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One Love

Chapter 1

The Pervert and the Annoying Girl

"Today's weather is very nice." The girl with the long auburn hair said to herself. Her hair reaches almost in her hips. It is slightly curly half way until the end. She brushes her hair while looking in the mirror. She has bangs that reached before her eyes. Her hair is thick that made her look like a Barbie doll.

She wore her school uniform, a yellow checkered miniskirt that reached in the middle of her legs. Along with it was a sock that reached one inch above her knees. It's the usual uniform in the country. In the upper was a white long sleeve with a yellow checkered blazer that almost reaches in her waist. Instead of a black leather shoes, she wears high cut sneakers.

"I'm almost done, just a finishing look from the mirror." She can see her whole reflection. "Perfect!" She thought. She has long thick lashes. It looks good together with her greenish hazel orb eyes, a combination of green and hazel color. When looking in her eyes, you can't decide if it's green or a hazel color. She has a cute pointed nose and natural pink lips. Her face is almost perfect except for the scar on the right side of her forehead. She used her bangs to cover it.

"Grandpa, I have to go now! I'm late. Misaki-nee told me that she'll visit here later after her class. I'll go home early after work. Bye! Don't take a bath outside, you'll catch a cold." The long auburn hair girl told her grandpa while starting pedaling her bike going to school.

"Go home straight after school!" She heard her grandpa told her. She then smiled at him.

She's a working student. Even though she doesn't need to work because her grandpa has his flower shop and it earns big enough for them, she insisted to have a part time job. She wants to earn her own money but still help her grandpa in the shop.

She's working part-time in 'Misaki's Bakery'. The owner of that bakeshop is her friend, Misaki Harada. Misaki's family is rich and her parents let her manage a bakeshop. She's an only child so her parents give her what she wants. Sometimes, she's jealous of Misaki having loving parents. She is wondering what a parent's love is, she only have her grandpa.

"Oh, I have to deliver the cake and this flower first. Someone in that school ordered this last week. It has to be delivered today. I should fetch the cake first in the bakery. I still have 30 minutes left." She remembered while driving her bike towards the bakeshop. The flower is in her bag already, she gets some before she left. "It should be a very special day for that person." She told herself while remembering the day when that guy ordered.


Ring... Ring... Ring...!

"Coming!" She said while running towards the phone.

"Hello, Good morning! Misaki's Bakeshop, How may I help you?" She said while answering the phone.

"Hi, can I order a very special cake, miss?" The guy said through the phone.

"Of course sir, what do you like to order? We can bake a cake of your choice sir, just tell me the details, just a minute, I'll get a sheet of paper." She said while getting a sheet of paper. "Okay sir, I'm back." The guy told her the details of his choice. It's a heart shape cake. Strawberry and chocolate flavor and on top of the cake, this should be written, 'I love you'.

"Is that all, sir?" She asked.

"Ano… do you know by any chance any flower shop?" The guy asked.

"Hai, my grandpa owned a flower shop. Do you want to order a bunch of flowers sir? Our flowers are so affordable. I can deliver them both for you Mister with a very cheap fee." She said joyfully to him through the phone.

"Three red roses are enough, is it okay for you to deliver it or should I be the one to claim it there?" The guy asked.

"It is an honor for me to deliver it for you sir, you're so romantic, and I haven't seen any guy like you." She exclaimed.

"Oh, thank you!" The guy unconsciously said because he's flattered of what she said.

"By the way sir, where do you want me to deliver the cake and the flowers?" She asked.

"Rei Serio."


"My name is Rei Serio. Just call me Persona. You can deliver it next week on Monday, 7 am, at Gakuen Alice and just look for me. The payment will be delivered at your store later. Thanks." He said.

"Okay Persona, 1 special cake and 3 red roses will be delivered at Gakuen Alice next week on Monday at 7 am. Thank you for ordering."

End of flashback.

She smiled at the thought.

"Young Master, what shoes do you want to wear today?" The old man asked the raven haired lad with crimson eyes. It was his butler.

"That one" He said while pointing at the shoes in the middle of the shoe rack. Each of the shoes cost millions of yen. While his stylist doing his hair. The butler bow and look at the maid. The maid also bows and get the shoes slowly off the rack and then put it slowly on the floor near the foot of the lad to wear it to him. The maid accidentally stumbled down and it made the vase on the table shattered into pieces.

"I am very sorry young master, it won't happen again!" She's bowing and her face is very pale. She's about to cry.

The guy with crimson eyes stands up and walks towards the door. He's wearing a long sleeve shirt that fits his body perfectly that makes him look good. By simply looking at his pants, you can say that it was very expensive. All his clothes and things are made by the top designers in the whole world. One of his designers came from the company of his best friend known to be the best fashion and designers in Japan.

"You're fired!" He simply said.

"I'm going." The gray hair lad with green eyes simply said to the people across the table. The woman with the short auburn hair with hazel orb eyes and the man with also a gray hair and green eyes look at him.

"Please be good okay? Don't want to hear any troubles from your uncle." The woman said.

"Take care." The man simply said while smiling.

'Hn' was his only answer. He then kisses her mother's cheek and nod at his father but before he goes out, he heard his mother asked, "Why are you still not wearing your uniform son?"

"Don't want to." He answered then went outside.

The two just watched their son leaving.

"Be a good boy, Bubu. I'll bring you today at school." The blond hair with blue eyes told the rabbit in his arms while petting the head. He then stands up and went to the dining table. He slowly eats the pancake that he cooked.

"I should better go to school now." He told himself while putting the bunny in his arms. He gets his helmet from where he always puts it and walked towards the door. He's wearing the clothes made by the company of his father. He was required to wear them because he's the heir. Before he goes out, he looks at the pictures in the photo stand.

The first one was their family picture when they are still a whole family. It was his dad, his mom and him in the zoo.

The next one was the picture of five figures. A blond hair boy with blue eyes, a raven haired boy with crimson eyes, a gray haired boy with green eyes, another raven haired boy with black eyes and in the middle was the auburn hair girl with greenish hazel orb eyes. Her hair is tied in two tails. They were smiling while holding snow balls. It was taken when he was five years old during Christmas.

The next one was his solo picture during his graduation in middle school.

The other one was two young figures, one was a young blond hair boy with blue eyes, his face is red because he is blushing, he's holding a baby bunny while the other one was a young short raven haired girl with an amethyst eyes staring only in front. That photo was taken three years ago.

"Young boss, the big boss said he'll attend a business trip in China. He'll talk to a client there." A guy who is only five years older than him said to the raven haired lad with a star tattoo beneath his eyes. "I already prepared the car boss."

"As if I cared, he'll only go to one of his mistresses." He told himself. "Thank you Shun. You should guard the house, maybe the enemy will attack. How many agents are available this week?"

Shun look at the files he's holding, "There are still half of them, boss."

"Good, send me the report later about the guy I made you to investigate yesterday." He said while getting up.

"Yes boss." Shun said while watching the young boss went outside. His boss was wearing a long sleeve black leather jacket. "Take care, boss. Call me if anything happens in the way." The young boss seems not to hear it. But he knew even if he heard it, he won't call. His young boss seems too confident of himself and no need to call for back up. His friends are also with him anytime. All of them are expert in fighting.

She was in deep thought that she didn't notice the car that's approaching to her. It almost bumped her bike. Almost!

"What the!" She almost cursed because of the almost accident. She then looked at the black sports car. She gets off of her bike and put the cake on the hood of the car. She walks in the driver side. She's about to knock the window so that the driver will open it but as if on cue, before she can knock, the driver opens the window.

He got his sunglass off his eyes revealing his crimson eyes. She was paralyzed. She has a feeling that she saw someone with the same eye color as him before but cannot remember who it was. He didn't even bother to look at her.

"You Jerk! Do you want to kill me? I am almost thrown the cake because of you!" She exclaimed.

"What?" He raised his brows. The girl though he didn't hear anything. So she repeated what she said.

"I said you almost killed me and you didn't even bother to get out of your damn car to apologize to me! You almost ruined my cake, and you think you're the king of this road!" Her voice was louder than before and she was gasping because of all she said. She swings her right hand up and down to give her some air and to calm her down.

"What?" He just repeated what he said before, not bothering about the annoyed girl beside him.

"You bastard! How dare you?" She is really furious now.

"You make my ears bleed, Polka!" The crimson eyed lad answered. The last word sinks in her mind slowly.

5 - P

4 - O

3 - L

2 - K

1 - A

"Y-you perveeeeert! You peeked!" The girl's face flushed while pointing her hand at him.

He smirked and then told her, "I am not, you made me see while getting off of your ugly bike. Tsk. I'll count 1 to 3, if you don't get your bike in front of my car and that cake off the hood, I'll destroy it. One…" He then started counting and making the engine ready.

She wanted to punch this pervert but her bike is more important. It was her only means of commuting anywhere she wants to go. It's her grandpa's gift to her on her 12th birthday. She heard he says the number two. She knew he's not joking. Before she ran in front of the car to get her precious bike, she screams really loud in front of his ear.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" She screamed. She was really annoyed.

"Aaahrgh, you!" He covered his ears and is about to get off his car when he seen a small crowd running towards him.

"That's Hyuuga-san!" One of the girls shouted.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! He's so handsome!" The other girl screamed.

He better go before the fan girls reach him. His ear still hurts. He closes the window and continued to drive. He is still thinking about the annoying girl. "I'll make you pay for this polka."

As she gets her bike and the cake towards the side, the car runs and left her coughing from the smoke of the combustion engine. Then a group of girls are running towards that car. They are chasing him. She almost bumped into the tree behind her because of the girls.

"Grrrrrr! I hate you!" She shouted. "If I ever see you again, you'll be dead! Remember that!" Then she remembered that she still has to deliver the cake and flowers. "This is so his fault!" But she smiled when she remembered his reaction when she screamed really loud in his ear.

She stopped when she sees the giant gate, at the top of it written 'Gakuen Alice'. "This is it!" She said to herself while going inside. But the guards stop her.

"You're not a student here Miss. Your uniform is different. You're not allowed to enter." The guard strictly said.

She then gets something from her pocket. She always brings some pieces wherever she goes. She gives it to the guard and said, "My grandpa's the owner of the Sakura Petals flower shop and I'm working in Misaki's bakeshop, I am here to deliver this cake and flowers to Mr. Rei Serio. I believe he's a student here."

The guard looks at the card. He then went inside the guardhouse and types the name of the student she said on the computer. He went back to the brunette, gives him a pen and notebook, and said, "He's a student here. Please write your name here first before you enter Miss."

The brunette writes her name on the notebook and returned it to him. "Thank you Sir, I'm Mikan Sakura, nice to meet you!" She smiled. The guard was shocked but he smiled back.

"He is in Class 3A, high school division. Just go straight to the right, it is the largest building." The guard said.

"Arigatou!" She said while continuing pedalling her bike inside the school.

"Wow, is this really a school? So this is what elite means." She said to herself while looking at her surroundings. "This school is like paradise. This is why this school was so famous. I wonder which building is the high school division." And as if cue, she saw the largest building. She can say that it was the high school division because there's a sign written in it, 'High School Division'.

"This school is very big. I wonder where class 3A is." She went inside the building holding her deliveries. Almost all the students are staring at her, why? Because:

1. She's holding a cake and flowers;

2. Her uniform is different.

She just ignored them and continues to wander around. She heard a guy shouted.

"They found Persona! They found Persona! He's in the rooftop." Someone screamed. Then almost all the students run through the stairs going to the rooftop, and others go outside.

"…Persona? It sounds familiar. Where did I hear the name?" She asked herself. Then a voice went out his brain.

My name is Rei Serio. Just call me Persona. You can deliver it next week on Monday, 7 am, at Gakuen Alice and just look for me. The payment will be delivered there later. Thanks.

'That's right! He's the one. Rooftop? Maybe that's the venue of his proposal to the lucky girl. Oh, so sweet! And everyone wants to watch it.' She thought and then ran upstairs with the cake and the flowers.

She can see the commotion when she reaches the rooftop. 'Wow this place is beautiful and the view downstairs.' She then remembered Persona. 'That's right! He's waiting for this.'

"Excuse me! Excuse me! Out of the way!" She almost shouted and inserts her body in the crowd. Her eyes widen when she saw a group of three guys punching and kicking a poor guy. The poor guy's face was full of blood.

'Are they killing him?' She thought. "No!" She then handed the cake and the flowers to the girl who's taking a picture of the incident. 'Are these students a human? They are just watching their fellow student to die while taking photographs and videos.'

The girl who she handed the cake and flowers was shocked. Then Mikan ran to the three guys. Before the bald punch again the poor guy, she grabs his hand and twists it to his back making him groan in pain.

"You bastard! What are you doing?" He said while wincing. The other two stopped and look at the girl who's in front of them. The poor guy also looks at his savior.

"One, two, three." She counted starting from the guy she was holding. "Three against one? You three are chicken." She said while still holding the guy no. 1's hand and then looks at the poor guy lying on the ground, "Are you okay?" She asked.

"You shouldn't save me, they'll hurt you." The poor guy said.

"You bastard! How dare you interrupted! I won't forgive you even if you're a girl!" The guy no. 2 is about to punch her in the face. All the eyes widen and waiting for it to happen. But it never happens because the girl dodges it. Mikan kicked the guy no. 1 in front of her very hard. Guy no. 1 went down.

Guy No. 2 attacks again from the back. But Mikan knows what's coming so she dodges again. She grabbed guy no. 2's hand and put her full force to flip his shoulder, and then throws him in front of her from her back making him lay on the ground in front of her. "Two down, one to go." She said to herself.

The students were very shocked by what they are witnessing, three boys versus one girl. They didn't waste their time. They took pictures as many as they can and video tape the happenings. It'll be big news inside and outside of the school.

The guy no. 3 is attacking now. He's trying to punch the girl in the face too. The word is trying because he can't land a blow on her. Mikan's good at dodging. She then kicked the guy in the middle of his thighs. He laid down groaning in pain while holding the sensitive body parts in his pants. Then the three runs, they are afraid of being kicked like the guy no. 3.

Mikan heard one of the students said, "Why did she save Persona?", "Maybe she liked him because she brought a cake and flowers."

'So this is Persona.' She went to get the cake and flowers and give it to him. "Persona, here's your cake and roses. Are you alright?"

"Why did you save me? If you hadn't stopped them I should be dead by now. I don't want to live anymore!" He exclaimed.

"Don't say that. Life is so beautiful, why do you want to end your life? Your school is great!"

"This school is hell! You're a lucky girl, you know. You have a wonderful heart." He stands up and walks towards the stairs with his bloody face and clothes. Before he was gone, he utters the word "Thank you" to her and left her dumbfounded.

"Wait your cake and flowers!" She called but the guy was out of sight.

"It's very unusual for you to be the last one to arrive." The guy with raven hair asked him with a small star tattoo under his eye said while giving the magazine in his hands. The gray haired lad just smirked and the blond guy laughs.

"He's right! It's your first time to be the last one to arrive, what happened?" The blond ask while staring at him. This makes the raven haired lad that had a crimson eyes earned a glare from his two other friends. They want an explanation. The blond hair with blue eyes was right. It was the first time for him to be late since he was always the first to arrive at their lounge.

It's Monday so they didn't even bother to come to class. When it is Monday, they just stay in their meeting room having fun. Nobody asked them on this because if somebody complains on their cutting classes, if it's a student, they will be expelled and if it's a teacher or other employee in this school, they will be fired, by them. Their parents were the major investor of this school. So no one dares to question them.

"Tsk. I met an annoying girl." He said while reminiscing what happened this morning.

"Is she one of the fan girls?" The guy with a tattoo star under his eye asked.

"I don t think so. She screamed in my ear. It was so annoying." Crimson eyes sit on the couch while looking at the cover of the magazine.

"What an interesting girl she is, making your ears bleed. And what punishment she got for it?" The blond lad smirked while asking his best friend.

"That's why I am very annoyed because she didn't get what she deserves. The fan girls came." His face is still red when he remembers that. It's the first time someone did that to him without getting what they deserve.

"Oh!" Everyone says while laughing.

"I am sure you'll never have the chance to meet her again so forget about her." The blond said. He and the gray haired laugh because they cannot paint their friend's face. The crimson eyes face became redder.

"Shut up you idiots!" He then thinks of the girl he met. 'I'll promise that you'll get what you deserve when we see each other again.' He thought. "Anyways, what happened to the bastard who dared to insult us yesterday?"

Then someone knocks the door. "Oh, you're here. Come in, Shun." The blond said. Letting the guy inside the specially build room for them only.

"I did what you asked me to do." He said.

'Hn.' Crimson eyes and the gray haired lad said in chorus. They evilly smirked. And the other two laugh in unison.

End of Chapter One

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