Chapter 12


Bella's POV

I looked around at the chaos that surrounded me. Guns, weapons, bullets were spilled all over the floor. My breathing became uneven as I saw Felix sitting beside Heidi. Crying his eyes out

"Heidi. No please" He was sobbing

"What's his deal?" I asked Jake

"Heidi was Felix's sister" He replied

"Guys, we need to stop. We'll continue this tomorrow" Ren announced

"Yes boss!" Jake replied, walking into the hallway with Jane

Jane's POV

"Jake, you need to get the ammo ready by the time we escape" I told her

"You got it!" Jake replied "We need to be sneakier, Aro could find out"

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow. Night" I said, going into my room

The next day Renesmee's POV

I woke up to the sound of Aro's voice "Everyone please report to the main hall" He said. I shrugged and got up. I left my room and saw Jane

"What's going on?" I asked Jane

"Who knows" She replied, shrugging her shoulders. We opened the doors and quickly took our places, as soon as Aro walked in our hearts missed a beat

"There is a traitor in our mist. She's smart. She knows what she's doing and most of all she's using others to do her dirty work" Aro said. Fuck, we're done for

Jake started crying in silence. So was Jane for that matter

"Aro, what are you doing?" Esme, our trainer asked, putting a hand on Aro's cheek "You have got the information. You have won; this little fantasy of freedom is all they have"

Aro slapped her "No, no, no hunny. No one's buying that Esme"

"There is nothing you can do to me" Esme said. Aro's hand grabbed Esme's neck, making her walk backwards

"Now you listen to me you old hore. It's too late to play the good guy, it's far too late. You're suddenly no aware of what it is we do here?" Aro shouted at her

"I teach them to survive you" Esme spat back. Aro moved his hand away from Esme's neck and replaced it with a gun

"Oh really?" Aro asked

"Sorry I didn't mean to say anything! I'm sorry!" Jane sobbed out

"No Jane" Jake said, tears were rolling down his cheeks

"He said everything would be ok" Jane said. I stared at her. Jane had told someone. She broke the promise

"This is a mistake please don't do this" Esme whispered

"That's right. Our dear Jane came to us, desperately trying to help her sisters off this dangerous path, and first we didn't even believe her did we? But it wasn't just her involved, and suddenly it started making sense" Aro said, tapping the notice board and turning it over. Map, fire, knife were crossed out. Key was still there "Looks like that chicken was counted a little before it hatched" Aro walked towards Jake until he was behind him "Isn't that right, Jake? Do you have anything to say? Anything?" Aro asked

"No, we missed it" Jake said, sniffing like he had a cold

"Do you know what? It's ok; it's going to be ok" Aro said, comfortingly and aiming the gun at Jake's head. Aro pulled the trigger and Jake was gone. Everyone started screaming.

"Jake no!" Jane whispered

"Ok calm down. This will all be over soon and we can get back to business as usual" Aro said, walking over to Jane "Jane, I want to thank you for everything that you've done"

"I am so sorry" Jane whispered

"The thing is we hate snitches so" Aro said, firing the gun. I could no longer hold back my tears "I hope everyone's learned a valuable lesson here. Especially you Esme" Aro moved on to me "Ren I trusted you. I really did. But you spat in the face of that trust"

"Do you know what Aro? Fuck you!" I screamed at him "What are you going to do about it? Shoot me?"

Aro aimed his gun at my forehead "Ren, I trusted you" He said

I wasn't scared of Aro anymore "I did too, but you killed my friends" I replied, kicking his arm and knocking the gun out of his hand

"Ren, what are you doing?" Aro asked, shocked

"Bringing you down!" I replied "Everyone, we're leaving now!"

"Go!" Felix shouted, running out of the doors

I looked at Aro for a second, grabbed Alec's hand and ran towards the others

"Now what?" Felix asked

"We need to get to the control room and shut the system down" I replied

"Let's go!" Felix said, running towards the control room

We arrived at the control room and I soon got to work. After about 10 minutes I completed it "Guys, I've done it. Let's go" I said, running out

"How do we get passed them?" Felix asked, pointing to three guards in front of us. Blocking our only exit

"I'll sort them out" I replied "Meet me on the other side of the gates" I told them

"Good luck" Alec whispered, kissing me and then running off with the others

I didn't have time to savour that kiss. I had a job to do. I walked towards them, confidently and smiling internally

"Where you goin'?" One asked

"Yeah sweet-cheeks where are you goin'?" Another asked, walking towards me. I kicked him in the crotch. His buddy pushed me away and I went flying. I picked up my sword and ran back to them. They're about to get an angry bitch after them.

Bella's POV

So here we were. Waiting for Ren to come triumphantly through the gates. She never came. We waited and waited but no one came. We were all starting to get worried

Renesmee's POV

I stabbed one with my sword, which made him fall to the ground. His mates started fighting against me. They were no match for me. I threw my sword, it missed by a millimetre. I got my gun out and fired like crazy. In no time they were all dead. This left me with a job done

I kicked the gates open "Did you miss me?" I asked, smiling

"Ren! You had us worried for a second" Bella said, hugging me close

"Before we go I need to do something. I need a helicopter to do it with" I said

"What for?" Bella asked. I just smiled back

Ten minutes later I jumped about eleven metres from the helicopter to the floor in the hall.

Over the microphone Bella said "Ren, please be careful!"

"Always am" I replied, walking towards Aro

"Ren, please listen to me. You need to know" He pleaded

"I don't want your sympathy" I told him. Aro pushed me into a mirror. I slapped him

"Ohh, is that it?" He asked, pushing me further into the mirror "Is that all you got?" I reached behind the mirror and grabbed a knife "Come here" He growled "Come on. Did you lose your fight, huh?" He asked

I shook my head "No, I just found it" I replied, stabbing him in the neck "You'll never have me ever" I told him, ripping the key off his neck and kicking him away. I took a deep breath before saying anything "Bella, we're good to go" I said, planting a bomb and setting it for thirty seconds. I held on to the rope which led to the helicopter and climbed up. I watched the bomb go off and finished climbing

"Ren, we're free! Now what do we do?" Felix asked as soon as I was back on

"I don't know" I replied

"Do you think there are more labs like this one?" Edward asked

"There are. All over the world" I replied "We are going to shut them down" I added, smiling. In this new world, I've felt loss, pain but at the same time, I've never felt stronger. We live for the people we love. Like Rosalie, Heidi, Jake and Jane.

The world needs us. We put ends to the killers in our lives. Even if we die as well. We hunt the hunters even if we become the hunted. We are the new generation of fighters. We are survivors.

Sneak preview at the next book, The Survivors Saga: Blood Moon:

Her eyes were changing. From her emerald green, they turned a blood red. Nessie started shaking. Something was happening

"Nessie are you ok?" Bella asked

"It's happening" Nessie whispered, she started screaming and there was nothing that could prepare us for what was about to happen.