This was written as a Twitterfic for JoMoFan-Spot. Pretty much a PWP.

Summary: Adam is backstage after Smackdown, Randy comes back from his match hyped up on adrenaline.

Adam sits backstage after Smackdown, Randy comes back all worked up from his match. Adam takes one look at him and is grateful that he already prepped himself earlier. Randy grabs him, lifting him up and shoving him against the wall, taking his lips in a rough kiss. Adam runs his hands over Randy's chest and back, clinging to him as he is carried into the shower ripping his shirt off on the way.

All the other superstars know to leave now, or risk Randy attacking them for staring. Adam is pinned against the wall roughly, submitting easily to his lover. Randy tears roughly at Adams jeans, finally having to let his blonde takeover and get his belt and pants off. Once Adam quickly throws his jeans to the other end of the showers Randy rips his thong off, spreading Adams legs, not having the presence of mind to check whether he's ready or not, only able to look up at the blonde with eyes blazing.

Adam shudders and nods, whispering "Do it". Randy lines up and thrusts in, pausing for a moment to savour that hot tightness that his baby possesses. Adam's muscles clenching around his cock make it impossible for him to stay still and he begins to move, throwing every bit of frustration and adrenaline from his match behind his thrusts. Adam can't stay quiet; his brunette is pounding his prostate relentlessly making him scream.

Randy knows that he won't last much longer and wraps a hand around Adams cock, jerking him off in time with his thrusts, needing his baby to come first. Adam screams as he comes, the dual stimulation proving to be too much, and clenches hard around the cock inside of him, throwing Randy off the edge as he does.

Randy holds his blonde close, stroking his hair as they come down together, Adam unable to stand up on his own. Randy pulls out, looking down to see a faint sheen of blood covering his cock. He looks up at Adam to see only blissful pleasure on his face, no pain at all. Once he realises that his blonde enjoyed the roughness he starts to get hard again. He pulls Adam under the shower spray, wanting to get out of the arena and back to the hotel room. He wants round two as soon as possible...