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Four unbelievably handsome friends have been given the ultimate challenge; turn the land ladies nephew into a young gentle man and they can live in the land ladies mansion rent free for the rest of their schooling lives. How hard can it be? Enter Matthew Williams, the horror movie loving, agoraphobic, frizzy haired, fashion illiterate teen that gets violent nose bleeds and faints spontaneously whenever he sees anyone hot. Those guys are screwed! Multiple pairings. Rating may change.


Bad language, violence, hell of a lot of gore, mature themes and possible yaoi. Oh and Matthew is very different... He's like on hockey mode all the time...

The Hetalia Wallflower

Project: introductions

Matthew's heart was pounding, his hands were sweating, he wanted to run for his life but he was too afraid. He had finally gotten the courage to ask the hottest guy in school to meet him behind the gym. He was going to confess his feelings right there and then to him. Matthew cleared his throat and brushed some of his soft blond hair out of his eyes.

"You see..." Began Matthew. "I like you... I've liked you ever since middle school... No I don't like you... I mean I like you... but what I mean is... I... I love you."

A dark blush covered Matthew's face. He waited for a response. Anything. It seemed like an eternity. Finally the other boy spoke.

"I hate ugly boys."

XoXoXo two years later oXoXoX

"...So please take care of my nephew." Read Roderich in disbelief. "Is she serious? If we can turn her nephew into a young gentle man who fits this mansion we get to live here rent free until we graduate?"

He turned to his three other house mates who were just as amazed as he was. A few years ago the land ladies husband died and ever since she was looking for a new man while at the same time running a boarding house. At the moment there were only four people living there;

Roderich Edelstein. The son of a very wealthy family. He is sophisticated, loves music, seems very up himself but he cares for his friends. The house brains.

Francis Bonnefoy. His family owns many popular hotel's all over the world. He will sleep with any one and anything that has two legs and a heartbeat. Regardless of gender, age (But not anyone over 65), or marital status (He's broken up more than a few marriages). But he is good natured and is very loyal to his friends. His motto is; bros before hoes. The house man whore.

Feliciano Vargas. He lived with his twin brother and Grandfather who owned a mildly successful Italian restaurant. He's well natured and loves pasta. He's a bit of an air head and a coward but he does his best to help whenever he can. The house cutie.

Gilbert Beilschmidt. He's strong, out spoken and awesome. He's a bit poor so he worries about money but hates working. But he does get violent occasionally. He's loyal to his friends and would do pretty much anything to help his friends. The house bad boy.

Suddenly Gilbert jumped up into the air and fist pumped. "RENT FREE YES! When the land lady left the house I was ready to kill her but now..."

Francis chuckled. "Canada hu? I've heard that there are lots of cute boys and girls from there."

"You can't hit on the land ladies nephew." Said Roderich bluntly.

Feliciano jumped up and down like a little kid "Ve! His parents live in Belgium! They can send us chocolates and sweets!"

Francis laughed. "Food is always on your mind isn't it Feli?"

"Matthew Williams..." Mused Roderich. "His name has a nice ring to it."

"Well he's around are age." Said Gilbert. "I wonder if he can cook and clean like the land lady."

Suddenly Feliciano screamed and fell out of his chair and began to cry. Roderich rushed to his side. "Feli what's wrong?"

"Ve? Can't you see it?" He yelped as he pointed to the door. Everyone looked towards the door and screamed. Standing there was a ghost. Its dark aura was enough to creep anyone out.

"OMFG!" They screamed. "IT'S A GHOST!"

"Wait a second." Said Roderich. "Ghosts don't exist... oh no... are you... Matthew?"

The not a ghost nodded. The other boys gasped in shock and took a long hard look at Matthew Williams; his thick greasy blond hair clung to his face covering his eyes and looked like it hadn't been washed in days, his red hoodie was all stretched out and had a weird black stain on the front, the hem of his sweat pants was coming apart and frayed and his shoes were a sick green canvas colour. This was Matthew Williams. The key to their free rent.

"Damn you Auntie" Thought Matthew. "I knew you said my house mates would be boys but you didn't say they were going to be handsome." Even though Matthew's hair obscured his vision he could still tell that the four boys in front of him were hot. "I can't be around these creatures of the light! If I'm around them longer than three seconds I'll melt!"

Gilbert smirked and stood up (He had fallen on his ass when he thought Matthew was a ghost). "You should cut your fringe." He said. "They're too long. I'm amazed you can still see."

Matthew tilted his head up to look at Gilbert. Suddenly a light bulb exploded causing Feliciano to scream. "Shut up." Growled Matthew. "I like it like this. Don't tell me what to do." He turned picked up his bag and a box of his stuff. "I'll find my own room." He turned and walked away.


"Calm down Gilbert." Said Roderich.

"He's so scary!" Sobbed Feliciano.

Francis sighed. "I thought all teens had a little sence of style..."

XoXoXo in Matthew's room oXoXoX

Matthew emptied his stuff onto his bed and huffed. "I can't believe he said that! Cut my fringe? If I did that the world would be able to see my face... and I'd be hit with direct sunlight!"

He opened up a box pulled out a stuffed polar bear; its fur was clumped and matted, there was a huge black line spray painted across its chest, there were thick plastic claws stitched into its paws and it only had one of its original eyes, the other was a cat's eye. He smiled and hugged the bear.

"I hate it Kuma." He said. "I'd rather live without even trying to look good. Other people can worry about that. Besides living in the darkness is much more fun." He held Kuma in one hand and rummaged through the box with the other. He pulled out two DVD's and grinned. "What to watch... The remake of Nightmare on Elm Street or Resident Evil?"

XoXoXo in a café oXoXoX

Gilbert leaned against the booth and sighed. He and the others ran out of the house as soon as Matthew had gone off to his room. "What are we doing to do?" He asked.

Francis sighed and looked over the menu. "I don't know. I feel like I'm going to be sick every time I see an ugly person."

Feliciano nudged the salt shaker with his finger. "Ve... I can't handle horror movies... Matthew is like a horror movie come it life!"

"He doesn't seem like a bad person." Said Roderich. "Just a little strange."

"I hate putting on a fake smile and pretending that I like someone." Said Gilbert. He shivered. "And when I think I'm going to have to do that around him..."

"Just give it a try!" They yelled at Gilbert.

"Um... excuse me." Said a waitress. She was blushing and wearing a maids dress. "Can I take you order?"

They all looked up at her and sighed. "All we want..." They said. "Is a regular boy."

Suddenly the café filled with girls squealing and screaming. They were FANGIRLS! They had their cameras out and started taking pictures and talking about uke's and seme's and what kind of guy would go well with the other. While that drama was going on the boys managed to sneak out and headed back to the house.

XoXoXo back in Matthew's room oXoXoX

Matthew had finished putting the final touches to his room; black curtains to block out the sun, a shelf full of jars containing preserved animal and body parts, his DVD collection of horror was setup next to the TV, he had a pile of gory novels and analyses of serial killers next to his bed and he had three chairs to sit his 'friends' Kumajiro (The freaky polar bear), John (an anatomical doll) and Sally (A human skull).

At the moment he was holding Kumajiro and sighed. "Hey Kuma what should I do? I know its lunch time and I should make something to eat but if I go out there..." The image of himself in a formal outfit while the other boys were in royal robes danced in his head. "DAMN IT! Asking me to live with these creatures of the light is like asking a vampire to sleep out in the sun!"

A sudden knock at the door made Matthew jump. He slowly got up and walked over to the door. He opened it up. Standing outside were Francis, Roderich and Feliciano. They had smiles on their faces and held out food to him.

"Hi Matthew." Said Feliciano as he held out a small tub of honey comb ice cream.

"We got take out." Said Roderich. He held up a plastic bag containing a subway sandwich.

"You must be hungry." Said Francis. He was holding a can of lemonade.

Matthew blinked a couple of times and closed the door. "... We'll just leave it here then..." Said Roderich. They left the stuff at Matthew's door and walked back into the lounge room where Gilbert was. Feliciano burst into tears.

"That was so scary!" He sobbed.

Francis held his stomach. "I feel like I'm going to be sick!"

Roderich frowned. "Don't over exaggerate... Gilbert go ask him to make dinner."

Gilbert pouted. "No way! Feliciano can make dinner... or Francis."

Francis shook his head. "I can't even think about food at the moment..." Feliciano just continued to cry. There was no way he could cook in his fragile state.

"Fine." Growled Gilbert. "I'll ask him after my shower..."

Back in Matthew's room he had taken the food they left for him and was eating it while watching Friday the 13th. "Damn those creatures of the light..." He muttered. "They might want me to make dinner for them... Oh man I hope not. I don't wanna go out there."

He sighed and took another bite of his meatball sub. He would have preferred chicken. Suddenly the door creaked open. Matthew turned his head and gasped. His dark sanctuary was being invaded by light.

A small gust of wind blew through the door lifting Matthew's fringe to revile Gilbert. No not just Gilbert... Gilbert wearing nothing more than tight skinny jeans leaving his sexy albino chest uncovered and his face oh his face! Sexy red eyes burned through his silver hair causing Matthew to shiver.

"Hey Matthew." Said Gilbert.

Matthew's mouth hung open and he did the only thing he could do. He screamed. "AHHHHHH! GO AWAY! DON'T COME IN HERE! GET OUT!"

"Wait what?" Asked Gilbert. Suddenly Francis, Roderich and Feliciano appeared by Gilbert's side.

"What did you do?" Asked Roderich.

"Did you hit him?" Asked Feliciano.

"Did you make a move on him?" Asked Francis.

Gilbert could stand a lot of things, but one thing he hated was when people yelled at him for no reason. "WHAT THE HELL?" He screamed. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I'M ONLY BEING NICE TO YOU SO I CAN GET FREE RENT! OTHERWISE, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TALK TO YOU OR EVEN GO INTO YOUR CREEPY ROOM?"

"Creepy room?" Questioned Feliciano and Francis. The finally took their eyes of Matthew and looked around the room. They screamed. "AHHHH! HE'S JUST AS SCARY AS HE LOOKS!"

Roderich ignored them and turned his attention to Matthew. "Hey Matthew... do you hate guys?" He asked. "Did something bad happen to you or something? Gilbert was half naked."

"I just got out of the shower." Growled Gilbert.

"Oh if that's the case we'll be more careful." Said Feliciano.

"We don't want to scare you." Said Francis.

"NO!" Yelled Matthew. "Nothing like that happened. Now get out!"


"Fine." Huffed Gilbert as he walked out.

"Do you really hate us that much?" Asked Feliciano as he closed the door.

When Matthew was alone he raced over to the tissue box and stuffed his nostrils with tissues to stop the blood. "Damn it!" He growled. "How can I live with people who are so hot?" He looked over to the TV and sighed. "What would you do Jason if they too away your chainsaw and hockey mask and forced you to live with Cleopatra or Queen Elizabeth and made you live in a palace?" Matthew sighed and collapsed unconscious.

XoXoXo several hours later oXoXoX

Matthew awoke from his sudden fainting spell and shook his head. He couldn't stay here anymore. Not with those creatures of light. He had made up his mind. "I'll run away."

He opened the curtain, thankfully it was night and he lived on the first floor. He opened the window and took one last look at his friends. "Goodbye Kuma, John, Sally. I'm going to find a place that suits me better... like subway or a sewer..." He jumped out the window and quickly ran.

He didn't realise that someone could have been looking out their window... watching them run away... and decide to bring them back...

XoXoXo one hour later in a park oXoXoX

Matthew sat on the swing and sighed. "I guess I could camp out here tonight... The subway was more crowded than I thought... and I couldn't open the manhole to get into the sewer... and I have no money..."

"Hey there cutie!" Called a voice. "We haven't been able to pick up any little hoties tonight! Wanna talk to us?"

'FUCK' thought Matthew. 'I've never been hit on in my life! Why today?' He slowly turned around causing the men to scream when the saw him.


While they were screaming Matthew took the opportunity to run for his life. Out of the park and onto the street. 'Why?' He thought. 'Why can't they just leave me alone?' He tripped and fell flat on his face.

"Aww, poor thing." Said someone in the crowd. "Go help him."

"No way." Said another voice. "I'd help him if he was cute but..."

Matthew sighed. 'I wish I could just melt away into the darkness.'

Suddenly Matthew felt something hit his head. He looked up to see Gilbert. "Don't run away." He said. "Over something stupid I said."

Matthew sighed. "If you mean the rent I don't care."

Gilbert grabbed Matthew's hand and pulled him to his feet. "You shouldn't be alone at night... hey... I just realized... your hair looks like a birds nest... I'm going to call you Birdie from now on. Let's go home."

As Gilbert pulled Matthew through the crowd people gave them weird looks and whispered things. Gilbert just gave them the evil eye and kept walking. He didn't let Matthew's hand go the whole way home.

'I'm going to melt if he doesn't let my hand go!'

"Hey Birdie... don't tell the others I went looking for you... who knows what they might say..."

XoXoXo back home oXoXoX

Matthew was back in his room. He was looking his hand and sighed in relief. "Thank god I didn't melt..."

The sound of a plate braking made Matthew snap out of looking at his hand. He walked out of his room and casually looked into the kitchen to see Gilbert wearing a frilly apron attempting to cook while Roderich, Feliciano and Francis watched.

"Can you really cook Gilbert?" Asked Roderich.

"Ve I would cook if we had ingredients to make pasta or pizza... let's order take away."

"We're too poor." Said Francis. "Let's call some girls."

"No." Said Roderich.

"Shut up!" Snapped Gilbert. "I said I would cook so I'm cooking! AHHHH!" Gilbert cut his hand again.

Feliciano pouted. "Well we didn't know if Matthew could cook so it might have been like this anyway."

"Don't remind me of him Feliciano." Growled Roderich. "We should never have counted on the guy. I'll pay the rent myself!"

"All he ever says..." Said Francis. "Is 'go away' and 'don't come in here' or 'get out'."

Matthew sighed. "Well... I guess those creatures of the light were nice to me... they got me lunch when they didn't have to... and they asked if something was wrong... and they said they would be more careful around me... and Gilbert looked for me when I ran away..." He sighed and walked into the kitchen.

As soon as he did they all screamed and huddled in a corner. "What did he come out here for?" Asked Feliciano with tear in his eyes.

Matthew picked up a knife. "Sit down." He growled.

"His weapon?" Asked Francis.

"Who... who's he going to kill first?" Quivered Feliciano.

"He'll go after Gilbert first." Said Roderich.


Matthew grabbed a chunk of thawed out meat and hacked away while giggling maniacally. This only caused the other guys to scream and run out of the room. They looked around the corner into the kitchen. "... Is he cooking?" Asked Francis.

"Seems like it..." Said Roderich.

Matthew was cooking the meat in a pan while cooking rice in the rice cooker and was chopping up vegetables. In less than an hour there were four bowls of fried rice on the table. The boys looked at the food cautiously and took a bite. They all started crying.

"This is so good!" Cried Francis. He didn't usually eat Chinese food so it tasted really good to him.

"Ve! Kill me now so I die with the taste of this in my mouth!" Cried Feliciano in pure bliss.

"He's better than the land lady." Said Roderich as he dabbed away his tears of joy.

"All the land lady could cook was hamburgers, cakes and chicken soup!" Said Gilbert. Matthew put some bandages next to Gilbert. This caused everyone to stop eating and look at Matthew.

"I... I'm sorry about what happened earlier..." He said. "Well... goodbye..."

"Wait!" Said Francis. "I think he's kind of cute. He can cook and that little apology was just too sweet... Show me your face sweetie!"

Matthew jumped back. "NO! Please don't make me!"

Gilbert grabbed Matthew's arm and smiled sadistically. He held a hair elastic in one hand. "You screamed when you saw my face. It's only fair that you show me yours." Gilbert pinned Matthew down to the floor of the kitchen. "SHOW ME YOUR FACE! I'LL DECIDE IF YOU'RE UGLY!"

"NOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Matthew as he swung his arms and legs around in an attempt to knock Gilbert off him. "STOP, STOP PLEASE!"

"SHUT UP!" Yelled Gilbert. "STOP STRUGGLING!"


Francis smirked. "This sounds kind of naughty."

"I haven't even seen my own face in two years!" Cried Matthew. His hand swung out and hit the shelf, knocking a bag of flour onto his head.

"... Sorry..." Said Gilbert as he got of Matthew. Matthew coughed and spluttered. The boys gasped at Matthew's face. He looked quite pretty for a boy. "How lame... He looks normal." Said Gilbert.

"THEY SAW IT!" Screamed Matthew as he rubbed the flour of his face. "THEY SAW MY FACE!"

"Ve... It's not that ba-"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" screamed Matthew as he looked up at them. They were so blindingly beautiful; Francis with his wavy hair, Feliciano with his puppy dog eyes, Roderich with his high class sophisticated look and Gilbert just looking so drop dead sexy.

Without the flour on his face the boys were able to see what Matthew's face really looked like; puffy eyes, dark bags under his eyes, pimples on his cheeks and forehead, a slight unibrow and chapped lips. The screamed at each other and ran for their lives.

"He really is scary!" Cried Feliciano.

"The magic of flour..." Marvelled Roderich.

"Just when I got all excited..." Pouted Francis.

"I thought he'd look way uglier." Said Gilbert.

Meanwhile Matthew locked himself in his room. "Oh no! I'm losing blood! What am I going to do?" There was only one thing Matthew could do. He grabbed a pair of sunglasses, a curtain and a surgical mask. He wouldn't lose to those creatures of the light so easily.

The phone rang in the lounge room and Francis answered. "Hello? OH LAND LADY! Don't worry. He's already turning into a fine young man. Just leave it to us!" He hung up the phone. Everyone else looked at him in disbelief.

"Why would you tell her that?" Cried Roderich.

Suddenly Matthew morphed into the lounge room to get into the kitchen. They were shocked at what he was wearing. "He's ever weirder than he was before!" Cried Feliciano.

"He's not just ungentlemanly, he's in human!" Stated Francis.

"There's no way we can turn that into a gentle man!" Cried Roderich.

"Rent..." Said Gilbert. "We've got to do it! Even if it's scary! Let's make it happen!"

To be continued... maybe...

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