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Humphrey P.O.V

There's truth in your lies

Doubt in your faith

All I've got's what you didn't take

As I walk away from Kate's and Garth's Wedding I felt suicidal, I just wanted to end it, end everything

I found a cliff; I ran towards it and stood at the edge of the cliff. I could hear Kate's voice in the background but I ignored it and prepared for what was to come.

You promised me the sky

Then tossed me like a stone

You wrap me in your arms

And chill me to the bone

I could hear Kate yelling Don't do it and I could also hear the whole pack coming after me, by the time they get here I would have already jumped off. Kate was close by.

And you, you will be alone

Alone with all your secrets

And regrets, don't lie

"I'm sorry Kate, I'm sorry everyone" Humphrey said to himself as he jumped off the cliff. Flashbacks from when he was a pup, hanging out with Kate, Their Adventure from Idaho and them howling together.

So I, I won't be the one

Be the one to leave this

In Pieces.