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12th September 2011: Monday Night Raw, Atlanta Georgia

"This contest is scheduled for one fall," Justin Roberts announced into the microphone, "Currently in the ring, from Buffalo New York, she is the Divas Champion, 'The Glamazon' Beth Phoenix!'

'The Glamazon' got up and sat on the turnbuckle, raising the Divas Championship above her head. She drank in the cheers and whistles of the sold out Philips Arena, everyone excited to see their favourite Diva. Beth hopped down from the turnbuckle, handed her coveted title to the referee and waited patiently for her opponent.

The electric pop beats of Miley Cyrus' 'Can't Be Tamed' echoed through-out the arena, while blue and pink spotlights flashed simultaneously. The crowd was alive with whispering as the unfamiliar entrance music continued playing. Beth stood still in the middle of the ring, a confused look etched on her face. Suddenly a 5'7" figure emerged from behind the Titantron and into the view of the audience. Her long chestnut coloured hair was layered and highlighted with varying shades of caramel. She had curves that could rival Kim Kardashian's and her skin had a natural tan which came from her Italian-American heritage.

The mysterious Diva walked slowly up the ramp, wearing hot pink booty shorts with a silver belt; knee length, white, lace-up wrestling boots; and a silver bikini style push up bra, which accentuated her 32D breasts. A cocky smile graced her face as she heard several wolf whistles from the males in attendance. Her chocolate brown eyes stayed locked onto Beth's as she walked up the steel steps, stepped through the ring ropes, and sent a flirty wink towards the camera.

"Now, many of you may be wondering who I am," the unknown Diva spoke into the microphone which Justin Roberts had handed to her, "I'm Monday Night Raw's newest and sexiest Diva, Sasha Moreno." She took a brief pause as wolf whistles once again came from the male portion of the audience. "And I'm here to bring sexy, to not only the WWE, but to the Divas Championship," Sasha concluded giving Beth a dirty look, and threw the microphone out of the ring. The crowd booed, as they realized that Sasha was basically calling their favourite Diva ugly.

'The Glamazon' was fired up, she couldn't wait to get her hands on the rookie who insulted her on national, no, make that world-wide television; and not to mention the sold out Philips Arena. She needed to be taught a lesson, and Beth figured that her finishing maneuver, The Glam Slam, would do just that.

As soon as the bell rang, Beth got to work. She wasted no time with petty name-calling and hair-pulling, instead getting right down to business. Sasha was quick and agile, dodging some of Beth's attacks and delivering several sharp kicks to 'The Glamazon'. Beth was getting frustrated, she knew that she was slated to win, but also had to put Sasha over convincingly. Sasha was prancing around the ring like she owned it and Beth decided it was time to stop the newest Diva's showboating. The match was short, like most Diva matches these days, but Beth didn't care about the length of the match. Sasha needed to make an impression in her debut, and she certainly did; an impression of her face on the canvas after getting one of the most powerful Glam Slam's that Beth had delivered in her career.

Ding, ding, ding.

"Here is your winner, Beth Phoenix," Justin Roberts said, as the referee handed Beth her title, and held her hand high. She had proved that she was a forced to be reckoned with and that some newbie wasn't going to take the Divas belt from her that easily.

Sasha rolled out of the ring as Beth was celebrating her victory. She held the back of her neck and limped backwards up the ramp, keeping her eyes on 'The Glamazon' and the pink and purple butterfly that was in her hands. Sasha wanted that title and would one day have the pleasure of taking it from Beth; cause after all if she wanted something, she knew she would eventually get it.

Sasha made her way backstage, and walked down the corridor which led to the Divas locker-room. All she wanted was to change out of her ring attire, have a shower, and check in to the motel Vince had booked for the Raw roster's stay in Atlanta.

"Hey," a rough voice coming from behind her said, "I'm Zack." Sasha turned around to see a man leaning against the brick wall of the corridor. His spiked brown hair was held back by a purple head band sporting 'Broski' written on it in orange, he reminded Sasha of the guys back in her home-town of Manalapan New Jersey; good looking and knowing it. But what caught Sasha's attention was his chiseled torso and muscled arms, which were oiled up for his match later on in the night. She had a weakness for muscles, and she was in heaven right now. He removed his orange rimmed sunglasses, and let out a long whistle "and I'm guessing you're the new Diva, Sasha. All the guys have been talking about you," he said suggestively, eyeing her up and down.

"Only good things I hope," Sasha flirted back, stepping closer to Zack, to give him a better view of her 'assets'. Sasha knew the effect she had on guys if she played her cards right.

"Oh yeah, very good things," lust clouded his brown eyes, and Sasha knew she had him under her spell.

"Well, I should be going," she said sweetly, "It was good talking to you...uh..."

"Zack," he reminded her, "I'll see you around," he said as she walked into the Divas locker-room and closed the door.

Zack let out another whistle after Sasha had entered the change room. Finally, his type of girl was on the Raw roster, sure, Kelly and Maryse were hot, but he would do anything for a sexy brunette with natural curves. Zack made up his mind to meet up with Sasha after Raw had finished, and get acquainted with the brown haired beauty before any of the other Superstars could take her.

"Yo, Ryder. We're up," Zack's tag partner Alex Riley called out, "Let's go win these titles!"

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