A/N: Edward and Nessie are brother and sister in this story. Let me know what you guys think about it!

Chapter 1


Renesmee's POV

I opened my eyes to a grey, cloudy day in London. I had no idea what the time was. My alarm clock wasn't working. Great. So I decided to wake up my brother and sister. My older brother Edward is 17 and he's a complete pain. My older sister Rosalie is 20 and we have to live with her.

I skipped into Edward's room "EDWARD GET UP!" I shouted and jumped on his bed

He laughed and replied "Thanks for the wakeup call Nes!" I hated it when he called me that.

"Do you know what the time is? My clock has stopped working" I asked, I hope he did.

"I have no idea" He replied. Great "Why don't you wake Rose up?" He suggested

I got up off his bed and walked quietly towards Rose's room. I got a strange feeling that something wasn't right. But that feeling wasn't new. So I ignored it.

I sneaked into her room and screamed "ROSALIE WAKE UP!" I giggled a bit; Rose hated it when I wake her up. There was no movement from her body. I removed the blanket that covered her and I screamed and fell to the floor in fear and shock.

Edward was in the room in a split second "What's wrong?" He asked, looking at me with a sense of fear in his eyes

I could hardly get the words out of my mouth "Rosalie isn't moving" I finally said to me it felt like hours trying to say those words.

Edward slowly turned towards my sister and I could tell he was trying hard not to cry "Rose's dead Nessie" He told me

I had to put my hands over my mouth to stop myself from screaming from the thought that I had lost my sister

Edward lifted me up and put me back into my room "We have to get out of here" He told me

In that moment I couldn't hold it in any longer I started to cry "Rose can't be dead, she just can't be" I sobbed

Edward was packing a bag and said in his calming voice "Nessie, don't cry, I'm here its ok"

"But Edward, where are we going?" I said, trying to fight back the remainder of my tears

"I don't know but we need to stay together" He finished packing and picked me up again "Cover your eyes, please Nessie" He told me

"Yes Edward" I replied, as he came out of Sasha's apartment. I could feel the cold breeze of the morning air through my hair.

"Nessie, I want you to keep your eyes closed and don't open them until I say ok?" He said. I noticed there was a sense of panic in his voice.

I opened my eyes for a split second. All I saw was dead bodies, on the street, in cars, on the road. Thousands everywhere. I screamed and shut my eyes tightly

"Nessie, I told you not to open your eyes" Edward said. He sounded angry "Nessie, I'm going to put you in the car and I want you to keep your eyes straight ahead don't turn away and don't look out of the window" He told me

"Yes Edward" I said. I kept my eyes straight ahead of me. I was too scared of what would be out there.

I must have fallen asleep. Edward was shaking me violently shouting "Nessie, wake up please!" I opened my eyes quickly. Quicker than I had expected.

"Edward, what's wrong?" I screamed at him, in a response to his shouting.

He put his hand over my mouth "Nessie look there's people. I'm going to go and talk to them; you stay in the car and stay out of sight. I don't want to lose you" He told me

I nodded and quickly got under his seat in the car so I was out of sight. I could hear everything they were saying

Edward's POV

I walked out of the car towards the people. Hoping Nessie would be ok in the car.

"Hello?" I shouted to one of them. I could hardly see their faces. The fog was so thick. A split second later I heard a gun fire and Nessie's scream from the car. I ran as fast as I could to the car. I ran back to her "Nessie, are you ok?" I asked

Nessie nodded her head; her whole body was shaking in fear

"Nessie, it's going to be alright, I'm here don't be scared" I told her

"But Edward, I'm really scared. Please don't leave me alone" Nessie said

"Nessie I will never, ever do that. You're my sister and I will do anything to make you safe again" I said. I meant every word. Imogen was my last surviving relative and I must protect her. No matter what happens.

I picked Nessie up and put her in the front seat next to me "Edward, can we please find somewhere to sleep?" She said in a small voice.

"Yes we will, I promise. Now get some sleep it might be a long time before we find a place" I said, looking at the dark clouds that rolled in from the horizon.

"Night, night Edward" Nessie said in her cute 6-year-old way. And she fell straight asleep.

"Good night Nessie, I love you" I whispered as we drove away from what we used to call London.

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