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Project umbrella's and parties PART 2

"Hi... I-Ivan." Stuttered Matthew. "H-how are you?"

Ivan grinned. "Well I've just won the hockey finals for Russia da. What about you? Anything new? Probably not, you look pretty much the same as when I last saw you."

I hate ugly boys

Matthew shuffled nervously on his feet and looked down. "You'd be surprised... I-I-I'm going to this really go school and I actually live here at my Auntie's boarding house..."

Ivan raised an eyebrow. "You're related to Shinigami-cat? I can't see how. She's so pretty."

I hate ugly boys

Matthew could feel his chest tightening. "Well she is my Auntie." Said Matthew. "And... and I've really like the school I'm going to... My house mates are also really nice so..."

"I can't believe you are living here." Said Ivan. "It must be difficult to fit in with such beautiful people."

I hate ugly boys

"I... I know I don't fit in." Whispered Matthew. "But at least they have never deliberately tried to make me feel like I don't belong there... Even though I am-"

"Ugly?" Asked Ivan with a smirk.

I hate ugly boys

Matthew could feel tears beginning to build up in the corners of his eyes. "Yes..."

"What the hell is going on out here?" Snapped Gilbert as he marched across the lawn.

Ivan turned to him and smiled his childish smile. "Hello there. No need to be concerned. Just catching up with an old friend."

Gilbert glared at Ivan with venom. "If you're just catching up... why the hell is he crying?"

Ivan looked at Matthew and frowned. "You're still a cry baby? Damn I was right to turn you down. You're just so ugly."

Rage filled Gilbert and he grabbed Ivan by the collar. "Did you just call Matthew ugly?" He hissed. Before Ivan could say anything Gilbert punched Ivan in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground. "There's only one rule in this house fatso; no one calls Matthew ugly."

Ivan wiped some of the blood from his broken nose and smirked. "I only call them how I see them da. If I think Matthew's ugly than he is ugly."

Gilbert clenched his teeth and pulled Ivan up by his scarf. "You need glasses. No one with twenty, twenty vision would call him that." He kicked Ivan in the guts and a full on fight broke out.

While they were fighting Matthew began to cry. 'Stupid idiot... He's right... You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig... I'm nothing but a creature of the darkness... I always will be... Nothing you can say can change it...' Matthew turned and ran. He just had to get out of there as fast as he could and never look back.

XoXoXo ten minutes later oXoXoX

Ludwig and Roderich had finally managed to pull Ivan and Gilbert away from each other. Gilbert had several bruises on his face and torso, he had a bloody nose and a cut on his forehead. Ivan also had a bloody nose and some bruises but compared to Gilbert he looked fine.

Shinigami-cat looked pissed. "Okay... What the hell happened? The party hasn't even been going for an hour and this happens!"

"Ve, what were you thinking Gilbert?" Asked Feliciano.

"You are an idiot." Said Roderich.

"Your nose is horribly disfigured." Said Francis.

"I DON'T CARE!" Yelled Gilbert. "Remember how we made that promise to Matthew... back when he cut his fringe? The one where we promised that we wouldn't let anyone call him ugly again?"

"Yes?" Asked Roderich. "What about it?"

Gilbert glared at Ivan. "He's the one that started it all. If that fucking asshole hadn't called Matthew ugly none of this shit would have happened." Everyone glared at Ivan. Even Ludwig (Feliciano just had to tell him everything that was going on so he pretty much knew the whole story).

While the others were glaring at Ivan Shinigami-cat was fuming with pure hate. She grabbed Ivan and pulled him close to her face. "Get the fuck out of my house." She hissed. "If I ever see you again I will kill you. This is not a threat. This is a promise." She kneed Ivan in his vital regions and glared at Gilbert. "Where is Matthew?"

Gilbert's eyes went wide. He had forgotten all about Matthew. He quickly looked around but Matthew was gone. "Shit... He was here a second ago..."

Suddenly the first few rain drops began to fall. Shinigami-cat swore and walked back to the house. "Grab some umbrellas and start looking for him!"

"Ve? What about Ivan?" Asked Feliciano.

"Leave him." Said Shinigami-cat. "An ugly boy like that deserves to rot alone in the darkness."

"Elizaveta and I will search the streets." Said Roderich.

"Ve, Ludwig and I will search the alleyways." Said Feliciano.

"Alfred and I will check out the storm water canals." Said Francis.

"I'll check the park." Said Gilbert. He felt so guilty. He should have payed closer attention to Matthew.

XoXoXo at the park under a tree oXoXoX

Matthew was sitting with his head on his knees underneath a cherry tree crying his eyes out. 'I hate this... I'm ugly... I-I don't deserve to live in this world... I... I should just die... No one gives a damn about me... Francis... Roderich... Feliciano... Elizaveta... Gilbert... Friendship is just a lie...' He began to shiver as the rain began to bucket down. 'I hope I get hyperthermia... I just... Someone like me just deserves to die... I wish I had some rope... Then I could hang myself... Ugly people should just die...'

"Hey Birdie." Called a voice. Matthew looked up to see Gilbert. He was all bloodied and bruised but still he was smiling. "You shouldn't be out in the rain without an umbrella. If you get wet you'll get sick. Totally not awesome." Gilbert held out his umbrella and Matthew took it. It had a red plastic A on it.

Matthew looked up at Gilbert with wide eyes. "What?"

"That's what I said..." Said Gilbert. "That's what I said to you when we first met. I would have done more for you then but I couldn't... If I had known then what I know now... I would have done so much more for you."

"So it was you?" Asked Matthew. "You were the boy with the umbrella?"

Gilbert nodded. "Yes... I know this isn't much and you probably won't believe me but... When I first saw you... I didn't think you were ugly. I thought you were one of the cutest kids I've ever seen... I wanted to know why you were crying... I wanted to know who you were... I wanted to make you feel better because... Because I thought you were something special... And I still do."

Matthew shook his head. "You couldn't have... I'm nothing special... The only thing I'm good for is fertilizer when I die... I'm nothing..."

Gilbert crouched down next to Matthew and hugged him. "Don't cry anymore Matthew... You were never ugly. I don't know how amazing Ivan was meant to be, but he's a jerk. He doesn't deserve someone like you. You're too good someone like him. If you're a creature of the darkness and Ivan is worse than you... what is Ivan?"

Matthew dropped the umbrella, held onto the front of Gilbert's shirt and cried into his shoulder. "I hate you Gilbert..." He sobbed. "I hate you so much..."

Gilbert sighed and held Matthew tighter. "It's okay Matthew... I know... I know..."

"No you don't..." He sobbed. "You yell at me, call me names, and complain about me every chance you get... and then you stick up for me... say the nicest things to me... and tell me that I'm better than him? I hate you so much... I hate you so much..."

Gilbert laughed and tilted Matthew's chin up to face him. His eyes were red and puffy and his face was covered in tears... But he looked so beautiful to Gilbert... Just like the day when they first met. Gilbert smiled and pressed his lips against Matthew's. Matthew made a small noise of surprise but made no move to pull away.

Eventually Gilbert pulled away and looked deep into Matthew's large, confused lavender eyes. "I like you Matthew. Would you... go out with me?"

Matthew gritted his teeth and rested his head against Gilbert shoulder. "This is why I hate you... You're so... so..."

"Unpredictable? Awesome? Fantastic? Cool?"

Matthew rolled his eyes. "Crazy. Stupid. Insane and strange."

"So is that a no?" Asked Gilbert.

Matthew bit his lips and looked away. "... No..."

"So it's a yes?"


"Then it's a maybe?"


Gilbert chuckled and kissed Matthew on the forehead. "I'll take that as a yes... And I promise you I'll never let anyone call you ugly ever again. You're too pretty."

XoXoXo back at the house oXoXoX

Shortly after Matthew ran away Shinigami-cat ended the party and everyone went home. Everyone was now congregating it the lounge room; Shinigami-cat was pacing around the room, Roderich and Elizaveta were sharing worried looks, Feliciano and Ludwig were looking around nervously and Francis was starting to drink some of the wine.

"Where the hell could he be?" Muttered Shinigami-cat. "This... this is just terrible... The storm is getting worse... What if he's unconscious? What if he's in trouble? What if he's dead? It's all my fault... I'm a horrible Auntie..."

"I'm sure he'll be fine..." Said Roderich. "Matthew can take care of himself."

Elizaveta nodded. "He's right. Matthew is super cool and totally kicks ass in a fight! He'll be fine."

Shinigami-cat began to cry. "Matthew's going to die! I just know it! If he ran off he must be really upset... And when he's upset he doesn't think things through..."

"I'm sure he's fine Land lady." Said Francis. "He's not dead."

"Ve, I'm sure he'll be coming home any second now." Said Feliciano

Shinigami-cat shook her head. "No... If he really has run away I'll never see him again... I'm the worst Auntie ever... I'm a horrible person... I just want Matthew to come back home..."

Suddenly a very soaked Gilbert stuck his head into the lounge room with a huge smile on his face. "What' up people? What's with all the long faces?"

Shinigami-cat looked up at him through her tear stained eyes. "So I guess you haven't found Matthew... I knew it. He's dead..."

Gilbert rolled his eyes and pulled in a very wet looking Matthew. "He's not dead."

Shinigami-cat gasped and ran to Matthew and hugged him. "Oh Matthew! Don't do that again!"

Matthew hugged her back. "Sorry Auntie... I didn't mean to make you worry... But I have someone I'd like to introduce you to." He moved away from Shinigami-cat and held Gilbert's hand. "This is Gilbert... My boyfriend."

Shinigami-cat and Elizaveta squealed with delight, Francis chuckled, Roderich sighed, Feliciano beamed, Ludwig shook his head and sighed, Alfred swore, Antonio smiled, Lovino began to curse in Italian, Romulus grinned and Gilbert's grandpa shook his head. Gilbert just laughed and held Matthew close. This was going to be the start of something really weird and wonderful.

The End

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