Here it is, then. The Sneak Peak at my next story: Can't Escape The Past (Not that great a title I know, but hey.)

The Slaves were in desperate need of assistance. They had rose up in revolt against their Master's when they had begun a new contest between themselves which took place every month in the large squares in the bustling space-ports all over Tantooine – who can beat their slave the most.

It was sickening to watch, and Melee tried to avoid being around when it happened. She had been freed a few months before, and now worked for her former owner, but was paid for it. It was a few days after she had been freed that the first slave-beating contest had broken out, and she couldn't help but thank the Goddess that she had been so lucky.

Kitster Banai had bought his freedom a year previously – doing odd jobs around the place for ages until he had accumulated enough money for his master to free him. It had taken a while, but he had managed in the end, and he too found himself whispering a silent prayer to the Goddess as he watched a contest one day, thanking her for the freedom that he now enjoyed, and begging her for this brutality to end soon – to keep his slave friends safe. It had been as he watched a contest that he had made up his mind.

Something had to be done.

Padmé Amidala Skywalker stepped into her bedroom, closed the door behind her, and smiled, leaning against the door with her eyes closed.

Her husband was coming home tonight after an absence that felt like so long, but wasn't really, and she intended to pleasure him all night long. The Council had told her that Anakin had taken a bit of a beating, but she was guessing that it wasn't that serious – they would have told her if it was, wouldn't they?

She moved across to her walk-in wardrobe and pulled open the double doors, making her way through all the senatorial dresses to the ones she could wear when she wasn't in the senate – and her lingerie collection. Normally she would just wear plain lingerie, but tonight…tonight she would wear lingerie and a dress that would drive her kiss-hungry husband mad with desire.

Husband. The word had a different meaning to her. She had been married for eleven months now to her real husband, and to her 'fake' husband for nine. Padmé frowned as the image of Rush Clovis floated into her mind, smiling the smile that she found so sickening, but what he thought was so seductive. He was constantly trying to seduce her into coming to bed with him, but she could be strong-willed when she wanted to be – and she definitely wanted to be with Clovis. He didn't know that Padmé was really married to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, and he didn't know that she was madly in love with her real husband.

No Padmé! She told herself sternly, pushing all thoughts of Clovis from her mind. Tonight will be the first time you have seen your husband in three weeks, and nothing – NOTHING – is going to ruin your reunion!

She smiled once more as she pulled open a small drawer hidden deep inside her wardrobe. Only she, Dormé and Teckla – her two most trusted handmaidens – knew about this drawer. They were also two of the few who knew who she was really married to.

So, there you go. A small piece out of my next story. I hope you keep reading, because this story takes place directly after Protect A Senator. I thought that some old characters deserved a chance in the spot light…all will be revealed if you keep reading!

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The End