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Sentinel Legend.

Everyone whether they where Sentinel, Guide or mundane knew of the legend of the Dark Alpha Sentinel, the writings spoke of this sentinel and here is what it said.

The Dark Alpha Sentinel will be born of fire and pain, but from the ashes he will rise stronger than those that have gone before him. The Alpha will find a new pack, and these will be his closest allies in the fight against evil doers. The Shield, the Shaman, the Healer, the Teacher, the Trickster and the Childe shall come together and their pack shall be glorious and magnificent.

Sentinel and Guides had been discovered, and they where active members of society, mainly involved in the military or law enforcement or some other field which served the community. The Sentinel and Guide foundation was put in place to help monitor and provide a bridge between the normal members of society and those who had the sentinel/guide gifts, this was a powerful entity who made sure that Sentinel and Guides throughout the planet where not abused or used in the wrong way and that pride law was given the respect it was due.

The Sentinels and Guides formed prides with Alpha's being the most dominant who ruled these groups of men and women, the pairing of Sentinel and Guide could be either man and woman or same sex.

Children where tested for Sentinel and Guide gifts when they where born and any that showed potential where depending on the country they lived in given the opportunity to train to develop there skills. Most countries wanted to be the one to find and locate the Dark Sentinel but so far nobody had found the Sentinel that legend described.

The United States of America tested it's children at birth and used a rating system to categorise the gifted, with a rating of ten being the most powerful Sentinel/Guide and one being the weakest.