Our Little Secret

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

"We really have got to stop meeting like this," June Darby smiled up into guilty blue optics as she stepped out of her car.

The dusty old warehouse that Fowler had designated for the kids and Autobots play area when not at the base glowed with soft afternoon sunlight. A yellow and black form sat on an old crate, servos drumming lightly on the wood at his sides. A low embarrassed whistle came from the voice box and the Nurse laughed heartily as she pulled out her black bag.

"Bumblebee, I love doing this. It's no trouble at all. Now is there anything new at all?"

The scout shook his head and gave a tired vent. The woman smiled sympathetically and patted the warm metal thigh.

"On a scale of one to ten, with one being a mesh bruise and ten being listing to Miko's music all day how bad is the discomfort?"

June's quip was rewarded with a brilliant smile that lit up the expressive silver faceplates. Black and yellow doorwings flickered in amusement as the scout held up four digits. The mother cocked her head to one side and glared suspiciously up at the young mech. He managed to hold her gaze for a moment then glanced guiltily away before letting the fifth digit join the others.

"I thought so," the nurse declared. "Now are you sure you don't want Ratchet to-"

Bumblebee buzzed firmly shaking his head and lowering his doorwings aggressively.

"Very well let's get started."

Carefully, the woman pulled on specially made gloves and goggles. June produced a foot long probe out of her bag and activated it. The Cybertronian turned his helm away and grimaced. The device hummed to a start and she pressed the softly glowing end carefully along a pattern of seams in the Autobot's side. The effect on the scout was nearly instantaneous. His wings drooped in relaxation and the tightness in his faceplates eased for a moment. Then the wings perked back up and he looked down to watch what the human was doing.

A series of small panels had folded back giving the nurse access to his internals. Bumblebee chirped in interest and reached a black servo to poke at the exposed gears only to have his inquisitive digit slapped away by the human.

"Don't disturb me Bumblebee. This is delicate work," June admonished.

The young scout let out a vent and tried his best not to slump or squirm. It had been weeks since Ratchet had repaired his T-cog and the work the medic had done was nothing short of miraculous, but the delicate organ had been badly damaged, and with the stress of combat his overworked nanite repair system could only do so much so fast. The incredibly complex set of gears was under constant stress; every time the Autobot transformed delicate mechanisms were stressed and warped out of shape. Under normal circumstances the inherent tensile strength of the living alloys coupled with the healing capabilities of the colonies of living nano-machines that swarmed over his frame would repair the day to day stressors. Over the eons that they had wandered the stars however, away from the natural micro ecosystems of their home world, his internal colonies had been ravaged by radiation, infection, and poor quality energon. The damage done by M.E.C.H. had stolen some of the strength from his youthful frame, already weakened at the servos of Megatron. The organ would heal more as time went on but it would never be quite as strong as it had been and until it healed it needed constant maintenance. Today that meant making certain the distance between the long gear teeth extending from the top and bottom of the ovoid device was precise down to the nanometer.

"I'm beginning the realignment process now," June smiled up at him.

*You look pretty with those safety goggles on,* Bumblebee chirped admiringly down at the human femme.

She patted his thigh in response and returned to her ministrations. Her little hands were so very warm and gentle. They soothed the discomfort as she took the special alignment tool Ratchet had made for her to use. Sometimes he thought that all she would really need to do though was run her fingers over the gears to ease the pain.

Once when Jack had been sick with one of the many viruses that teamed through the planet's atmosphere Bumblebee had had a chance to watch her tend to her son. Somewhat to the scout's surprise it had been made clear to him that the nurse lavished as much care and tenderness on him as she had on her biological son. At one point Jack had been in the grip of a fever dream and June had sat down, placing his head in her lap. The mother had sat there with the raven haired youth until the episode had passed. When Jack had come to his senses he had gazed up at June with a look of such love and appreciation in his blue-grey optics it had filled Bumblebee with an indefinable longing. Now he relished the time spent with the woman who had a way of making him feel as if at least some part of that love was for him as well.

"Half done," she murmured as he felt a small twinge of discomfort.

Bumblebee truly wished he could explain the truth to her, why he met her in this distant place instead of having Ratchet perform the simple procedure, but it was not something he wanted to burden his young human friend with translating. Partly it was the simple fact that the nurse had a far better bedside manner. He felt welcome and loved when she smiled up at him, not to mention she was far less intimidating to the small scout. The young Cybertronian lifted his optics and stared off into the middle distance.

When Ratchet had finished the surgery the scout's body had been half numb from offlined pain receptors and half trembling in pain. What had hurt worst though had been the guilt and suffering he had seen in the medic's optics. So the youngest of the mechs had forced the transformation despite the pain. He had rushed Rafael out of the base and sat trembling outside the boy's house the entire night rather than let the medic see his suffering. For the battle hardened mech the pain had been easily bearable but he did not wish to share it with Raf. He would protect the innocence that lived in the boy's brown eyes, the same innocence that had been so cruelly ripped from him. But what he had lived through paled in comparison to the burden of guilt and pain that Ratchet carried. No matter what minor mistakes Mrs. Darby might make they were leagues easier to bear than seeing the guilt in the medics blue optics.

"All done!" June called out lightly.

Bumblebee glanced down in surprise and chirped in satisfaction as he felt the plates slide smoothly shut.

"And what is your discomfort level now?"

*Better than I've felt in weeks,* he trilled holding up one finger.

"Good, well I need to get to a friend's house," June said with a smile.

Bumblebee reached eagerly out for the woman and she held up her arms to be swept into a hug. For a moment he simply held the human over his spark and let the feeling of the double beat of her heart fill his awareness. Finally he reluctantly set her down and watched as she climbed in her car. The scout glared at the red sedan fighting down a little bundle of jealously. With an exvent he transformed and headed for Raf's house.

June turned out onto the highway and smiled as she approached her destination. The silo doors opened and she pulled into the quiet base.

"And how went the exam Nurse?" Ratchet asked without looking up from his station.

"He is healing faster than we expected," she replied with a smile.

"Nurse Darby," Ratchet turned to her and there was gratitude in his optics mingled with something else, relief perhaps, "I just want to thank you again for doing this. I-" the medic cut off and drew in a deep vent of air.

"You're welcome Ratchet," she smiled patting the mesh on his ped. "Just one question, does Bee know you know about this?"

"I don't think that matters," the medic shrugged his shoulder guards and smiled, "not so long as he is healing."

"Our little secret," June said returning the smile.