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The man is in his dreams now.

He was always there, really. A constant reminder in his not-completely-asleep state of mind. A smidgen of red from the corner of his eye. That moment when you feel yourself just drifting off, you feel like you're falling then you flinch, catching yourself and startled into awakening.

But there's a face now.

It's not his face, Jane knows that much, but perhaps that makes it even worse. The fact that it's not the man that he sought. A bad man, true. A friend of dear John. Probably deserved to die. But at Jane's own hand-with a gun, no less. It was disgusting, humiliating, not thought through at all. That's what he is, though. Constant consequences of good-ideas-at-the-time. Rash plans that only barely work.

And when they don't?

Sometimes, people die.

The dream wasn't very dynamic; it took place at the mall. The two were situated across from each other at the table. Sometimes there was a gun and a cell phone between them; sometimes not. Sometimes, there would the the sound of gunshots, and Timothy Carter would give one last smile before slumping face forward onto the surface. Other times, Jane would look down and blood would be pouring from his chest. Blood would gurgle up from his throat and he'd awaken, gasping for air.

One time was different. Timothy Carter sat dead against a white wall at the mall, a red smiling face dripping tears of crimson above his head. Jane would raise his hands to find them blood covered.

It was a scene taken right from Macbeth, Jane had to give his subconscious state points for creativity, if not an overdone topic.

The dream was just another reason to forgo sleep. Even naps on his beloved sofa soon lost their appeal. He was doing a lot of thinking, however. About the next step, Lisbon had asked, what now?

The truth is, he doesn't know.

The hunt continues.


Jane likes sleep; it's like being dead without the commitment.

But he doesn't get the privilege.

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