1Chapter 1: Prologue

The world was becoming a very scary place to live. Anyone conscious of the events unfolding around them could see that terrifying truth. Across the planet global unrest in all its forms was sweeping across the various nations of the Earth.

A word-wide economic recession had crippled many national governments resulting in the dramatic increase in global poverty levels and the overall loss of confidence of the people in power. This had led to hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs. People could no longer afford their homes and were forced to live out on the streets or in shelters.

As one can imagine, this caused many people to become very disgruntled with the current state of the planet and the people who were put in charge of it. Some people used their frustration constructively by trying to find new jobs and careers. Others spent their suddenly unexpected and unwanted free time with their families, intending to make up for the time lost while they had been working, and invest in what really mattered the most to them: family.

Many participated in peaceful protests at various government and big business offices. They voiced their displeasure at the governments' decisions to bail out the huge corporate entities in a desperate attempt to avoid slipping further into a global economic depression. This had not occurred since 1929 almost 81 years ago.

The remaining part of the world's population had chosen a more destructive form to deal with their personal stress and anger. The threat of worldwide terrorism had always been a concern for humankind since the days of medieval knights and kings. However, in the last few decades, the occurrence of such despicable acts was becoming more and more frequent.

The attacks of September 11th in America had forever shattered the peacefulness that the western world had enjoyed for so long. Over three thousand people were wiped out in that one series of highly organized and coordinated attacks with the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings, the damage to the Pentagon and the air plane that crashed in the state of Pennsylvania. This statement declared that the conflicts of the Middle East and North Africa had finally managed to find their way across the vast Atlantic Ocean to America's doorstep.

The train bombings in Madrid, Spain and London, England a few years later killed more than 250 people. This only made the nervousness and tension felt across the world worse. People were now afraid to leave their houses as they became scared that they would be caught unexpectedly in another terror attack. This had, not surprisingly, made more and more people increasingly paranoid and, in some cases, dangerous.

The most common government response to this elevated level of fear was to increase their country's defense systems and military armaments. The civilians' answer was to purchase guns and other various forms of weapons to protect their families and houses from the perceived threats around them. Billions of dollars were spent by countries and their people in an attempt to make themselves feel safer within their borders. It was money that could have been better spent to re-energize their national economies and lower the overpowering feelings of anguish.

America's response to the rise in terror attacks was an abrupt invasion of the countries that they felt had allowed the September 11th attacks to occur: Afghanistan and Iraq. The terrorist organization behind the attacks was identified as Al-Queda and that they were receiving sanctuary and support from the Afghanistan government. The military chose to go into Iraq after getting intel that the country's leader, Sadam Hussain was housing and protecting Al-Queda strong holds. America had a long standing issue with Sadam that went back over a decade. America moved on both countries to safeguard their assets, both domestically and foreign, and met with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) to publicly declare that they were at war because of Al-Queda's actions and Sadam's sanction of them. America had felt it had lost its peace and that they needed to gain it back. For almost a decade, America had been at war with the two Middle Eastern countries and these wars severely taxed the limited monetary resources America had left following the global recession. In addition to all of this the growing civil unrest about the wars was steadily building which made the overall tension felt across the world that much more prominent. The planet Earth was teetering on the outbreak of another world war among its inhabitants and all it needed was one more push before the fragile peace it had been trying to maintain finally crumbled.

In a hidden base, located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a man smiled malevolently as he watched the latest round of news reports on a bank of television screens. His smile extended into a toothy grin as the current news caster reported that another American soldier had been killed by an improvised explosive device near Kabul in Afghanistan.

"Perfect. My grand plan is proceeding perfectly. Soon this world will implode and it will all be thanks to me."

With a wave of his hand the television screens clicked off and returned to their dormant blackness. He turned around and walked slowly to his stone throne as his hands rested lightly on the small of

his back. His knee high brown boots looked like something a champion equestrian rider might wear. His pants and jacket were a matching dark grey and he wore a pair of white dress gloves. His outfit eluded to old pictures of Russian czars and Indian rajas. His long raven black hair was neatly tied back into a ponytail.

As he casually walked towards the center of the room his mind began to replay the events of the past decade. He remembered every small victory and single step that had led him to this particular point in time. When he reached his chair he spun on his heel and gracefully sat down. He rested his elbows on the cold granite arms and leaned to support his head by his right hand.

"Queen Beryl was a fool! If she had just listened to me she would be here, basking in this delicious chaos I have put together, instead of being nothing more than a bad memory. But it serves her right for demoting me from the rank of Grand General and merging my soldiers with the other four. She put me through all that public humiliation, simply because I had the integrity to challenge her decision to take more direct action against the people of Earth!"

He began to laugh out loud as he remembered watching the remaining four Generals slowly fall one after the other, either by Queen Beryl's hand or in battle with the Sailor Soldiers. He laughed harder when the memory of the once mighty and arrogant Nephrite. The fool had been down on his knees and cared for by a weak human female before finally dying a pathetic death unworthy of a General of the Dark Kingdom.

"The Sailor Soldiers…"

His mind switched out of his trip down memory lane as he thought about the Sailor Soldiers. He had been observing them, occasionally, when they first appeared but had increased his surveillance of them following their victory over Queen Beryl. They had become extremely powerful and it certainly would be foolhardy of him to think that he could best them in direct combat especially since the appearance of the additional Sailor Soldiers. They seemed even more powerful than the original Sailors. He was well aware that once his master plan reached its final stage the chances of them learning of his existence would be greatly increased. He may then be forced into a confrontation with them.

"When that time comes, I will deal with it but for right now, there is still much work left to be done!"

His cruel smile returned to his face as he sat alone in the darkness of his base. The whistling of the drafts of air moving through the large cavern were the only other sounds besides his chuckling echoing off the thick walls of bedrock that made up his hideaway.