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One Love

Chapter 27

Tsubasa's POV

People don't want to hear the truth

because they don't want their illusions destroyed.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Tsubasa didn't know how to react. He wanted to be happy, but at the same time, he was feeling disappointed. His hungriness also subsided. He looked at his friends who were crying. It was not very awkward to show their feelings to each other since they were together for such a long time. Each of them treated each other like siblings.

Aoi was smiling, but also crying of happiness. Yoichi could not hid his feelings from Aoi's warm embrace. Hotaru, who seemed to be emotionless was also happy from the news. Of course, Ruka who was petting Bubu's head was overjoyed, which was also expressed in tears. Natsume walked to the veranda and pondered out the window looking at nothing in particular.

[Tsubasa's POV:]

I couldn't see what Natsume's face looked like right now, but I had a feeling that he also felt the same as us - except for Yoichi who was the little girl's younger twin brother and Hotaru who was little girl's best friend. Natsume, however was the only one who was closer to her among us.

When we were having a get together, I was always with Yoichi because he was fun to tease. If Hotaru was not with Mikan, she was with Aoi. Then Natsume and little girl will be left out with each other. They were like cat and mouse barking at each other. Always fighting, but still… in the end, they were both there for each other in their time of need.

How nice would it be to go back to that time? No major problems occurring, just children's fighting and misunderstanding. How I missed that carefree life. They didn't even have family problems, not like mine. I was the only one whose family was already broken since before I was even born. Just kidding! Got 'ya! Haha, did you pity me?

Even if I barely remember anything from my happy childhood life, I remember my mom and dad were happily living together. That was until I was five. Ever since that woman showed up, everything became a mess. That woman ruined my family. Dad always came home late or sometimes wouldn't come home at all. I always witnessed how Mom couldn't sleep – just waiting and waiting. She always cried softly when my Dad didn't come home.

The occasional times that my dad was home, all they did was fight. When I was 6 years old, they decided to split up. I was ignorant of Dad's mistress until I was 7. I heard how Dad wanted to divorce Mom. He wanted to marry that woman. Mom didn't agree and if Dad insisted, she said that she would sue them. It was her revenge. Mom made that woman a mistress forever. For me, they deserved that for ruining our family.

I met that woman and her son when I was 8; my mother and I was called by my father. He asked us to go to a restaurant. I remembered it was my birthday that day. Because Mom came from an influential family just like Dad, she planned a grand birthday party for me. She loved me dearly and still does, I knew that. I was very happy because Dad remembered my birthday. Or so I thought.


"Daddy!" I happily ran after seeing him. I break from my mother's hold. My Mom and I just entered the restaurant where he asked us to meet. There were no other people inside. I guess Dad reserved the place again just like always when we celebrate my birthday. I noticed that Mom was trembling after entering, but I ignored it because I was rather thrilled to see my dad.

"My son! You've grown taller, huh?" He shouted after hearing me. Even though I was already 8 years old, he still lifted me up like what he always did when he got back from work. I smirked after seeing a big gift from the table. I wanted to get it because I knew it was mine. But I refrained myself from doing so. I wanted for him to give it to me first.

[Normal POV:]

"Dad! Why aren't you coming home anymore? Mom's always waiting for you!" Tsubasa exclaimed innocently. Shitsu just smiled and messed his hair. He meekly looked at his wife who tried to look in another direction.

"Let's grab some food first! I know you're hungry." Shitsu said to his son who pouted after hearing that.

"Okay!" He still didn't hear his father's greeting. "Let's go eat Mom!" Tsubasa exclaimed while pulling his mother towards the table. His mother just obediently lets him pulled her.

[Tsubasa's POV:]

"Dad, are you going to attend the end of the school year's ceremony? I am one of the top students and I'll receive an award. Of course, I am a genius after all." I claimed boastfully.

"Haha! That's my son!" Dad said. I knew it, if I focused on my study. He would come back to us. I had to do well and I will work hard. If he came back, my mom wouldn't be sad anymore.

"Hihi…" I grinned and thought I'll reach my goal in no time.

After eating, I still didn't hear Dad greet me a happy birthday. He stood up and hurried far away from us as he received a call. The waiter then served the desserts. I waited patiently because he looked so happy while talking to other person in the conversation. When he ended the call, I saw Dad grab the gift that I saw in the table and walked towards us.

"I…" Dad didn't finish what he was about to say because a kid around my age appeared.

"Papa!" A kid with brown hair and blue eyes, hugged Dad. A jealousy struck my heart. Who was he? Why was he hugging my daddy and calling him papa?

[Normal POV:]

"Azura, why are you here? I thought you were waiting for me at the event?" Shitsu asked. He was surprised to see Azura here. He just received a call from him.

"Haha, I wanted to surprise you , Papa, that's why I forced Mom to come here with me. I followed the GPS that you gave me!" He said while showing the gadget to Shitsu. "We came here to get you!"

"I see haha… You came here with your mother." He smiled while rubbing his head. He looks like he forgot about Tsubasa and his wife.

"Let's go to the hotel now where we'll celebrate my birthday. We'll gonna be late if we stay here any longer. My friends wanted to see you, papa. Let's go!" Azura exclaimed. When he saw what his Papa is holding, his eyes got bigger.

[Tsubasa's POV:]

What is he talking about? I was still confused, but I thought I knew what was going on. I look at my mom whose face is covered by her bangs. She looked like she was about to cry. I looked at the people who just arrived. The woman has the same hair color as the other child. She also had the same eye color. I could tell that she avoids looking in our direction.

"Is that gift mine, Papa? Wow! Thank you! I knew it, it's because it's my birthday today! You're the best!" I immediately altered my gaze to the kid who just said that. I clenched my fists. That gift is mine!

"Ah, this…" Shitsu mumbled. That's right, Dad! Tell him that gift's mine. I was about to get up and get the gift back from the kid who grabbed it from Dad when I heard the next thing Dad said that made me dumb.

"…That's right! Happy 11th birthday, my Azura-kun." Shitsu said smiling to him while rubbing Azura's head. The kid then hugged Shitsu and Shitsu did the same. Just like that, my world shattered like a broken glass.

A loud laugh erupted in the restaurant. All of us turned to the culprit who was laughing madly. It was my mom.

[Normal POV:]

Shizuka, Tsubasa's mom, who was silently watching the scene, finally snapped after seeing how her husband broke her beloved son's heart. She started laughing like a crazy woman.

"M-mom…" Tsubasa called out. His mother looked like crying when these people arrived, but now… This was the first time he saw his mom act like that. Of course, his mother came from a wealthy family and always act like a lady.

"You [&%$^&*]…" This is the first word that his mom has said since they arrived at this place.

"Shizu-" Shitsu stopped when Shizuka shouted.

"Shut up before I kill you. Don't ever call my name again or I'm [&*%$%^] gonna kill you. I don't wanna hear you call my name again, you hear me!" She exclaimed.

"…" Shitsu slightly nodded. He looked around and saw the waiters were looking at them, maybe because of the way his wife laughed just now. Shizuka walked towards him and grabbed his collar.

"I asked you a favor to meet your son because it was his birthday today but what have you done? Instead of doing the one thing that I asked… You… you had the decency to bring them here… and… And you - woman… You still have the nerve to show your guilty face in front of me?" Shizuka stopped when she realized what she just said and looked at Tsubasa worriedly.

[End of Flashback]

Father didn't remember my birthday. Mother just asked him to come and see me. That gift was for that bastard after all. We unfortunately even had the same birthday! I hated it. He stole what was mine. My father's love and now, even the company? I will never give it to him.

I was very ignorant that time, but that event opened my eyes. Father wouldn't be coming back to us anymore. Mom who seemed to be vulnerable was actually a strong woman. It's not like I didn't like that side of her, but since she became like that… I could always feel her crying inside her heart. She didn't want me see her crying anymore. But even so, she still loved my father.

Since that time, I never called him Dad even once. The first chance I had, I threw that bastard and his mother out of Japan. Dad didn't complain about it. I didn't mind because that's what I wanted. I will never accept them.

But… Why am I thinking and even remembering my past? This was not the time for this. Stupid author!

[PMM: (-.-*)]

I should worry about the current situation. Oh yeah… That was right! I was worrying about my disappointment. I am asking myself – why was I disappointed that Nobara Ibaragi was the lost princess? What I'm saying is…

[Continuation of Mikan's Flashback]

"Good day! We are looking for Mr. Yoh Sakura… Is he living here?" A guy in his mid-thirties asked Mikan outside the Sakura Residence.

"Oh, jii-chan?" Mikan smiled as she greeted the visitors. The man gently nodded. It was her first time seeing this man, but she could feel that this man was not a bad person. The man was wearing formal attire, only his tuxedo was folded in his arms. Perhaps because of the weather, it was summer. He also brought a suitcase. Behind her was an old lady, a little younger than her grandpa, she thought.

"Can we speak to him?" The man asked.

"Yes, please come in. I'll call Jii-chan." I answered cheerfully. These people didn't look like bad people and I could feel that they were Jii-chan's friends.

"By the way, who are you, little lady? I'm pretty sure that old man Yoh doesn't have any more relatives left." The old lady said while thinking deeply. Mikan stopped after hearing that.

"What are you talking about baa-chan? Maybe you're mistaken. I am his only granddaughter, Mikan Sakura." Mikan said bluntly. She didn't want to be rude to her. She then smiled, thinking that the old lady was just mistaken. The two people stopped in their tracks and looked at her.

"What?" The old lady exclaimed in shocked. She then looked at the man she came with. "I'm sure that she is de-" Before she could finish what she was saying, Yoh arrived.

"Hiroka!" He exclaimed to stop the old lady to what she was about to say. All of them were startled. "What are you doing here? How did you find me?" The old lady looked at him surprised, but after realizing the situation, she sighed.

"This Old man… That's all you wanted to say after going far away without telling me?" She scolded. "I brought my son to discuss some matters with you."

"This… Please come in." Yoh sighed in defeat. "By the way, Mikan, this old lady here is a friend of mine, her name is Hiroka Hijiri and this man here is her son, Toushiro Hijiri. He's the chief of the police." Yoh said.

"Hello, I am Mikan Sakura, nice to meet you." Mikan said cheerfully, then bowed to them. The old lady and the man made a worried face before greeting her back.

"Mikan, do me a favor… This Obaa-chan here and her son, we have something important to discuss so, just go to our neighbor's house for now and play. Don't come until I call you, Okay? Don't worry about the flower shop. I'll close it for now." Yoh said to Mikan. He also had a worry etched onto his face.

"Okay…" She slurred before going out.

[Mikan's POV:]

"Jii-chan's meanie. Why did he have to send me away?" She mumbled whilst whistling. Her hands were inside her pocket.

By the way, who are you little lady? I'm pretty sure that old man Yoh doesn't have any more relatives left.

"That old lady… What was she talking about? Wait, if she was grandpa's friend, I should've known her, right? Oh yeah, I forgot about the past because of the accident that my parents and I were involved. But, she should've recognized me, right?

This Old man… That's all you wanted to say after going far away without telling me?

"Did grandpa ditch that old lady? Are they dating?" She uttered. "Wait, why am I thinking of that?" She said while erasing that thought. Wait, Hiroka Hijiri and Toushiro Hijiri… Are they related to my mother? Hmm… Whatever!

"Ah, I forgot the money that I saved. Next week is grandpa's birthday, so instead of playing, I should buy him a present! I have to get the money first." She thought then ran back home.

[Temporary End of Mikan's Flashback]

"…" Misaki looked at Mikan, who stopped talking. They were still in the same positions.

"I saw them just walk into the house and then close the door. So I followed them, after all, the money was in my room." Mikan paused and then continued. "If they asked me why I came back, I could just tell them that I just forgot something and then go."

"…" Misaki is listening very tensely. She looked like she was listening to a horror story. Then Mikan continued.

"That's what I was thinking back then, but as soon as I reached the front door… I never got the chance to push it."

[Tsubasa's POV:]

As the heir to the ASA Company, I was also as sharp as the agents who are working under it. So I did some investigation after seeing that Mikan was back at that time [Refer to chapter 5]. Correction, I asked Shun to investigate it for me. He is one of the best agents that are loyal to me.

I looked around and saw that they had calmed down. They just finished crying and the others were just spacing out like him. Oh wait, Hotaru and Ruka were listening to something. I could tell because each of their hands were touching their ear.

"These bastards!" Are they listening to some sort of music? Are they totally ignoring the emotional, but happy situation that they are in? Sighs.

Speaking of Shun, because of the recent events, I totally forgot about the file that he gave me. I just remembered it after Hotaru gave me the information that she got on her part.


[Normal POV:]

"Andou, your guess was totally wrong!" Hotaru said stoically while handling him the copy of the information she hacked from the government's database. Tsubasa immediately looked at the files and read it. [Refer to chapter 15 for Hotaru's file]

"This…" Tsubasa reread it to confirm something. He then remembered something. That's right! I still haven't looked at the files that Shun investigated and the file that the agent that uncle Ioran hired.

"What now?" Hotaru asked. She's waiting for his response. She was also bothered by his reaction just now.

"You see, Hotaru-chan…" Tsubasa paused. Unsure if he should continue what he wanted to say.

"…" Hotaru raised one of her eyebrows to indicate that she was waiting for him to finish what he was about to say.

"Could you apply as one of my agents? You really are good at doing stuff like this." Tsubasa grinned.

"Is that a compliment or an insult?" She asked with the most uninterested look while preparing her latest baka gun. Tsubasa sweat drops.

"Of course not! I'm complimenting your skills and your beau-"

"Denied." She then shot him with her baka gun.

[Time Skip]

After arriving home at his place, Tsubasa immediately looked for the file. He started searching in his mini office. He realized how unorganized his desk is.

"Is this the reason why I had forgotten about that file?" Tsubasa mumbled while doing some cleaning. "I really need to get a sexy secretary. That Shun is useless. He couldn't even clean this place."

After filing the files from his desk, he then found what he had been looking for. He immediately sat on his chair, opens the file and then read it.

File No. 65-14344-568

Name: Mikan Hijiri Sakura

Age: 17 yrs. Old (Age updated: January 1, 20XX [Current Year])

Birthday: January 1, 19xx

Mother: Mishino Hijiri

Father: Kaname Sakura

Note: Mishino Hijiri Sakura and her husband, Kaname Sakura died in a car crash 7 years ago. The only survivor was their only daughter Mikan Sakura, who was now in the care of her grandfather, Yoh Sakura, the father of Kaname Sakura. The accident was not reported in the news because it happened in a remote area. The picture of the family has been banned by the grandfather for her granddaughter not to remember the painful event.

[Tsubasa's POV:]

"..." This is the same as Hotaru-chan's file. What does that mean? Does that mean that my intuition was wrong? No, I thought that something was not right. I slammed the files on the table. I was so frustrated. After doing so, I noticed another paper next to it. My eyes got bigger after looking at the next page.

[End of Flashback]

[Normal POV:]

"Tsubasa! Hello? Are you there?" Ruka waved his hand up and down in front of Tsubasa's face. Ruka had been calling him since forever, but he was not budging. He was totally spacing out. Ruka was doing this because Hotaru asked him to.

"…" Hotaru, who saw Ruka's hopeless situation, prepared her latest Baka gun invention. She then fired it at Tsubasa, who got surprised after being hit by the baka bullet.

"Oh, you're awake." Ruka smiled. "I was so worried because you're not budging." Tsubasa sweat dropped after seeing the couple.

"You were planning to kill me from the start." He mumbled while sulking in the corner. Suddenly, Hotaru's eyes got bigger.

"Ruka, hurry up and get back here! Listen to this." Hotaru called Ruka and handed him one of the mushroom headset again.

"Hey, what are you listening? Let me hear it too!" Tsubasa exclaimed while getting up and trying to grab Ruka's headset. He got interested because Hotaru just called Ruka by his first name so he assumed that they were listening to something serious. She usually called Ruka by Bunny or Bunny boy to tease him.

But of course, Hotaru didn't let him. She immediately opened one of her inventions, the caterpillar blanket where their whole body will be covered by it and the only thing that will be shown up is their faces. Tsubasa couldn't get the mushroom headset since it was already in Ruka's ear and Ruka was now covered by Hotaru's invention.

"What a meanie couple!" Tsubasa cried while running away and heading to the next couple. "This couple is bullying me! Uwaaaah! Yo-chan, Aoi-chan! You two won't bully me, right? Right? Ne~"

"…" Yoichi just ignored Tsubasa. While Aoi sweat dropped.

"Why would we bully you Tsubasa-nii?" Aoi said while forcing a smile. Tsubasa always acted like this so she was used to it.

"Oh my Aoi-chan! You really are my angel!" Tsubasa exclaimed, he was about to hug Aoi when Yoichi smacked him. Then again, Aoi sweat dropped.

"Seriously… these idiots!" Natsume, who was also reminiscing the past, was dumbstruck by his friends' actions. They are creating a ruckus in a serious situation. Sighs!

"Mikan, if you are not comfortable telling me that story, that's fine. You don't have to force yourself." Misaki said. She was worried because Mikan suddenly stopped talking.

"I'm fine Misaki-nee. Hehe. I just couldn't help feeling this way remembering that." Mikan said then gave her a reassuring smile. She then continued her story. "The door was slightly open and I was about to enter when I heard the old lady shouted…"

[Continuation of Mikan's Flashback Part 2]

"What are you doing you old man? Are you crazy? Your granddaughter is already dead! How can you just change your residence without telling me? Did you know how worried I was? You just suddenly went away! …and…" She exclaimed, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"Calm down Mother…" The man with her said and tried to calm her mother down.

"…" Yoh did not answer back from the old woman's rattling.

"You even doctor a fake document of your granddaughter's death! How could you do this?" She said while slamming an envelope on the table. Yoh's eyes got bigger after seeing the documents. "Did you think I wouldn't know? You even adopted a child that looks like your granddaughter and even named her with the same name! This…" She burst out crying.

"…It's not like that…" Yoh said in a low voice.

"Did you think that I didn't understand your feelings? They were also part of my family, my daughter, which was your son's wife and Mikan is my granddaughter too. How could you?"

"I told you, it's not like that!" Yoh snapped. The old woman and her son got startled. Veins popped out from the woman.

"Are you shouting at me?" She exclaimed while hitting the old man with her stick.

"Stop it mother!" Her son then defended the old man and protected him with his body. "Stop hitting Yoh-ojii-san!"

"Now, tell me what's going on if my assumption is wrong!"

"The truth is… it's partly true." Yoh said. He is looking down and couldn't look directly at Hiroka, A vein popped out again from the old woman.

"Mother, let's listen to his explanation first."

"I know that they won't be coming back anymore, but please let Mikan stay by my side. It was fate that brought her to me. I need her…" He pleaded.

"You're mad…" The old lady said. All the strength drained from her body, causing for her to sit back. All of their eyes shot to the door when the girl emerged.

"Mi-Mikan-chan…" Yoh called out. His heart wanted to explode and he wished sincerely fort the floor to split up and engulf him from this moment.

End of Chapter Twenty Seven

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Extra Part 1: The 4th Tsubasa's POV

-[Tsubasa's POV:]-

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Tsubasa: [Dejected] what a meanie! [Sobs] Save me Misaki-chan!


Misaki: [Still listening to Mikan's story. Not bothered by Tsubasa's plead.]

PMM: [Laughing evilly]

Hotaru: Continue the story now or I'll… [Preparing the Baka gun]

PMM: [Sweat drops] Yeah… I'll continue now. I'm gonna get killed!

Hotaru: [Grinning evilly]

Tsubasa: [Whispering] she's just jealous because I am having more airtime than her.

PMM: [Nods] I know right!

Hotaru: [Veins popping out] I can hear you, idiots! [Firing her baka gun]

PMM & Tsubasa: Help! [Getting hit by the baka bullets]

Hotaru: I just killed Tsu-baka and the author. This is the end minna. Good bye! This story is useless if the author doesn't give me more airtime.

PMM: [Survived] No! [Throwing Hotaru in the air] Don't just randomly end the story! [Sighs] Oh, Tsu-baka… Continue your story or the readers will kill us if this nonsense continued.

Tsubasa: [Also survived from the baka bullets] Hai! I knew it! The author is useless without me.

PMM: [Just smacked Tsubasa in the head] Continue or I'll randomly kill you in the story? Choose!

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Extra Part 2: Tsubasa's Flashback with Hotaru


Hotaru: Hey author, aren't we done with the flashbacks yet?

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Hotaru: I'm tired of reading flashbacks. Flashback here, flashback there… Just tell us honestly that you don't have any more idea to write in this story. [Sighs]

PMM: [Sweat drops] Okay, I'll stop the flashbacks. I planned to give you an airtime in this flashback, but it can't be helped then. [Smirks] I guess I have to end the flashba-

Hotaru: I take that back. Don't end the flashbacks. Didn't I tell you that I like flashbacks? I love flashbacks.

Mikan: [Sweat drops] Ho-Hotaru…

After the flashback,

Hotaru: That was too short!

PMM: I didn't say that I would give you a long airtime, did I? [Grinning]

Hotaru: This author is pissing me off. [Preparing the Killer Baka Bazooka]

PMM: [Flinched] C-calm down Hotaru-chan… Don't worry! I-I'll give you a major role in the near future…

Hotaru: You better be or you know what will happen… [ (+.+) ]

Extra Part 3:

"Is this the reason why I had forgotten about that file?" Tsubasa mumbled while doing some cleaning. "I really need to get a sexy secretary. That Shun is useless. He can't even clean this place."

[Shun: [Gloomy] you're the one who said not to touch your things especially your office, young master. Meanie! [Sobbing]

Tono: He just wanted to get a sexy secretary. What a perverted bastard!]

"Achoo!" After sneezing, Tsubasa also shuddered. "Perhaps, some sexy ladies are talking about me?"

[PMM: Someone help me! Shun and Tono-sempai fainted!]

Extra Part 4:

"Oh my Aoi-chan! You really are my angel!" Tsubasa exclaimed, and was about to hug Aoi when Yoichi smacked him. Then again, Aoi sweat drops.

[PMM: [Whispering] Told 'ya! You're just an idiot here that I want to use. Tsu-Baka. [Grinning]

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