Words Do Hurt

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Summary: Emily learns the hard way that words do hurt, especially when it comes from someone you care about.

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C.S. Lewis said, "Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart."

Emily laughed as she watched the men on the team throw the football back and forth.

Garcia chuckled when she saw Kevin fumble with the ball, and jabbed Emily in the shoulder.

"Believe me he's not like that in bed." Garcia whispered in a co-conspirator tone.

Rolling her eyes, she chuckled and looked up to see Morgan pass the ball off to Hotch.

As Hotch scored the touchdown Emily, JJ and Garcia laughed when they saw Jack run over tackling his father at the knees.

"Aw." Garcia said, "Look at that, a mini Hotch."

Emily shook her head and was caught off by surprised when she saw Jack lunge himself on her.

"Emmy." Jack said giggling, "Did you see me tackle Daddy?"

"I did." Emily said laughing as Jack sat himself down on her lap "Very good, buddy."

Jack settled in her lap while Hotch watched from the sidelines, hesitant and wary of the comfortable ease that Jack had with Emily.

Emily tickled the little boy into giggling and laugh when the team teased Jack to get her back.

"Aw" Garcia said, "Get her little man. Pounce her."

"Stop" Emily said laughing when Jack jumped out of her arms and ran to Morgan and Reid.

"Help me" Jack said staring at the brunette agent in glee "Get her!"

Emily's eyes widened in horror when she saw the smirks that graced Morgan and Reid's faces.

"Uh, guys?" Emily said getting up quickly and looking at the two men and boy, not once looking in Hotch's uncomfortable direction.

Emily could hear the snicker of Dave and would of thrown him a dirty look but Garcia's voice shrieked in her ear.

"Get her!" Garcia said watching and chuckling when she spotted Morgan, Reid and Jack rush at her causing her to get off the bench and run through the park.

"We're gonna get you, Emmy." Jack said.

"Right, little man." Morgan said picking up the six year old and running after her with Reid slowly running behind.

Emily panted lightly for air, as she peeked through the tree watching Morgan placing the small boy down as they looked next to the bathroom stalls.

She smirked when she saw Jack run into the ladies room then quickly run back out looking embarrassed.

Sneaking past several small trees, Emily ducked behind a bush when she saw Reid wander past her and moved quickly to the side of the park restrooms.

Emily grinned when she saw the three turn around to go back in the opposite direction.

'Ha, Prentiss one, three stooges zilch' Emily thought as she turned to leave she paused when she heard Jack's voice.

"Got ya." Jack said and Emily landed on her back jumped on by a grinning and laughing boy "I win, I win."

"Ugh" Emily said she looked left and right, "Where did Morgan and Reid go?"

"Back to the table" Jack said grinning as he rested his head on her shoulder as she got off the ground.

"Wow" Emily said "Jack, you can't just leave them ok? You have to promise me you won't do that again, ok?"

Emily looked up when she saw a woman huff at her.

"Ma'am" the woman said "I'm in no position to judge, but maybe next time you can check for free stalls instead of sending your son in."

"What?" Emily asked shocked.

"Your son burst into the bathroom and into the handicapped stall" the woman enunciated "While I was in there."

"Oh?" Looking down at the beet red boy, "Jack?" Emily said stunned.

"She's not his mother" Hotch said announcing his presence "I'm his father and I do apologize for any inconvenience."

Hotch walked over to her, and took Jack from Emily giving the bathroom woman a look before leaving with Jack.

"Emmy" Jack called out "Daddy, I want to stay with Emmy."

Emily saw the woman give her a sympathetic look but all Emily did was march into the bathroom feeling her heart break in two.

Pacing back and forth, the brunette tried to control her wavering emotions.

She knew she wasn't Jack's mother and never pretended to be, but for Hotch to just say that with such a cold and uncaring tone. That hurt worst than any physical wound she endured in the line of duty.

Looking into the mirror, she didn't even realize she had been crying until now.

Washing a paper towel she heard her cell phone beep.

Picking it up she read a text from Garcia, 'Are you ok, Gumdrop? Morgan and Reid promised they won't tackle you. Come back.'

Sighing she sent a quick message back, 'Need a few minutes to myself, be back soon.'

She washed the tears off her face and wondered how she could get those words out of her heart.

Exhaling, Emily placed this hurt emotion in a box, filing it under, 'Forget Hotch.'

Trying to will herself to move, Emily walked to the bathroom door, and flinched when she opened it to see Hotch on the other side.

"What?" Emily asked trying to mask the hurt with her usual quirky attitude "Stalk the ladies room much?"

Shaking his head at the attitude, "Garcia sent me out to look for you."

Clearing her throat, "No need, I'm on my way back."

Pausing waiting for Hotch to move, she raised an eyebrow at him, "You know this would work if you moved."

"Can we talk?" Hotch asked not budging.

"About what?" Emily asked putting on a confused act "Can you please scoot a little to the left, it's getting a bit claustrophobic right here."

Hotch braced his hands on her arms pushing her back into the restroom lightly.

"We need to talk about Jack." Hotch said "And what I said earlier."

Faking confusion, "About what? Telling that lady I wasn't Jack's mother?" Emily said feeling proud how he was thrown by her seemingly not hurt feelings "Forget about it."

Licking his lips, "If I hurt your feelings..." Hotch asked.

"Let it go" Emily said trying to calm her temper and tears "I get it, I never said I was his mother, it's fine."

Hotch pulled her close to him, "But you want to be, don't you?" Hotch whispered lightly with a look in his eyes that she couldn't describe.

"What?" Emily asked pulling herself back to look at him.

"You want to be Jack's mother" Hotch said walking towards her as she walked backwards, wincing her back hits the sink "I should of never tried to push you away from the second I've met you."

"What?" Emily asked confused, while Hotch leans his hands on either side of her on the sink trapping her inside.

Inhaling lightly, "I know I've been in the past an unbearable bastard. And that was my own fault. But I've had these strong feelings..."

Emily shuddered lightly as Hotch's hands rest on her hip pulling her against his growing erection, she gasped at the contact.

His hands moving upward towards the hem of her shirt, he leans in, "These feelings wouldn't leave no matter how hard I tried. And when my marriage crashed and burned, the feelings only deepened."

Emily felt the wind was knocked out of her, she knew it wasn't a one sided crush.

She moaned lightly when felt Hotch rock the hips in sync with hers.

She closed her eyes, when Hotch leaned in and whispered, "I know you want this as much as I do, and I don't know what the hell I'm doing but I can't deny this any longer."

Emily sighed when she felt Hotch's mouth attack her neck, nipping and licking the tender flesh while his hands went up her shirt and felt his warm hands caress and cup her breast.

Emily could hear this nagging voice in the back of her head and said what was popping in her head.

"We really shouldn't..." Emily gasped out a moan when Hotch's thumb ran across her nipple causing her to tighten her grip "We shouldn't do this."

"Shh" Hotch whispered going back to her ear and biting lightly on it causing her to groan "Let me do this."

Emily frowned at the comment, as his hands went down to the button on her jeans.

"Huh?" Emily said lightly as his hands went inside the jeans caressing her skin as it was about to make it's way further.

"Let me fix this." Hotch said kissing her neck, "Let me make this up for my stupidity."

Emily's eyes popped open at that, and shoved him back, "No."

Shocked at the loss of contact, "What?" Hotch asked surprised.

"You can't fix this with sex" Emily said "I don't want you to do this just to make up for hurting my feelings."

Hotch was stunned when Emily fixed herself up and headed for the door she turned, giving him a sharp look.

"I love Jack like he was my own, and what you said hurt so much because I've never pretended to be anything other then his friend and yours" Emily said opening the door, "Words do hurt, Hotch."

After Emily stormed out, Hotch turned and looked in the mirror, seeing smudges of Emily's lip gloss on his mouth wiping it off, his heart drop "I'm sorry."

"The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other." Ashleigh Brilliant

The End

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