Title: New Modes of Relaxation

Author: jujukittychick

Fandom: Transformers (Movie-verse)

Cast: Sam/Bumblebee

Prompt: lj tamingthemuse prompt #295 Disheveled

Warnings: m/m sexual relationship (human male/male-identifying alien robot hologram anyway)

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the computer I'm typing this on and am making no money. Transformers belongs to its respective creators and owners who *are* making money off them. I'm just doing this for my own fun and entertainment; in general, if you recognize something, I don't own it.

Beta: NONE! Any mistakes are my own

Spoilers: First and Second movie, AU after that

A/N: Due to popular request…another sequel (I.e. an excuse for more sam/bee smut), and hey, they made it to the bed!

Summary: Sam and Bee continue to experiment.

Sam woke slowly, feeling completely relaxed in a way he really hadn't ever felt before. A glance at the clock showed it to be well after noon and closer to evening and suddenly the events of earlier came flooding back and, with the memories, a furious blush he could feel burning through his cheeks and down his torso. He couldn't believe he and Bee had made out…okay, being honest with himself, had sex, of the oral variety yes, but still sex, something that he never would have believed could have happened. And, having thought of his protector, he realized there was a large empty spot on the bed next him. Feeling doubts and insecurities start to creep up on him, he called out shakily into the still room, "Bee?"

A strange noise, almost like static, tickled his ear drums and he looked over into his doorway just as a very naked human-formed Bee appeared out of thin air. He couldn't help staring in amazement as the absolutely gorgeous life-like figure walked towards him, his gaze taking in every inch of that perfect bare body. Bee said he had designed the avatar just for him, and he certainly couldn't find a single thing he would change about it…him, because no matter what alt mode Bee was in, it was still Bee inside.

Bee stopped next to the bed, looking down at his Sam, smiling at the dazed look in the human's eyes, at all of him really, flushed skin and tousled hair sticking up in places and the large mouth-shaped bruise coloring the side of his neck. The blankets were spilling messily from the bed from where they had collapsed upon it earlier and simply shoved them out of the way. Reaching out, he cupped Sam's face, thumb brushing over his bottom lip, shivering as his tongue flicked out over his skin, seemingly automatically. "I am sorry to worry you, Sam. This form is somewhat draining on certain processes after a prolonged period of time and I thought it better to let them recharge as you slept after our activities."

Sam laughed, somewhat hysterically, at that; "activities" what a mild way to describe something so completely mind-blowing and life-changing as what they had done earlier, and if he was honest with himself, that he wouldn't mind doing again. "About those activities earlier, Bee… was that just a one time thing? I mean, where exactly do we stand now? I don't want to…that is, what are we…I mean…"

Bee crawled onto the bed so that he knelt facing his lover, leaning forward to kiss him softly. "I would like for this direction of our partnership to continue, Sam, if you are willing. I very much enjoyed giving and receiving pleasure with you and would like to repeat the actions again in the future." He hesitated as he debated on how to describe what he was feeling, the emotions as alien to him as the human he'd come to care for. "I am drawn to you. I desire you. I… care for you, Sam."

Bee's words brushed away his doubts and left Sam feeling almost giddy. Wrapping his arms around the lithe body in front of him, Sam leaned forward so their bodies were almost touching completely. "I… care about you too Bee, and I think I'd like to continue in this new direction too." Closing the gap between their bodies, he claimed Bee's mouth in a kiss that went from gentle to searing, full of nipping teeth and lapping tongues, in moments.

Their hands were running over every inch of bare skin they could reach; their erections rubbing and sliding against each other with the added lubrication of the generous amount of pre-cum leaking from both of them. Sam pulled back from the kiss, sucking in deep breaths of air even as he wanted to capture the kiss-swollen lips that glistened in front of him once more. "Bee, I…"

"Sam, I…"

The two stopped, looked at each other, laughing huskily as they spoke over each other.

"Go ahead, Bee."

"Sam, I would like to have intercourse with you."

Sam gaped at him for a long moment before giggling slightly hysterically. "Sex, Bee, just call it sex."

"I would like to have sex with you, then. Is that… wrong?" Bee tilted his head, concern evident in his gaze.

"No, not wrong, I was actually…" Sam blushed, coughed nervously, unable to meet Bee's eyes and still be able to speak the words. "I was actually going to say the same thing. I just… I've never done it before you know…well, of course you know. I just don't know how we would… well, I mean, I've looked online and stuff, but it's not the same, and …"

Bee pressed a finger over Sam's lips, quieting him. "I have researched online as well, Sam. I believe it might be easier if you were the one to…top?… for the first time, as this body cannot be permanently injured in any way and it would allow us both to…practice?"

Sam wasn't positive, but he was pretty sure even Bee was blushing at the end of that little speech. He did make a good point though, and the idea of being Iinside/I Bee… it was such an overwhelming thought. Swallowing hard, he nodded, his voice barely more than a husky whisper as he spoke. "Yeah…yeah, Bee, I think I'd like that."

Nervous now, Sam decided to start things back up with what he knew best - a deep, lingering kiss. Soon enough, he was pushing Bee backwards, shifting so that he straddled his hips, their bodies aligning perfectly as they rocked against each other gently.

Breaking the kiss, Bee smiled teasingly up at his human. "I do not believe sex can be adequately performed in this particular position, Sam… unless you wish for me to be inside A quick shimmy and arching of his hips had his cock sliding along the crevice of Sam's ass, drawing a startled moan from the boy.

"Ah! Bee! Fuck…later, definitely later we'll have to try that." And Primus, he couldn't believe how good that simple action had felt; was only too able to imagine having that hard thick cock filling his body as he looked down at his lover's face. It was almost enough to make him change his mind, but his nerves won out in the end.

Swallowing hard, he slid to Bee's side and helped guide his legs upward, marveling at the sight of him so open and exposed. He was exploring alien territory no matter how human it might in fact be. Reaching out, he ran a finger gently from the leaking tip of his cock over the smooth balls below and the soft skin behind them to hover just above his glistening entrance. Wait a minute…glistening? Running his finger lightly over his pucker, he realized it was wet. "Bee?"

Bee leaned up, smiling softly. "I was unsure if you had proper lubrication in your room so I provided my own."

"That's…" Strange? Bizzarre? "Absolutely fantastic. Now, I should just…?"

"Go on, Sam, you cannot hurt me."

"Right." Taking a deep breath, he pressed his finger lightly against his entrance, feeling the very tip of his finger dip inside before gathering his nerve and pushing it forward, carefully watching Bee's face despite his reassurances, until his finger was buried completely inside him. The sensation was amazing and his cock throbbed and pulsed with the knowledge that it would soon be there as well. "Bee, this is just, just Iwow/I! I can't believe I'm doing this with you."

Bee laughed softly, spreading his legs further and lifting his hips, subtly encouraging him to carry on with what he was supposed to be doing. It was probably a good thing that Bee Iwasn't/I human as Sam got lost in the experience for a while, slowly sliding first one then two fingers in and out of the grasping channel, sometimes shallowly, sometimes burying them completely inside the knuckles of his other fingers were pressed tight against his skin. No matter what, Bee didn't complain, though there were quite a few moans and pleas for more.

Feeling his own body's demands, Sam looked up to meet Bee's heated gaze, his mouth going dry all of a sudden as he realized what they were about to do. The trust and lo…no, he still wasn't admitting to whatever that feeling was in bot's eyes, but the combination made him feel like he could do anything. Moving between the strong legs, he leaned over the blonde, bracing his weight on his arms as he looked down into the electric blue gaze. "Sure about this, Bee?"

"More than sure, Sam. Please, Sam, I don't want to wait anymore."

Reaching down to help line things up properly, Sam couldn't help the shiver that went through him as he felt that tight, slick channel clamp down around his cock, the heat seeming to sear his skin in the most perfect way as he slowly pressed forward a little at a time, his gaze locked with Bee's the entire time until he was as deep inside him as possible in their current position. "Bee…"

Sam released a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, leaning down to rest his forehead against his lover's as they shared a breath between them. It was intense and powerful and scary and absolutely amazing, and he was doing this with his Bee, the first one to ever do it with him, and the last if he ever had anything to do with it.

"Sam…by Primus, this is…I've never felt anything like this."

"I know, Bee. I know." Claiming those sweet lips in a deep, gentle kiss, he began to rock his hips, sliding slowly in and almost out of his clenching channel, wanting to prolong the moment as long as possible.

As long as possible wasn't long enough, and soon enough Bee's legs were wrapping around Sam's hips, pulling him tighter as they began to rock harder, faster, against each other, meeting each other's movements and urging each other even further. Moans and needy whimpers filled the still air, the only noise besides the sound of their bodies meeting each other over and over again. Bee's fingers alternately clung to Sam's shoulders and dragged helplessly down his back, the sharp bite of his fingernails seeming to spur his lover's movements that little bit more.

"Bee… I'm going to…""Primus, Sam! Going to…overload, please…don't stop…don't…Sam!" Bee's pleasured cry rang through the air as he bucked underneath Sam, arms and legs tightening their hold on him reflexively.

"Bee!" Sam's back arched as he thrust forward one last time, his head falling back as he cried out Bee's name, feeling his cock being milked by the spasming channel surrounding it as well as the hot pulses of cum splattering against his stomach.

It was several long minutes before the two felt up to moving in any way. Sam had collapsed on top of Bee as soon as their orgasms had finished before rolling them to their sides so he didn't crush the other male, regardless of whether the avatar needed to breathe or not. Bee cupped Sam's face, looking into his eyes as he leaned forward to kiss him softly.

Sam leaned into the gentle touch, feeling a contentment like none other as he looked into his lover's eyes. "Stay with me as long as you can?"

"I'll stay with you forever, Sam." Bee laughed softly at the look Sam gave him. "Yes, Sam, I will stay here next to you until after you fall asleep. Rest now. We can talk some more later." Bee shifted onto his back, pulling Sam down so he rested against his side and chest. Pressing a kiss against his damp hair, he hugged him close. "Sleep, Sam"

"M'kay, Bee." Snuggling against the human body of his favorite Autobot, just one of the outward representations of the being he had come to care about more than anyone else, he whispered sleepily between yawns. "Bee…think I might…love you."

Bee felt his spark pulse with a newfound warmth and hugged the boy even tighter, whispering into the silent room. "Think I might love you too, Sam."