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That's not the girl he knew for three years, Fred thought. She's the same, but completely different. Where was the awkward girl that was his little brother's best friend?

No. She isn't just that anymore, and he sees her maybe for the first time. He sees Miranda Potter as a very beautiful girl, petite in her structure, with wide innocent emerald eyes (his favourite feature in her) and slightly untamable waist length midnight black hair.

And for the first time, (he couldn't believe he's thinking like that) he thinks about how it would feel to hold her in his arms, to touch her soft hair, or to kiss her lips.

He shakes his head to clear his mind, winks at her, and goes up to her room to get her trunk with George.

His twin and best friend looks at him with understanding, "You're so screwed." Helpful, George.

He replies groaning, "I know."

They drag the trunk down the stairs looking around for her fat bully cousin to try some of their sweets on him. When they see him, they both smile evilly. Fred winks at Miranda again before accidently dropping the sweets, hurrying to collect them of the floor and leaving one Ton-Tongue Toffee behind. He steps in the fireplace feeling vindictive of the boy that tormented his crush during her childhood.

A little while later, he helps off the floor in their living room. When she touches his, his hand tingles strangely. He asks her eagerly, "Did he eat it?"

She answers, "Yes. What was it?"

He tells her knowing she'll appreciate it, and when she laughs, he knows he's falling for her hard. Well, at least she could keep up with him. She can laugh at his pranks and the ridiculous things he says. He also knows that she would support his and his brother's dream of opening a joke shop. Now all he has to do is to make her see him in this new light.

Later that night during dinner, he looks up, finds his brown eyes locked with her dark green eyes and smiles at her gently. Maybe if he's looked again he would have seen the beautiful blush that adorned her cheeks and the knowing smiles on Hermione and Ginny's faces.

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