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Sentinel Legend:

All attention turned to where a man dressed in black stood, the man strode predator like towards where Ezra stood, the man was followed by five other men, silence greeted their entrance.

"Who are you?" Alpha Morgan Coltrane angrily growled. "What right have you to interfere?"

"I am Alpha." Chris moved to stand in front of Ezra he looked straight into the jade green eyes. "This guide belongs to my pack."

Excited murmurs raced around the pride, the assorted members of the gathered pride had seen the news and heard the rumours surrounding this man and his group. The pride waited with baited breath to see what their Alpha pair would do, many hoped that this man could bring about change.

"No he belongs to me." Sentinel Matt Coltrane snarled.

Vin snarled angrily from where he stood beside Chris, he could not take his eyes off the guide they had come to rescue.

"I don't think so." Chris smiled nastily at the younger sentinel, he had noticed Vin's reaction and his heart soared when he realised that his pack mate would soon bond with this proud looking guide. "I challenge for the guide."

Morgan looked at his son who drew himself up to full height, he was atleast three inches taller than the pale man who still had not looked away from the guide who had caused all the trouble, and his son must outweigh the man by atleast fifty pounds.

"Claim your guide son." Morgan barked he smirked at the men who accompanied the blond sentinel, he kept the smile on his face even when the men all grinned confidently back at him.

Vin went to pull Ezra towards him, but Buck stopped him.

"Not till Chris wins." Buck quietly whispered, he nodded to Ezra as the five men moved so that they where out of the way as Chris and the younger sentinel circled each other.

Ezra remained standing alone between the Alpha pair and the members of the blond sentinel's small group.

The members of the Atlanta pride leant forward eagerly to watch the battle being fought for the right to claim the powerful guide.

"I'm gonna cripple you old man." Matt did not care about the rumours about this man and what he could be.

Chris just smiled at the young man, he slowly allowed his shielding to thin to allow the power of the Dark Sentinel to shine through, and he chuckled as he felt the power and strength fill him.

"My guide, Mine." The Dark Sentinel smiled as the young sentinel paused.

Matt Coltrane could feel the blond sentinel's powerful presence; he barely stopped himself from baring his throat in submission.

"Kill him son." Morgan Coltrane snapped.

Matt Coltrane realised that he would have to continue with the challenge as he could not shame himself or his family. He charged at the smiling man, who dodged out the way.

Nathan flinched every time the young sentinel managed to land a blow on his Alpha, although he only did this a couple of times before Chris stamped hard on the leg of the now howling Matt Coltrane. Nathan cringed as he heard the bone snap in the man's leg, the sentinel struggled as Chris held him.

"Submit or die." Chris snarled into the whimpering sentinel's ear.

The whole pride waited to see if the arrogant young sentinel would bow to the inevitable and submit or if he would force the blond Alpha to end his life.

"I submit." Matt's head bowed in shame he could not look at his mother and father for fear of what he would see in their eyes.

"My guide." The Dark Sentinel strode confidently towards the silent guide.

Ezra could feel the man's power washing over him, he stood still, when the pale blond stopped right in front of him, Ezra did not resist the urge to bare his throat to the man.

The Dark Sentinel smiled as the guide bared his throat he, wrapped his arms around the guide, inhaling deeply at the vulnerable throat, he nipped gently and linked with Ezra.

"Alpha." Ezra quietly spoke, his accent thickening as he linked with the scenting sentinel; he watched everything that had happened with the pack since the man had rescued the kidnapped children in Denver.

"Take your damn guide and get out." Alpha Sentinel Morgan Coltrane barked, he wanted these strangers gone. He like everyone else present could feel the power the other sentinel wielded.

"Silence." The Dark Sentinel roared, he turned and scowled at the Atlanta Alpha.

Jaws dropped at his roar.

"You shame yourself; you would allow a guide to be forced to bond." The Dark Sentinel spoke he could see that every member of the Atlanta pride was listening to his words.

Looking around The Dark Sentinel was not surprised that none could meet his eye.

"You even bring your children to witness your shame." The Dark Sentinel glared. "You have allowed your Alpha pair to turn you from the true path."

Alpha Alice Coltrane made to speak but a swift glare from the green eyed man held her tongue.

The Pride members could all feel the disappointment from the sentinel stood so calmly after his short battle for the right to claim the guide.

"What is your purpose or have you forgotten?" The Dark Sentinel's head tilted the green eyes burned with internal fire, he waited for a response but the pride was silent, even the children made no sound.

Buck was about to speak, when the guide they had come to Atlanta for spoke first.

"Serve and Protect." Ezra looked deeply into the green eyes.

"Protect and Serve." The Dark Silent responded. "Honoured is the calling."

The Dark Sentinel looked around the pride; he could feel the anger building in the Alpha Sentinel of the pride.

"Serve and Protect." The Dark Sentinel barked, as one the whole pride roared back in reply.

"Protect and Serve."

The Dark Sentinel nodded pleased.

"You dare to lecture me and my pride." Alpha Morgan Coltrane snarled he advanced towards the smaller man, he was bigger and stronger than his son; this man would regret ever setting foot in his city.

The Dark Sentinel laughed as he listened to the arrogant man yell.

Alpha Guide Coltrane could not believe the nerve of the man laughing at her husband he was a strong and proud Alpha and this unknown and unproven sentinel was laughing as if Morgan was a joke.

"Punish him my Alpha." Alice Coltrane high pitched voice seemed to come from her very toes.

"You will apologise to me as Alpha." Morgan yelled he was toe to toe with the smaller man.

The Dark Sentinel smirked up at the taller man.

"I'm going to rip you in half." Morgan spat angrily.

"I accept your challenge." The Dark Sentinel looked Morgan up and down; he was not impressed by the other sentinel.

Morgan was more cunning than his son; he would use his extra height and weight advantage and punish this man. He would show his pride and the rest of this motley crew who had accompanied this sentinel exactly how powerful he was, he was not to be messed with.

The Dark Sentinel could see the wheels turning in the bigger man's mind, he could see the arrogance and pride within the man stood preparing to attack him, he smiled in response to the challenge eager to bring this fool to his knees.

Morgan feinted left then struck out at the pale blond, he grinned as he made the first contact, the other man simply smiled back at him. Morgan snarled in reply.

The Dark Sentinel knew that his smiling countenance annoyed the other sentinel and he would use whatever advantage he could to win.

Vin had pulled Ezra closer when Chris began to fight with the Alpha, he snuffled the man, who allowed it in fact the guide clung to the sentinel. Buck and the others surrounded the two men as they watched their Alpha fight.

Josiah kept his hand on Nathan's back as he felt his guide flinch every time a blow landed on their Alpha, he wondered how long this challenge would last, Josiah had no doubt that Chris would prevail but he wondered how injured the lean man would end up before he put the larger man down.

JD bounced in place he wanted so badly to stop the pain he knew Chris must be feeling every time a blow landed he suddenly felt Buck pull him close.

"Easy JD." Buck's deep voice gently spoke in the worried guide's ear.

The Dark Sentinel assessed the damage done to his body, he then discounted it forcing it into the box and reinforcing the chains keeping it closed and went closer to the larger man, the two men ended up and the floor. The Dark Sentinel smiled, the other man maybe bigger and heavier, but on the floor that meant nothing.

Nathan cringed as Coltrane landed a heavy blow to Chris's side, Nathan knew that the blow may have caused a broken rib, but it did not slow Chris down, as he simply head butted the other man.

Morgan struggled to get away from the other man so that he could get to his feet, he had landed what he thought where heavy punishing blows on the other man, but through it all Larabee was still smiling, the man must be insane. Morgan felt every blow the man had landed, he was breathing heavily and he knew he would have to end this soon and without any further injury to himself.

The Dark Sentinel smirked as he listened to the other man's panting breaths, he allowed the man to scramble away and jumping to his feet he went on the attack.

Alpha Sentinel Morgan Coltrane desperately tried to block the blows raining down on him, he roared in anger as he attempted to respond with blows of his own, but the other man was merciless, he just kept coming at him.

The Dark Sentinel could feel the other man weakening, he growled as a blow rocked his head back, he ignored the blood which began to drip from his nose, suddenly he slipped going down onto his knees the Dark Sentinel moved to stand, but the other Sentinel managed to react to the slip.

Morgan yelled in triumph as he lashed out with his foot, catching the growling blond under the chin, he saw the other man fly backwards and land with a crash on his back. Morgan charged towards the man, he expected that his last blow had knocked the man unconscious and he would claim his victory.

The Dark Sentinel roared enraged, he rose to his feet and snarling he dived straight onto the advancing Morgan, the other man stopped stunned. The Dark Sentinel caught the fist that was aimed at his face; he pulled the man towards him and struck out.

Morgan howled as the bone in his arm broke under the hammer like blow, he kicked out catching the other sentinel in the knee, but the man simply growled. Morgan threw a punch with his free hand and nearly screamed in frustration as this hand was caught, he instead could only yell in pain as once again the green eyed sentinel broke his arm. Collapsing to his knees, Coltrane knew he had lost, he waited for the winning sentinel to decide his fate, most challenges did not end in death but sometimes the loser lost their life as well as their pride.

Alpha Guide Alice Coltrane could not believe here eyes, her husband and Alpha had lost, she had been so hopeful when Morgan had managed to kick the man, sending him flying that he would win, but she had heard the bones snapping in his arms and knew there was no way for him to win. She would protect her family; she would send this sentinel into a zone that no one would be able to recover him from.

The Dark Sentinel felt the Alpha Guide move towards him, he ignored her.

"Submit or die?" The Dark Sentinel would kill the man if he did not submit.

Morgan took a breath he would have to make a response soon or die, did he want to live without being Alpha, he could challenge again when he recovered he could bide his time and then recapture his pride.

Alpha Guide Alice Coltrane reached out to touch the sentinel who held her husbands life in his hands, she would blow his mind wide open and the pride would cow under her power.

The Dark Sentinel was not unaware of the guide's intent towards him, he hid a smile as he growled down at the beaten man, and he tightened his grip on the hand he still held.

"I submit." Morgan weary voice finally responded.

"No Alice." Michael Coltrane grabbed his sister-in-law he knew she wanted to hurt the sentinel who had beaten her husband and son.

"Get off." Alice Coltrane raged she set a wave of pure malignant power against the man who tried to stop her, ignoring his grunt as his eyes roll back into his head as he collapsed unconscious.

The Dark Sentinel snarled at the woman, he did not attempt to evade the hand she reached out to him with. He felt her attempt to use her guide gifts to send him into a zone, he simply turned back her attack and doubled it, she screamed in fear and pain as her pathways burned. The woman collapsed next to her husband she clung to the man as the pain made her sob uncontrollably.

"Silence." The Dark Sentinel commanded, he was obeyed as Alice and Morgan clung to each other.

The Dark Sentinel moved to the unconscious man, kneeling down he gently touch the shoulder of the shaking convulsing man, who had tried to stop the guide from attacking him. Concentrating hard, gasps could be heard as a huge polar bear suddenly appeared leaning over the two men and sat beside the bear was a huge silver wolf. The Dark Sentinel smiled to himself as he rewarded the compassionate man, the grey eyes blinked open and looked up at him.

"Alpha Sentinel, your wolf is stunning." Michael Coltrane reached out a hand the wolf licked his hand.

The Atlanta pride and the deposed Alpha pair watched in awed fascination as the wolf allowed itself to be petted.

"Who does the bear belong too?" Michael asked as the largest of the worlds bears sniffed at his hand.

"You." Chris smiled at the shocked look on the man's face.

"He's mine, but only online sentinels have spirit animals." Michael sounded forlorn; he had accepted his lot in life.

"I know and this is my gift to you." Chris stood up he held his hand out to the man.

Excited murmurs ran through the pride, the sentinels and guides watched as the formally dormant sentinel seemed fascinated by the giant polar bear, the man rubbed his hands through the thick white fur, a smile on his face the bear looked to be enjoying the attention.

Chris looked at the members of the Atlanta pride and then back to the silent grey eyed man, nodding to himself he came to a decision.

"Michael." Chris called to get the man's attention.

"Yes Alpha." Michael slowly turned to the sentinel who was smiling at him.

"I believe I will leave you to lead the Atlanta pride." Chris heard the shock reverberate throughout the assembled pride. "Michael will lead and you shall follow, never again will you forget your purpose."

"Protect and serve." Michael looked at his pride, many sentinel's and guides met his eye and smiled at him, while others looked confused the winning sentinel from a challenge was not supposed to just had over leadership of the pride to another.

"Serve and protect." The seven returned to Michael.

"No he's not a sentinel you can't be serious." Martin Coltrane shouted he charged towards his father and the scowling Larabee.

"Enough whelp do you challenge me?" Michael Coltrane felt his own power and decided that if he was going to be the Atlanta Alpha Sentinel then he would have to stamp his authority on his pride and if that meant starting with his own son then so be it.

Martin stopped dead, he was surprised by the words and the tone they where spoken in from his father, surely the man must be kidding. Then Martin saw the look in the grey eyes which starred at him, he found his throat going dry, he lowered his head.

"No Alpha." Martin whispered. Michael Coltrane kept the smile off his face, he gave a final pat to the polar bear which turned and roared at the pride before it disappeared.

"What about them?" Michael looked at his brother and his wife who sat watching the events unfold, neither had said anything. Morgan cradled his wife and guide close, he ignored the pain from his own body, Matt had also moved closer to his parents, and he kept patting his whimpering mother.

"They are yours to deal with as you see fit as Alpha." Chris knew the other man would do the right thing for his pride including the disposed Alpha's.

"Alright then." Michael seemed to stand even taller as he began issuing orders to various members of his pride and the mundane members of the Atlanta Sentinel and Guide Foundation who had also been present.

Chris walked back to where Ezra stood with the other members of his pack, holding out his hand he waited for the smaller man to take it, pulling him close he scented at the mans neck, he gently pushed and linked with the guide. Chris felt the others crowd round, he felt Buck behind him, the larger man was running his hands over Chris.

"Not here Buck." Chris voice was quiet, he felt Buck wanted to ignore his order. Reaching back Chris grabbed Buck's hand and he gently squeezed. "Please."

Buck realised that his best friend and Alpha was in serious trouble and the chains holding his pain trapped with the box where barely holding together, Buck needed to get the pack to somewhere safe so that they could help Chris and Ezra who was shivering tucked up against Vin.

"Alpha Larabee." Michael approached the pack, he waited for the blond to acknowledge him, he was actually surprised the man was still standing after the two challenge fights he had had.

"Alpha Coltrane." Buck answered for Chris who was scenting JD and the others within the pack.

"Do you need anything?" Michael asked.

"We need to get back to Denver." Buck had come to the conclusion that until they got Chris back to Denver and his ranch the blond sentinel would keep his injuries and pain locked up tight within that damn metal box, and Buck could see that Nathan was not happy to have come to the same conclusion he had.

"I'll get on it." Michael rushed away to start organising.

"Buck." Nathan pulled the moustached man away from Chris and Ezra. "I want to examine both of them, Chris has got to be hurt and he may have concussion from that kick, and I think he may have a problem with that knee."

Buck consider Nathan's words.

"Nathan take a look at Ezra but leave Chris alone." Buck could see the healer was not happy.

"Buck." Nathan was determined he would get to help Chris.

"No Nate." Buck growled he watched Nathan blink in surprise at being growled at.

"Alright Buck." Nathan moved back to the men, he saw Josiah wink at him and he grumbled about stubborn sentinels, Nathan frowned when Vin growled as he went to speak with Ezra. "Vin Tanner you stop that right now."

Vin immediately whined in response to the black guide's words he allowed the man to link with him and Ezra, who was shivering as if he was cold.

Chris began to pace in front of his pack he was trying to ignore how restless he felt, he knew that if he stopped and stayed still then he would not be able resist the urge to give into his pain, but until the pack was back at his ranch he would just have to grin and bear it.

Michael Coltrane walked to the men, he noted the long haired sentinel had the guide cradled close and the heavy set sentinel was guarding them. He caught the green eyed sentinel's eye and the man walked to meet him.

"The pride's private jet will be at your disposal to take you to Denver, you have only to get to the airport which will take you about ninety minutes." Michael quickly told the man, who tiredly nodded his head.

"Buck contact Alpha James and have him organise transport from Denver Airport to the ranch." Chris saw Buck pull out his cell phone. "Thank you."

"Chris it's all organised." Buck informed the man.

"Fine, see if Ezra wants to go to his home and collect anything to take back with us." Chris once again began to pace, his wolf at his side.

"Yes I want to return to my house." Ezra could not believe how safe he felt within the quiet Texan's arms.

"Let's go then." Buck caught Chris's eye.

Chris led his pack and a short time later the seven men where entering Ezra's tastefully decorated home, Chris began to wonder around, while Vin stayed close to Ezra, this made the blond smile as Ezra huffed as once again Vin scented him. Josiah sat in a comfy chair he had pulled Nathan next to him and was rumbling as the healer stroked his large head where it rested listening to the steady beat of his heart. JD was bouncing from one room to another, with Buck chuckling as he tried to answer all the young guides questions about the ranch. Chris paced the hallway he just wanted to be home; he growled as he forced another chain around the pain filled box, he would not be giving into to his body's demands atleast not yet.

Buck stopped when he heard Chris growl, he met Vin coming out of the bedroom and Josiah came up behind him, they looked to see Chris growling angrily as he paced backwards and forwards in the small space.

Nathan, JD and Ezra stood behind the three sentinels and watched as their Alpha growled angrily to himself.

"Chris." Buck moved slowly holding his hands out in a placating gesture.

Growls where his only answer and Buck reached out and touch the other man, he did not know why Chris was so agitated.

Suddenly he heard a lion roar in anguish and in front of them appeared two lions, one was clearly wounded and the second smaller younger male was nudging it with its head and then roaring in pain.

Buck did not know who the lions represented but whoever it was had Chris angry.

"James, Denver." Chris snarled. "Spikes."

"We'll be going home soon Big Dog." Buck wrapped his arms around the man. He had no idea how Chris knew something was wrong in Denver but he would follow his friend anywhere.

"I'm going to kill him." Chris snarled, he could fell the Denver guide's distress and it was making him very angry, he dreaded what he would find when he returned to Denver.

"I'm ready." Ezra quietly told them.

Nathan could only watch concerned as his Alpha restlessly paced as they flew back to Denver on the large private aeroplane, he was not looking forward to when Chris finally crashed, he and Vin had both been speaking with Kojay about various homeopathic remedies. Nathan could hear Chris's chest was even more congested than before and the man was as white as a sheet, but every time Nathan suggested that Chris sit down and relax he was glared at.

Buck could see that Chris was becoming more and more wound up, he could tell that JD and Ezra where becoming agitated and worried by the Alpha's aggression, although Ezra was managing to hide it well. Buck looked at Vin he nodded towards Ezra and Vin moved to the guide. Vin simply wrapped Ezra in his arms and began to scent the other man, he began to purr in contentment, Ezra's eyes closed and he relaxed against the long haired man. Buck looked to Josiah and Nathan, he nodded at JD who was looking at the floor, his leg bouncing in agitation, Josiah moved to one side and Nathan the other the two men then pulled JD close to them, Josiah ran his hand over the thick dark hair, he smiled as the youngster cuddled closer, purring Josiah felt JD and Nathan both relax.

Buck saw that Chris smiled at the contented members of his pack he kept on pacing, Buck could see how tired the man was, and they still had another two hours of flying before they would land in Denver and Buck had had enough; he was getting tired just watching his best friend pace.

"Chris enough." Buck barked he pushed himself into Chris's personal space, he ignored the angry growl. Grabbing Chris's hand he pulled the man to the large couch that the other men had left empty. Buck took matters into his own hands he pulled Chris in tight and then sank down to lay them both on the couch. Chris began to struggle as Buck used his larger frame and weight to keep him down.

"Buck." Chris struggled against his larger friend.

"Chris just relax and take a breath." Buck pushed Chris's face against his bared throat, he whined as the blond snarled and then bit him as Buck refused to let him go. Buck grinned to himself as he felt Chris huff against him.

"Bucklin." Chris grumbled, he rubbed his head against the other mans throat, he felt Buck chuckle.

Buck smiled as he began to gently stroke the sweaty blond head, he felt the other man mutter about bossy friends. Buck just kept up his rhythmic stroking, he felt Chris nudge against him, he bonded with the man, he sent soothing and calming thoughts to Chris, he was relieved when the man seemed to go boneless and limp. Buck frowned to himself as he saw the box rattling in the corner of Chris's mind; he added his strength to reinforce the chains keeping it locked closed.

Chris walked slowly though the forest he looked around, he noted the two lions, the larger older male was barely moving or breathing, the younger one kept nudging and licking trying to get it to move or make a sound. Chris got down on his knees, he rubbed the huge head, the brown eyes opened, and Chris could see such pain and hopelessness in them.

"Oh Guide I'm so sorry." Chris's then turned his attention to the older lion; he gently stroked the luxurious mane.

The young lion rested his head against Chris as the man looked closely at the sentinel's spirit guide.

"Hold on I'm coming to help you." Chris saw the forest fade.

Buck felt Chris shivering against him, he was surprised that the man had fallen asleep; Buck had only wanted to get him to relax. He felt Ezra coming closer; the green eyed guide held out a blanket, Buck smiled at him.

"Hey Ez." Buck grinned as the jade eyes blazed with fire.

"My name Mr Wilmington is Ezra." Ezra tucked the blanket around the sleeping Larabee.

"Buck." Buck took hold of the small hand which had been tucking the blanket round Chris's shoulders.

"Buck." Ezra repeated the man's name; he was gently pulled closer to the moustached man. He tilted his head and chuckled as the moustache tickle his bare throat as the man scented at him.

"Guide." Buck nudged against Ezra, he was surprised that the man allowed him to link, he rumbled approvingly as Ezra relaxed against him, Buck manoeuvred about a bit, he smiled as Chris snuggled closer to Ezra who looked slightly stunned when the Alpha began to purr happily.

"Buck." Ezra realised that he had taken Buck's place in Chris's arms, he felt the heavy weight of Chris's head snuggle into his neck, the man was cuddling him close, and Ezra was not sure whether it was a good idea as sooner or later he would disappoint this Alpha and the other men.

"Ezra stop it, your part of this pack so get used to it." Buck looked deep into the uncertain jade eyes, reaching out he cupped the other man's chin. "And just think a sentinel all of your own, as well as a pack."

Buck saw the surprise flair in Ezra's eyes.

"What do you mean Mr Wilmington?" Ezra quietly asked, he wanted to know what the man meant.

"Vin." Buck breathed the name quietly.

"I don't understand." Ezra shook his head in denial, he was not worthy of a sentinel and not one as strong as Vin Tanner.

"Believe me Ezra, Vin is your Sentinel." Buck had been surprised that the two men had not bonded as a pair yet.

"Mine." The one word held such a world of hope.

"Ezra." The quiet voiced Texan knelt next to Buck.

"I." Ezra did not know what to say.

"Mine." Vin promised, he saw that Chris's eyes where open and the Alpha gently pushed Ezra towards Vin.

"My Sentinel." Ezra allowed the lean man to pull him close, he rubbed the broad shoulders, he was stunned by the thought of having his very own sentinel, surely these men must have made a mistake, he was not worthy of a sentinel.

"Mine." Vin growled he nipped the other man, Ezra yelped.

"Yours Sentinel." Ezra yawned he was still tired, to his surprise Vin picked him up and moved to another seating area he was snuggled close as he felt his eyes grow heavy, Vin stroked Ezra's head as it rested above his heart.

Buck pulled the blanket around Chris as he snuggled up against the coughing Alpha, he hoped that the man would go back to sleep. Chris yawned, he rested his weary head against Buck's chest, listening to the steady beat, he did not try and keep his eyes open.

As soon as the plane landed and they had cleared through security Chris led his men towards where he saw a Foundation worker waiting for them, the man seemed to be extremely nervous.

"Sentinel Wilmington I have keys for you here." The young man kept his eyes lowered.

Chris head tilted he could smell this young sentinels fear, he did not understand why the man was so frightened, he could tell the other men could also sense the mans unease.

"Sentinel." Chris moved closer he could see the man did not want to meet his eyes, Chris frowned. "Look at me sentinel."

The young man's sky blue eyes rose to meet Chris's who could hear the young heart hammering within the shorter man's chest.

"Yes Alpha." The young sentinel struggled not to flinch under the intense green stare.

Buck and the others where watching as Chris spoke with the scared sentinel.

"I'm Chris." Chris gave the man a small smile he did not understand why he frightened the younger man, he was no ogre, he held out his hand and waited.

Sentinel Samson Dingle looked at the hand offered to him, he slowly put his hand in the older sentinel's and waited to see if the stronger man would hurt him.

Chris gently grasped the smaller hand, he could not help himself as he gently pushed into the other mans mind, he found to his horror that this young man had witness what had happened to the Alpha pair. Chris stepped closer he wrapped an arm around the teenager as he realised that the young man felt disgusted that he was not brave enough to protect his Alpha. Chris growled as he felt the terror when the young sentinel had been threatened to assured his silence.

"Easy son." Chris released the younger man he had seen all he needed to.

"I'm sorry Alpha." Samson whispered he felt his chin grasped, he looked into the stormy green eyes. "I couldn't help them."

"It's alright son, your family was threatened to ensure your silence." Chris fumed; he would deal with Spikes and his followers soon. "I will deal with the scum."

"I want to help." Samson timidly told the men. "Please."

"Take us to the Foundation and to your Alpha pair." Chris saw the man nod; he quickly began to walk towards the car park to bring the vehicle to where Alpha Larabee and the others waited.

"Chris what did you find out?" Vin wanted to know what his Alpha had found out from the teenage sentinel.

"Samson saw Spikes attack James and Ringo, his family was threatened to ensure his silence." Chris growled angrily. "He is upset because he was not strong enough to help his Alpha."

Chris linked with the others showing them how Spikes had won his fight with Alpha Stuart James, the three guides looked horrified, and the other sentinels snarled as they watched the scene unfold.

"Chris he's fit and healthy." Nathan's worried voice made Chris pause; he patted the broad shoulder of his doctor guide.

"And I'm going to kill him." Chris declared.

The drive to the Foundation building took a short time and was completed mainly in silence as Chris's words echoed in each of the men's heads.

Chris led the way into the imposing building, he ignored the stares they where receiving. Chris spotted Doctor Fraiser he made his way over to the petite woman.

"Doctor where are Alpha James and Ringo?" Chris quietly demanded he could tell the woman was deeply upset.

"Alpha Sentinel Larabee I'm so glad your back." Dr Fraiser sadly told the man. "Follow me and I'll take you to them."

Chris and his pack followed the woman, she led them into the medical area, and further on into the intensive care unit. Chris saw the two men laying still and silent but for the beeping and other noises being made by the machines keeping the two men alive. Chris could see that hardly a place on Alpha Sentinel Stuart James body was not bruised or damaged in some way, he moved closer and ran a gentle hand over the man, and he kept silent as he felt the numerous broken bones in the man's body. Still silent he moved to Alpha Guide Johnny Ringo, running his hand over the man he frowned when he felt the pain and torment the man was in. Chris stood still and silent as he thought.

Dr Fraiser studied the lean blond, she was shocked by his appearance, he looked like he had been through the wars, the man had been thin when she saw him last but now there was absolutely no spare flesh on him, he was a pale as a ghost, and if what she had heard both on the news and through the sentinel and guide rumour mill was true then he must be injured from his challenge fights, and his breathing sounded extremely harsh and congested, she could almost feel the heat he was throwing off from where she was standing. She just hoped he was strong enough to face Spikes when the time came because the former beta would not accept this man as his Alpha and she doubted that Larabee would allow Spikes to get away with what he had done to beat Alpha James.

Buck watched as Chris looked between the two men, he saw the moment Chris came to a decision.

"Move the beds closer together." Chris commanded.

"Alpha Larabee, Sentinel James is essentially brain dead and the best thing for Guide Ringo is to break the bond otherwise we will lose him as well as Alpha James when he passes over." Dr Fraiser broke the news to the men.

"Do as I say guide." Chris did not raise his voice he simply waited for Fraiser and the medical staff to obey him. "Now."

Buck watched as the beds where moved closer together, he was saddened that James was going to die, and that to save the young guide the doctor would have to sever the recently formed bond.

Another doctor entered this one Buck noted was stunning with red haired and a figure to die for.

"Alpha Larabee this is Doctor Jennifer Keller, she has just transferred to Denver and is a noted expert in Sentinel and Guide Medicine." Dr Fraiser introduced the mundane woman to the seven men. She noted that Chris had barely reacted to her; he had his hands on James and Ringo's heads.

"What are you doing?" Dr Keller demanded as the two heart monitors began to send out warning alarms.

"Turn them off." Buck ordered, he growled when the mundane doctor looked like she was going to refuse, he smiled at Dr Fraiser as she and a guide nurse quickly silenced the alarms.

Chris focused his energy, he ignored everything but the two men lying injured on the bed, confident that his pack would protect him. He found the two lions where he had left them, the young male stood protectively over the dying old lion.

"Come stand together." Chris ordered the lions; the young one roared then sank down exhausted. Chris knelt beside them both. "Get up sentinel your guide needs you to live."

The lions disappeared to be replaced by the two men, the young guide was rocking distressed moans issuing from his throat, and the sentinel could not keep his sobs quiet.

"Enough your bond is broken, do you wish to leave each other behind?" The Dark Sentinel growled he pulled the two men upright so they where stood face to face. "Do you wish to die?"

"No Alpha." Sentinel Stuart James saw the other sentinel nod.

"No Alpha." Guide Johnny Ringo stood tall.

"Together your bond shall be renewed." The Dark Sentinel snapped he nudged both men closer, they fell into each others arms. "Together you shall heal."

"Together." The two men intoned. The Dark Sentinel used his power and knowledge to mend and heal the broken bond between the two men, he snarled at the damage done by Spikes.

"Sleep now." The Dark Sentinel withdrew, he smiled as the larger sentinel curled protectively around the smaller guide, and he felt their bond humming between the sleeping men.

Buck rushed forward he caught Chris as his legs gave way.

"How?" Dr Keller quickly check the read outs from the two injured men, she was shocked to find that they showed neither man where in distress in fact both seemed to be sleeping deeply, and the sentinel showed brain activity.

"Chris." Buck looked into the pain filled eyes.

"I'm fine." Chris shook his head to clear it, he needed to be strong, Spikes needed to be punished for his crimes.

"Alpha Sentinel Larabee I have called the pride together, as many as possible are coming to the meeting hall." Sentinel Joshua Jensen quietly informed the shaking Alpha. Jensen did not know what the powerful sentinel had done, but whatever it was had resulted in the injured sentinel and guide seemingly coming back from death's door.

"Thank you Sentinel I hope Sam is well." Chris leant heavily on Buck who was standing silent.

Joshua smiled he was surprised the Alpha had remembered his sons name.

"He is well thank you Alpha." Jensen watched as the man seemed to draw on some inner strength he once again stood tall.

"Let's get this over and done with." Chris growled he led the men towards where he could sense Spikes waiting.

Bob Spikes was confident that he could handle anything Larabee could throw at him, especially after hearing what the man had been through in both Boston and Atlanta and his little side trip in Connecticut. He had dealt with James and he would deal with the supposedly special Chris Larabee, the Denver pride was his and no one was going to take it from him. He stood surrounded by most of his team, although a couple of his men had walked away when they heard how badly he had beaten the previous Alpha, and he would deal with them and the Dingle boy once he had dealt with Larabee.

Chris walked into the large meeting room, he noted that Spikes stood with his supporters, Chris noted that the majority of the Denver Sentinels and Guides stood waiting and watching, they had not acknowledge Spikes as Alpha and Chris was going to make sure they never would.

"Let me deal with him Chris." Buck low voice almost begged.

"No Buck he's my responsibility." Chris did not look left or right as he walked to the centre of the huge room.

Buck could hear the guilt in Chris's voice; he wanted to tell his friend that he could not have foreseen what Spikes would do.

"I claim vengeance against you Robert Spikes." Chris saw the shock on Spikes face, the man obviously thought he would simply challenge for the role of Alpha but Chris could not ignore the crimes that Spikes had committed.

Spikes did not know how to respond, this changed things the man in front of him was now telling him that he was going to kill him, or die in the attempt.

"Vengeance why?" Spikes snarled he thought the man looked drained and pale, Spikes wanted to make sure he beat this man and left him a broken wreck.

"Your challenge to Sentinel Stuart James and his bonded Guide Johnny Ringo was cowardly." Chris calmly spoke. "Let me show the pride how you acted."

Chris linked the gathered sentinels and guides.

Horrified gasps and angry growls flooded the room as the pride witnessed the challenge.

Spikes had his closest cronies grab Alpha Guide Johnny Ringo, the pride felt the young man's fear as he was injected with a drug which broke the bond between him and his sentinel. Alpha Sentinel Stuart James reeled in shock as he felt the bond break, he tried to defend himself as Spikes went on the attack, he tried to reach his guide whose barriers had been destroyed by the drug, and the guide was struggling in panic making horrible keening sounds that struck his sentinel like blows.

The pride could only watch in disgust as Spikes smiled as he broke the now defenceless sentinel's bones; they listened as James called out.

"I submit, let me help my guide." Sentinel James did not care if he was begging.

Spikes stamped on the long legs of the downed sentinel he laughed at the pain filled cries, he drove his fist in the barely conscious mans face.

Finally the assault stopped, the pride expected the scene to change but then they saw the teenage sentinel dragged in front of Spikes who sneered and then threatened.

"You keep your mouth shut or I'll kill your parents while you watch and then I'll kill you."

Spikes looked around for an escape route, he could sense that the pride would rip him apart if he made a run for it, he would have to stay and fight, if he could beat Larabee then he could still claim the Alpha position.

"I am going to kill you." Chris vowed he waited for Spikes to respond.

"Not if I kill you first." Spikes began to circle; he would use his superior stamina to wear down the sick looking blond.

"Vengeance is mine." Chris insane smile grew his eyes sparkled as Spikes came at him.

The two men exchanged blows, Buck growled as he wanted so badly to go to Chris's aid. Vin could feel Ezra flinch every time Chris's body was struck; he pulled the shivering guide closer to his body and tried to sooth the angry man. Ezra allowed himself to be held by his sentinel, he could hear the sub vocal growls the Texan sentinel was issuing. Josiah had wanted to shield Nathan from the fight but his guide was growling angrily towards the fighting men, and towards where Spikes supporters stood. Josiah smiled to himself, after Chris showed the pride what he had done to the Alpha pair Spikes supporters had shrunk as many had walked away from him in disgust. JD placed his hand on Buck's back he did not flinch as he felt the rage and anger building in the tense sentinel, every blow that struck Chris seemed to echo in Buck.

Bob Spikes could not believe the man was still standing; he himself was exhausted and bleeding from both his nose and mouth. He had managed to land a series of punishing blows on the blond man, but the insane smile had not left the man's face, even though Bob new he had to have hurt the other man. He could feel that his own ribs where battered and bruised, he managed not to howl as the man swept his legs out from under him and followed it with a bruising kick to his ribs. Bob managed to grab the man and topple him over, diving on the smaller man, Bob rained down heavy and hard blows on the thin man. He growled and snarled as the man suddenly head butted him, Bob grunted. Bob saw his opening as he managed to get Larabee in a choke hold, he could end this quickly he applied pressure and almost smiled he would win.

Chris struggled, growling, drawing on his Dark Sentinel power and strength Chris managed to get to his feet. Bob could not believe it as the man lifted himself from the floor, Bob barely had time to howl as he flew over the mans head, he lay stunned for barely a second before the man attacked him, Bob felt a bone snap as the man stamped down on his right leg, he screamed, he could hear the other man growling and snarling as he the kicked him in the left knee, Bob felt the joint shatter.

"Please I submit." Bob had decided to throw himself on the other sentinel's mercy.

"Vengeance" The Dark Sentinel growled he smiled satisfied when he heard the bones and joints break on the man begging in front off him.

"Oh God." JD buried his head against Buck he did not want to see the man die, he had never before witnessed such savagery, even though he had seen Chris fight in challenge fight before this was something different something darker. The fight was like a mixed martial arts fight but without any rules or referee, and Chris was going to kill the man.

Buck stood silent he wanted vengeance for what had happened to the Alpha pair but he was not sure that this was the right choice for Chris.

"Please I'm begging you I don't want to die." Spikes tried to pull himself away from the snarling man, he managed to move a few feet as the man's eyes burned a hole in him.

"Please stop him." JD begged, he could not bear what was happening the violence and rage from his Alpha.

The Dark Sentinel stopped his head turned and tilted.

"Please don't do it." JD had burrowed his himself as close to Buck as he could; the large sentinel was rubbing his back as JD sobbed.

"JD." Chris rested his hand against the sobbing guide. "I'm sorry."

JD's head lifted he turned and faced Chris, who stood bloody and bruised watching him.

"Chris is it over?" JD dreaded the answer but he could not tear his eyes away from the intense green stare.

"Nearly." Chris saw JD grimace. "I didn't kill him JD."

JD could not help himself he hugged the other man in relief.

"I need to finish it JD." Chris returned the younger mans hug. "It's alright JD just listen."

Chris released the younger man; he faced Bob Spikes who lay whimpering on the floor, the whole pride waited to see what he would do.

"I banish you Sentinel Bob Spikes." Chris strong voice rang with power, he pointed at the other sentinels, who had stood by Spikes. "I banish you all."

Some of the pride growled.

"Silence." Chris roared, immediately he was obeyed. "You have twenty four hours to get out of Denver in fact better yet get out of Colorado."

Spikes continued to whimper.

"I know you." Chris snarled. "If I sense you anywhere near my pack or this pride I will not be so lenient and you will pay dearly."

"Alpha Sentinel Spikes is injured." One of the sentinels had to point out as the man was moaning in pain.

"He is no Alpha. Take your trash and get out." Chris snarled, he watched as the men picked Spikes up and carried him out.

"Will Alpha James and Ringo be coming back?" Sentinel Sam Dingle had to ask.

"They will recover and return to lead the pride." Chris could see the relief on the young sentinels face; he saw others of the pride looking relieved as well. "I believe that Sentinel Jensen will be beta and lead till the Alpha pair are ready to return."

Joshua Jensen looked shocked.

"I'm not an Alpha." Joshua was sure Larabee had made a mistake choosing him to lead while the Alpha pair recovered.

"You are a strong sentinel who can lead and others will follow." Chris quietly told the man.

"Alright do you need anything?" Sentinel Jensen asked he looked at the men hovering round the bleeding Larabee.

"Yes the use of a helicopter to get us all to Chris's ranch." Nathan wanted Chris safe and secure as the man must be in agony, or he would be when he finally opened the box he had jammed all his bodies complaints in.

Buck watched Chris closely as the man got out of the helicopter; he frowned when Chris headed towards his barn.

"Have to check on Pony and the others." Chris could almost read Buck's mind. "I won't be long, make sure the others are alright Buck."

Buck scowled at the man's back he turned and followed the men into Chris's home.

"Make yourselves at home; Chris is just checking the horses." Buck would wait five minutes and then go and bring his friend into the house.

Chris slowly check his horses, they where all well cared for as he had a man and his son help out when he needed it. He saw how well Tiny and his son had looked after his horses; he would have to thank them when they came tomorrow. He reached the pride of his herd the stallion Pony or as his papers declared Midnight Madness, the good natured animal gently butted his large head against Chris.

"Good boy." Chris rubbed the noble head; he rested his weary head against the black horse's side, smiling when the horse whickered at him.

Buck looked at his watch, he frowned he was going out for Chris any minute now.

"So how are we going to help Chris?" JD was wringing his hands together.

"We have the natural pain relief and also I have stocked up on medication if they don't work." Nathan told the other men.

"We can help him through this he just needs to give up control." Josiah's deep voice stated.

"I'm going to get him." Buck walked towards the door.

Chris jumped when he felt Buck's hand gently touch his shoulder; he had been so focused on not curling into a ball in preparation for when he unchained his box of pain.

"Come into the house Chris, we need to do this now." Buck followed his Alpha back towards the single storey ranch house.

"I don't want to." Chris could not help his whine, he heard Buck chuckle behind him.

Blinking in what seemed like bright light Chris could tell the other six men where looking at him.

"Where do you want to do this Big Dog?" Buck studied the coughing blond.

The men waited while the thin man coughed, each one dreading what was to come.

"I want to shower and get changed first and we may as well get comfy first." Chris sighed. "There are extra towel in the other bathrooms and plenty of hot water."

The men split off Josiah showed the three new comers where the bathrooms where and handing out towels to them he left the younger men to get changed as Chris went into the master bathroom.

"You've got fifteen minutes Stud before I come looking for you." Buck sternly told the blond man who simply glared back at him.

Thirty minutes later the six men entered the master bedroom, JD exclaimed at the size of the bed, Vin ran his fingers over the intricate carvings, Ezra simply stared in amazement he had never seen anything so beautiful.

The bathroom door was open; the men good see their Alpha still stood under the shower spray.

"I'll get him." Buck moved to retrieve his friend; he noted that Nathan was coming with him. Opening the shower Buck reached past his still and silent Alpha and turned off the water. "Chris come on out it's time."

Chris took the towel Buck held out he began to rub himself dry, thankful that he could not really feel any pain as yet, once he was dry he put on the thin cotton pyjama bottoms that Nathan held out to him. Like a condemned man he made his way towards the bed.

"Chris we are going to be here no matter what so you have to let us help you." Nathan nudged the man when he stopped at the side of the bed.

"I'm fine." Chris knew it was a lie.

"Come on Chris." Buck climbed into the middle, the men had decided that he would take the lead because Chris had allowed Buck to comfort him in the past and the six men where counting on that helping.

Chris felt Nathan nudge him again; he slowly climbed next to Buck who sprawled on his back waiting and watching.

"I can't." Chris shook his head.

"You can and you will brother." Josiah watched as Buck held his hand out, the large sentinel whined, Chris stared at the large hand.

"Trust me Chris." Buck saw Chris shoulders sag.

"Always." Chris took the offered hand and allowed himself to be pulled against his closest friend; he buried his face against the tanned neck.

"Let go Cowboy." Vin rested his hand on the tense man's back.

"Not a cowboy." Chris mumbled, he felt the other men sit on the bed around him and Buck whose hand rubbed his back. He felt Buck link with him and then the others one by one, with Ezra being the last. "Oh God."

Buck looked at the heavy seemingly huge box, he reached out and began to strip the chains keeping it closed, and he noted the other men removing the numerous chains. Chris was rigid in his arms he could feel the man panting against his throat; he gently rubbed his hand up and down the shaking man's back.

"Oh Christ." Chris ground his teeth together as he felt the chains breaking and being removed, he would not scream.

Buck looked at the lock which was now the only thing holding the box closed he nodded at Vin as he tightened his hold on Chris.

Vin ripped the lock off, the box flew open.

Pain ripped through Chris, his body felt like it was on fire, the feeling so intense that his back arched and he bit his lip bloody in an effort not to scream.

The six men cringed as they felt a small hint of what the tense blond was feeling, each man tried to take some of the pain on themselves, but Chris resisted, he had allowed them to bond with him, but he would not hurt his own pack members.

"Damn it Chris." Buck snapped he could feel the stubborn man blocking him from taking some of the pain.

Nathan rubbed the thin bony shoulder; he could not believe the man was being so stubborn.

"Chris let us help you." Nathan could feel the others pressing against the wall with him.

Josiah shook his head he could only imagine the true extent of the pain the man must be feeling.

"Chris brother it's alright to share your pain." Josiah looked down on the shaking man.

"Stubborn Cowboy we are pack." Vin rubbed the sweaty blond head.

"Surely Mr Larabee this course of action is detrimental to your health." Ezra patted the silent man.

"Please let us help you Alpha." JD could see the strain on the mans face, he could see the man had his teeth locked together.

Buck decided that enough was enough, he could hear the grinding of Chris's teeth, but other than that the man was eerily silent.

"Chris I'm warning you Big Dog let us help." Buck again pushed against the barrier, he growled angrily, he took hold of Chris head, he moved it so his throat was bare and bit aggressively, and forcing himself against the barrier Buck began to batter the wall down.

Buck arms remained tightly around Chris as he trembled, Buck felt the wall weakening as he marked his Alpha, he ignore the shock and worry from the other members of his pack.

"No Buck." Chris tried to pull himself away from the other man.

Buck simply ignored the words; he grunted as the wall finally collapsed, he cringed as he felt the full force of Chris's body's pain, gritting his teeth he began to shake in reaction.

"Damn it." Nathan muttered as he watched Buck react to the pain Chris was feeling, the Alpha was still denying them access to his pain.

"Bond." Buck grunted out he felt the other men crowd around him and Chris, he rested his forehead against Chris's, he felt the other men within the pack bond and he felt them begin to help deal with Chris's pain.

Chris was exhausted, he was sick with pain, but he really did not want to hurt any of his pack, he had not been able to stop Buck forcing his way in, the bond between them was too strong and he had finally had to allow the man close or run the risk of accidently hurting his friend and that was not an option. He suddenly felt the others sharing the burden; he immediately felt some of his pain ease.

Buck sighed as he felt Chris finally accept the help that was on offer, he loosened his hold slightly on the still shaking man, but Chris refused to release the tight hold he had on Buck.

Exhausted the seven men settled on the huge bed, none thought it strange as they all curled together with Chris and Buck being the centre point. And soon only snores and heavy breathing where all that could be heard within the ranch house.

A few hours later JD sat up he rubbed his eyes looking round he found that all the other men where still sleeping, yawning he got up slowly he needed a bathroom and food.

"Where are you going son?" Josiah quietly asked, he smiled as the younger man danced on the spot.

"Toilet and food Siah." JD rushed to the bathroom, after washing his hands he walked out the bathroom, he jumped startled as thick arms wrapped around him, and he smiled as Josiah sniffed gently at him.

"Guide." Josiah's voice rumbled against his ear.

"Josiah." JD stroked the large head as was cuddled close.

Nathan climbed out the bed, he stretched, looking at the occupants in the bed, he gently felt Ezra's forehead smiling when the man mumbled inanely then snuggled closer to Vin. Nathan sighed as he looked at the two men who occupied the centre of the bed, Buck was snoring heavily as he held Chris against him, Chris meanwhile was still pale and Nathan could see him shivering whether with cold or if as Nathan suspected the man was still in considerable pain. Nathan wanted to give the man the once over and so he would once he was awake. The object of his thoughts suddenly began to cough harshly, and to Nathan the man seemed to grow even paler if that was possible. Nathan moved and pulled the coughing and wheezing man upright; he rubbed the thin man's back as Chris struggled to breath.

Buck joined Nathan in supporting Chris as the man finally stopped coughing; Chris sagged against the larger sentinel.

Nathan took Chris's pulse, he smiled when Josiah handed him his medical bag, taking out his stethoscope Nathan listened to Chris's chest, frowning at the congestion he could hear. Y

"Should we try the stuff Kojay told you and Vin about?" JD looked at Vin and Ezra who had been woken by Chris's coughing.

"Sounds like a plan." Vin went into the other room to get the supplies he needed, Nathan followed him after taking Chris's temperature.

"How you feeling Chris?" JD bounced on the bed as he sat down.

Chris flinched as JD's voice sounded like thunder in his ears, he burrowed closer to Buck if that was possible.

"Chris. Brother are you alright?" Josiah placed his hand on the bouncing JD, the younger man immediately stilled.

"I'm fine." Chris clearly was not but he said the words anyway.

"Sure Big Dog and I'm a virgin." Buck felt Chris began to cough and the mans whole body seemed to vibrate as he harshly coughed.

Vin and Nathan returned with some bowls of steaming hot water which had herbs and the like seeping in it that Kojay had suggested, the smell from these began to slowly fill the room. Ezra carried a glass filled with disgusting looking liquid which was a natural pain reliever for the sick man to drink.

"Chris drink this." Nathan took the glass from Ezra and held it out to Chris.

Buck was not sure that Chris was aware of Nathan holding out the glass as the man had his face buried against his throat, and was once again grinding his teeth in agitation.

Nathan looked at Buck who gently pushed Chris away from him.

"Chris, Nathan's talking to you." Buck took the glass from Nathan, he ignore the foul smell from the glass. "Drink this Chris."

Chris obediently took the glass from Buck, he took a sip.

"Drink it all Chris." Nathan tilted the glass; he did not like the glassy eyed look in Chris's eyes. "Now we just have to hope he keeps it down."

"What this for Nathan?" Josiah held a bowl full of what he could only describe as some sort of strange coloured paste.

"Right Chris this is going to help with relaxing you and the pain alright and it will even help you breath easier, so you just sit there alright." Nathan watched the blond slowly nod atleast now he was communicating with them albeit slowly and without too much enthusiasm. Nathan began to gently rub the paste into Chris's chest, while Vin did his back, both men keenly aware of the bruises covering the lean man's body.

Buck could see Chris's eyes where closed and he was starting to tilt towards Buck, Nathan smiled as Chris yawned then rested his head against the moustached man's broad shoulder.

"What about his legs and stuff Nathan?" Vin asked as he finished rubbing the paste on Chris back.

"We'll do them next." Nathan with Buck's help laid Chris on his back, the paste seemed to dry very quickly, Nathan smiled as his nose twitched with the smell from his friends medicated body. Josiah handed Nathan some black short as the doctor stripped the pyjama bottoms off Chris and replaced then with the shorts.

"Ouch that has to be painful." JD commented as the extent of the bruising on Chris's legs was clear to see, Nathan gently manipulated the man's knee which was swollen and sore looking.

"Easy Chris." Buck soothed as Chris attempted to pull away from the healer.

"Buck what's happening?" Chris eyes where barely open.

"Go to sleep, Nathan and Vin are just fixing you right up." Buck ran his hand over the hot blond head.

"I'm fine." Chris mumbled settled back down, he was ignoring the pain from where Nathan and Vin where looking at his leg.

Josiah chuckled at the mumbled words; he watched as the two men slathered the thick paste on Chris's legs, Vin paid special attention to the damaged knee.

A hand fumbled against Buck's own, he allowed the groggy man to take his hand, and he squeezed gently as Chris bit his lip. Buck felt a soft brush against his mind, he smiled as he linked with Chris, he surrounded his wounded friend with the bond, giving him all the strength and support he could, he felt Chris relax as his pain seemed to fade into the background. Buck was not sure if it was the drug the man had been given or the comfort of the bond, or a combination of the two but he could only sigh in relief as he felt the sick man settle into a deep healing sleep. Buck felt the grip on his hand released; he looked down on his friends pale face and was pleased to see the man looked a lot more relaxed than he had seen him in a while.

"So what do we do now?" JD asked as Buck sprawled next to Chris and joined him in sleep.

"I'm hungry." Vin declared, he decided to go see what food he could find.

"Me too." JD followed Vin, with everyone bar the two sleeping sentinels heading to the kitchen.

The men began to prepare breakfast, each one laughing and joking with each other as they moved around the kitchen.

Josiah pulled Nathan close and scented the dark guide who happily snuggled in the large sentinels arms.

"You alright Ezra?" Vin had notice that the green eyed guide watched the bonded pair with a look of yearning.

Ezra turned to the blue eyed man; he saw the concern in the bright blue eyes.

"I'm fine Mr Tanner." Ezra pasted a smile on his face.

"Vin." Vin moved he expected to be rebuffed, but he needed to comfort the man who had looked so forlorn. He wrapped a strong arm around the man.

Ezra thought Vin must think he weak and needy, he linked with the man whose mind was open to him, Ezra was shocked the man had just allowed him to link without asking, Ezra sensed Vin's happiness being in the company of the pack and his desire to make Ezra and the others happy.

"Pack Ezra." Vin rubbed his face against the luxurious hair on Ezra's head. He felt Ezra's arms tighten around him in response to his words. "You can bond with me anytime you want or need, you never have to ask just take what you need."

Ezra heart swelled as he realised how unselfish this sentinel was, he stroked the long hair revelling in the feelings from the bond.

JD smiled at the two bonded pairs, he was still amazed to be part of this pack, he was sure that a mistake had been made and he did not really belong, but he would enjoy the time he had with the six other men. JD grunted as he found himself pulled into the embrace that Josiah and Nathan where sharing, he felt the older sentinel purring as he was cuddled by the larger guide.

"You do belong brother." Josiah rubbed the dark head affectionately as Nathan grinned down at the young guide.

Buck's nose twitched his dark blue eyes slowly opened as he followed the tantalising smells to the kitchen where the other men all sat around the big breakfast isle tucking into various different foods.

"Coffee." Buck mumbled as he got himself a large mug full taking a big gulp he sighed as he leant against the counter looking at the food trying to decide what to put on the plate Nathan handed to him.

"Is Mr Larabee still slumbering?" Ezra grunted as the large moustached sentinel snaked an arm out and pulled him close, a large hand rubbed up and down his back as he was scented. "Mr Wilmington watch the teeth."

Vin grinned at Ezra's complaint as the big sentinel gently bit the southerner's throat as he linked with him. Ezra sighed as he rubbed the short hairs at the back of Bucks head.

"Sentinels." Nathan winked at the green eyed guide who returned his grin. Nathan yelped as Vin retaliated and nipped the laughing healer's throat.

"We just can't help ourselves brother." Josiah had JD pinned against his side and the energetic guide was chuckling as he was being sniffed and nipped by the heavier sentinel.

"Just have to love them." JD laughed at the put upon expression on Ezra's face as Buck purred against the other guide as the man ran his fingers through the sentinel's thick hair.

"Let's eat guys." Vin went back to his plate of food.

After the food was cleared away the men settled in front of the large screen television watching a game, each of the men kept an ear on the occupant of the master bedroom. Every so often one of the men would get up and check on their Alpha as the game progressed.

Buck turned the television to the news channel for Josiah who smiled in thanks; he noted that Nathan and Vin both went to check on Chris. Vin hummed as he changed out the bowls of herbs for fresh ones, he then moved to sit on the opposite side of Nathan as the man listened to Chris's chest and took his temperature and pulse. The sick man slept on as the two men reapplied the paste to his body.

"Should we see if we can get him to drink some more of the pain reliever stuff?" Buck spoke softly from where he watched from the doorway.

"Nathan?" Vin looked to the dark healer.

"Might be a good idea." Nathan continued to check Chris's knee, he still was not happy with the congestion the man was still suffering from or how swollen the joint was but hopefully the herbs and other stuff would help.

Vin returned with a glass and he stood as Nathan and Buck gently lifted Chris into a seated position.

"Chris you need to drink this for me." Nathan took the glass from Vin and held it against Chris's lips.

Buck gently held his friend as Nathan tried to coax him to drink the disgusting coloured liquid.

Nathan patiently held the glass as Chris struggled to open his eyes.

"Just drink this Chris and then you can go back to sleep." Buck rubbed the thin back as the man tried to obey the gentle coaxing.

Nathan smiled as the green eyes blinked blearily at him; he frowned as the sentinel's nose twitched in displeasure at the smell from the fluid in the glass.

"No." Chris hand came up to push the glass away; he wearily leant back against his beta and felt Buck's arms come round him.

Buck laughed at the expression on Nathan's face as Chris again pushed the glass away from his face.

"Chris stop being stubborn, this will help now drink it." Nathan ordered, he ignored the glare he was receiving.

"Smells bad." Chris muttered, he continued to glare at the doctor, Vin sniggered.

"Yes I know so dial down your sense of smell and just drink it." Nathan ignored the chuckling men focusing on his suffering Alpha. "Stop laughing and help me."

Both men sobered at Nathan's annoyed growl.

Buck nudged Chris gently.

"Do as Nathan says Big Dog." Buck was surprised as Chris took the glass from the watching Nathan and downed the drink, the man then let out a jaw cracking yawn.

"How do you feel Chris?" Nathan could see Chris was struggling stay awake.

"I'm fine." Chris decided that the conversation was over and closed his eyes.

"Big Dog?" Buck felt Chris weight lean more heavily against him.

"He's asleep again." Vin and Buck settled the man back flat on the bed.

"Best thing for him." Josiah deep voice put in.

"So what's going to happen now?" JD asked he could see the others thinking about his question as all seven where back in the bedroom; the only one not reacting was the sleeping Alpha.

"Who knows what the futures going to bring JD but we'll be together for it." Vin saw the others nod in agreement.

A dainty hand picked up a wine glass as the news channel played, the woman smiled in delight picking up the phone, she brusquely commanded.

"Book tickets to Denver as soon as possible I have a sentinel to claim."