Author's notes: Good evening everybody, and welcome to my first ever Make It or Break It fanfiction! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them and thought that, hey, I might give writing one a shot. My other stories for other worlds are a bit crap so... don't judge the quality of this one from them (I was young and foolish back then).

Synopsis: Isn't entirely clear how the story will finish (as in, I haven't finished planning my storyline) but the premise is that Payson and Sasha start working on a new move together. The more time they spend together, the closer they grow, but not without their fair share of trials and tribulations! Please give it a go, it's pretty straightforward at the moment but isn't that how most stories start out? It would be a little strange if, say, I wrote something ludicrous, like instead of at the end of the chapter, Payson stays with Sasha and they get it on on the pommel horse, someone of course would catch them, and of course there'd be a pregnancy scare and then they get married a few days after the fact... and mah grammaz and speeling wuld be liek dis. But it won't be, I promise!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or anything like that, nor am I making a monetary profit (that I'm aware of) from this work, plus I think if there were issues with fanfiction breaking copyright, we would know about it by now, right?

"When was the last time he looked at your routine?" Kaylie whispered, frowning.

"It was over a week ago! And I know for a fact he's been scheduling time after hours with her." Payson whispered back. They glanced over at Sasha and Lauren furtively. "And she got here two minutes after me this morning!" Kaylie's eyebrows shot up with surprise. Lauren was rarely even awake by the time Payson started training in the morning.

"So what do you think's going on?" Kaylie asked. "I mean, he worked with me this morning but that was the first time in three days."

Payson shook her head and shrugged. "I don't know. I bet he doesn't even know what my new floor music is."

"Ladies," Sasha yelled from the beam, "this isn't the mall. This is my gym, so get back to work!" Lauren smirked from where she was standing on the beam, secure in her new place as 'favourite'. It took Payson a second the process what had happened. The last time he'd used that tone with her was the Sunday after the infamous kegger ("Oh, how noble." He'd sneered, words dripping in sarcasm). Kaylie shrugged before moving to the uneven bars. Payson remained at the water cooler for a minute before going to the vault. Today she was trying to recreate a fluke move she'd discovered yesterday. She was aiming to increase her degree of difficulty by introducing a Tsukahara before she hit the vault table when she'd miscalculated the speed and strength required for the move ("Wouldn't have happened with a coach." Payson thought bitterly) and flipped higher than intended, rotating vertically as well as horizontally before flipping off the vault table, continuing her vertical-horizontal motion and somehow landing blindly, and somewhat dazed, on her feet. While she was flipping in her air, she felt like she was flying, as if she weighed nothing at all. Payson stood at the beginning of the mat, eyeing off the vault table. "Here goes nothing." She thought, and ran full-speed at the vault.

"That's good, Lauren. It's really coming along." Sasha commented as Lauren almost pulled off what she called "the Tanner". They'd spent painstaking hours working on it, clarifying the design, working on specific muscle groupings and conditioning. Sasha had never coached a girl trying to come up with her own move before, and it took far more time and effort than either of them had anticipated. He believed in her enough to try it, but he still wasn't entirely convinced she could pull it off in serious competition.

"Thanks, Sasha." Lauren said. If she could land this move, she would dominate the world with her beam routine and go down in gymnastics history.

Sasha glanced at his watch. "Alright, you move onto uneven bars and send Kaylie over here."

"Um," Lauren began, "don't you think maybe you should see how Payson's going?" She asked. Sure, she could be (would be) selfish, but it didn't mean she was blind. She could see as well as anyone how much time she was taking with him. Sasha looked over to where Payson had just landed on her hands and knees, slapping the ground with her hand in frustration. He jogged over to the vault and extended a hand to Payson. She sighed and let him help her up. He gave her a quick once-over with his eyes, checking for damage and noted how red her knees and hands looked.

"How's it going, Payson?" He asked, releasing her hands.

"All right. I'm trying to get this new move but it isn't quite clicking." She told him, business-like as ever. It took a lot of effort not to pout like a child and point out these were the first words they'd exchanged in days.

"Well what is it?" He enquired.

"Okay, so I push off and flip like I'm going for a Tsukahara but with added height so instead of the flipping onto the vault, I sort of… arc onto it. Do you know what that's called?"

Sasha looked at her with a spark in his eye. "From the way you described it, I think it's called a Keeler."

"All right ladies, it's five o'clock. Time to go home!" Sasha called. Kaylie jumped off the beam, landing catlike on her feet.

"Hey Pay, you need a ride?" She called, remembering having seen Mrs Keeler leave with Becca earlier.

"No, thanks, I'm good." Payson replied, walking over to Kaylie. "I was going to keep training late tonight and Mom's coming back in a few minutes."

"Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bright and early." Payson teased playfully.

Kayley groaned. "Ugh, don't remind me." She picked up her gym bag and walked toward the doors.

"See ya!" Payson called after her. She smiled and turned around to see Sasha talking quietly to Lauren, making gestures with his hands. Lauren smiled and looked up at him, lightly touching his bicep with his hand. She said something softly in reply to him before sliding her hand down and away as she picked up her gym bag and walked towards the door.

"See you tomorrow, Payson." Lauren smiled in an oddly satisfied fashion as she passed her.

"Yeah, bye." Payson returned, frowning. She turned towards Sasha, who was facing her, using his clipboard like a shield.

"Staying late tonight?" He asked, although he already knew the answer.

She nodded. "Let's get started."

"Come on, Payson! Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster!" Sasha yelled as Payson tore down the run way. They had moved into the annex, where the foam pit used for training the most risky moves was located. She exploded off the training trampoline (the most springy they had) and flew through the air in a graceful arc before pushing off the vault table and flipping. She fell into the pit feet-first, telling both coach and gymnast that she would have landed it had they been on a mat. There was silence for a second before Sasha spoke.

"Payson... I've never seen anything like that before." He almost whispered, enthralled. "Never..." He jogged over and held a hand out to help her out of the foam pit. She grasped his hand and let him pull her up. She climbed out of the pit, standing so close to Sasha that their chests brushed as they breathed.

"So," Payson began, "do you think we can get this before the Olympics?" Sasha smiled, recognising the fire in her eyes.

"Payson, if I've learned anything it's that with you, anything is possible." He replied, grinning. She jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around neck as he lifted her up and they laughed.

"Now go home before your mum tries to kill me." Sasha told her as he released her. Still grinning, Payson turned and started towards the doors.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Sasha."

"Bright and early?" He asked in a playful, albeit mocking tone. She rolled her eyes and shook her head in amusement as she left Sasha standing alone with his thoughts. "It's a power move, that's certain. We'll have to work on building her strength back. She got it once today, but for consistency she needs the strength to be certain. She looked so graceful," He thought with an affectionate smile, "like she was flying." And with that thought, he left the annex with visions of Payson arcing through the air playing on a loop in his head.

Author's notes: So let me know what you think but be warned! The next 8 weeks are crazily important and busy for me (last term of high school and university applications and stuff) so updates with go down one of two ways. One - I'll procrastinate really badly on school so they'll be frequent and big or two - I'll get over procrastinating and they'll take awhile. I just wanted to be honest up front, 'cause that's the way it's gonna be. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading.