You're supposed to count your blessings. That's what they say. You're alive. You're sixteen, and that's old for people like you. She's supposed to appreciate what she has.

But Annabeth? She just wants it all.

She wants her stepmom to love her just as much as she loves the other two (those moments when she looks at the three of them together and knows she can't have it). She wants to live like all the other teenagers (no worries except the little daily drama and the shopping and the homework). But she also wants the freedom, the feeling of a monster turning yellow under her knife. She wants the years she spent with Luke and Thalia back (family, he promised), and she wants the security of Camp Half-Blood (bunk, cabin, all training). She wants the old Luke back (the one who promised. Family). She wants the old Luke to notice her the way he noticed Thalia (lingering glances, speaking in code, she was seven, she didn't know what it meant), but she also wants Percy to stay the hell away from that red-headed mortal (trouble trouble trouble). She wants that second with Percy in the volcano (one second when it seemed like it was going to be okay and then he left for two whole weeks goddammit and then he comes back all 'sorry' and two whole weeks that's fourteen days three hundred thirty six hours, twenty thousand one hundred and sixty minutes that she cried over him) and wants Thalia to leave her stupid little club and come back to her because Annabeth needs her, dammit, and a year wasn't enough time (and she's going to get old and Thalia's always going to stay the same and why couldn't things have just stayed the same) and she wants the Titans gone and she wants there to be no war (so she doesn't have to kill the people she used to know because their bodies won't dissolve they'll just lie there and look at her with empty eyes) and sometimes she wants the gods gone so that they'll stop screwing with their lives, dammit, and other times she just wants her mother to notice her talk to her acknowledge her existence in some small way aside from snide comments to Percy (because why is he so much more important, seriously? She's been here way longer and then he dances in with all his sea powers but that doesn't annoy her anything, she's above that).

Want, want, want. It's pride, it's hubris, thinking she deserves it, it's her fatal flaw, and she doesn't care.

Wishes are bad, wishes cause you pain, tralalalalala, but all she has, when the world is going to hell and somehow a hundred teenagers are supposed to stop it, all she has are those moments where she can close her eyes and for a few minutes she can pretend.