty, I'm definitely not a damsel, and I'm not little. Hell, I'm an inch taller than he is!" Remus argued, running a his fingers through the waves of his thick hair, trying desperately to get his bangs out of his eyes.

He hiked his back up higher on his shoulder as he pushed his way through the crowds, wanting to just get on to his transfigurations class, as it would force Lily to leave him be.

"Well just because you aren't a damsel doesn't mean you can't be in distress." She said, her green eyes glinting with a kind of mischievousness that he thought was confined to the marauders. "He needs helplessness."

"But I'm not helpless." Remus pointed out.

"Maybe not. But we can make you helpless." Lily suggested.

She stopped when she saw that Remus' attention was lost. Following his intense gaze she saw Sirius coming their direction from the opposite end of the corridor. With the way that Remus was staring, she was amazed that no one else had noticed the feelings he had been hiding. As Sirius caught sight of them as well, he smiled and she saw Remus' face light up without shame and she couldn't help but roll her eyes. She had to do something to stop the torture that Remus was putting himself through.

"Don't worry, Remus. I have a plan." She said and quite suddenly jammed her foot in front of his, causing the love struck boy to go tumbling forward.

With a rather embarrassing shriek, Remus flew forward, certain that he was going to land face first against the stone floor, but instead found his cheek resting on the hard surface of Sirius' chest, strong arms wrapped tightly around him, and the smell of his best friend filling his nose.

Maybe she does have a plan. Remus thought to himself, his cheek heating up.