Chapter 1

The chilling cold whipped past my face. The strong wind sliced past me, while doing my best to keep my balance and speed. Worked it out yet?

I was snowboarding.

Whizzing past several snowboarders, I was doing well. Unfortunately so were Aziel and Ben. Aziel and I were first place in the SnowRally boarding race. The other boarders were struggling to catch up on us as we slid down the snowy mountaintop of Mount Cryst. Ben was behind us, showing off with some tricks. The only reason Aziel and I were doing so well was because of our vampiric strengths, giving us a boost in balance and speed. Just the thing we need to beat them all.

We weren't quite sure why Ben was so good though. He had rivaled our strength in every sport we've played in so far in our trip around the world. We're in Canada because Megan's boyfriend is the son of a big company there. The guy's a twat, but he has good connections. He got all six of us tickets to Vancouver, and we're staying in his mansion.

Not his dad's. It is his mansion.

I'm not surprised, since his pocket money is $6,000 a week. And yes, he still gets pocket money.

Monica and Tom had gone off somewhere, and to be honest, I seriously don't want to know where. Megan and her boyfriend had left too and I don't want that wanker of a boyfriend around me. I wonder why Megan went out with him. Now back to snowboarding.

We were almost at the finish line when there was an explosion. I turned my head to see snow and ice collapsing off the mountain and causing an avalanche. I instantly leant down to gain more speed as my helpless fellow competitors were sucked into the white void and signalled Aziel and Ben to follow. They understood and together we raced down the mountain with a monster of white powder coming after us. Just when we were a safe distance from the avalanche, Ben smacked into a tree, fell off his board and rolled down the steep mountain!

I whizzed past him, pulled him onto my back, and boarded further down the slope. I elegantly passed the rubble ahead and came up with an idea. I then caught up to Aziel and told her my plan. She looked at Ben on my back, nodded, and jumped onto my board. I estimated that with more weight on the board we would go faster down the slope and avoid the avalanche. I prayed my plan had no flaws.

We were doing well for a while but we were a bit away from a cliff with a ramp when I discovered something. A notice on the board said "Holds only 1 person. Board will break if any more weight placed upon". Before I could tell Aziel this the board snapped beneath us and sent us rolling off the cliff. Before we could grab hold of anything, we tumbled off the cliff to our doom...

"Need a lift?"

We landed on top of a helicopter, hovering just below the cliff edge and we slid in.

"Having fun?" Harriet asked us as we sat down.

"If you consider escaping an avalanche, saving a nine year old child from breaking his neck, getting tossed off a snowboard and falling off a cliff having fun," I answered, exhausted. "We've had a great time!"

I said that just before I laid down and closed my eyes.

"Don't get too comfy." Harriet warned me. "We're picking up everyone and filling you in on where you're going next!"

Once we had picked up Megan and Gerrard (or Sir Twatwanker as I prefer to call him, Megan's boyfriend) we tried to contact Monica and Tom.

"Nothing," Harriet sighed as she put the helicopter's phone down. "I've tried every number I can and none of them are picking up. We'll have to head back to the mansion."

"MY mansion, Ms. Harley" Gerrard butted in.

"It's Harriet"

"Whatever. Did you enjoy your silly snowboarding thing?" Gerrard asked us in his snobby tone.

"We have been enjoying ourselves until you came along." Aziel leered at Gerrard. "We have enough problems without you sticking your oh-so-perfect head in."

"Will you stop that?" Megan glared at Aziel. "Gerry's being very kind to us by letting us stay at his place. All you have to do is give him some respect."

Aziel stuck her tongue out at Megan and Sir Twatwanker and looked out the window. Her expression soon went from anger to surprise as she saw something out the window.

"I see Monica and Tom!" she called to us. "They're being chased by a group of men with guns!"

"Where?" Harriet stuck her head out of the cockpit.

"In the forest!"

"Prepare for landing!"

Once we landed, Aziel and I jumped out.

"Keep an eye on Ben." I told Megan, gesturing to Ben as he slept.

And, with that, Aziel and I ran into the forest.

We had been running for a while when I saw two figures ahead of us running deeper into the forest. It was Tom and Monica! I was about to let Aziel know but she had her own concerns.

"Nevin! Behind you!"

I stole a glance behind my back and saw three burly, bearded, ugly lumberjacks chasing after us with big shotguns. I jumped up, grabbed a branch, swung down and kicked the middle lumberjack in his face. He roared with fury and pulled a few shots at me. I easily dodged and manoeuvred out of the way before pulling out my own handgun and emptying a few bullets in his chest. He collapsed and I prepared myself for the other two. However, when I looked behind me, I saw Aziel standing over two unconscious lumberjacks.

"Piece of cake" She grinned. And then, just over the horizon, we saw Monica and Tom rushing to us.

"We saw you take them down." Tom prodded the lumberjack with a stick a few times to check if he was awake. "Anyone thirsty?"

We dug in to some delicious lumberjack blood just before we heard helicopter choppers whirling. We jumped in the helicopter to find Harriet, Megan, but no Gerrard.

"Hey, where's Sir Twatwanker?" I asked Harriet as we took off.

"Vampires only meeting." Harriet said to me. "Although I'm only talking to you and Monica, we needed bighead off because he was becoming annoying."

"He IS annoying." I corrected Harriet. "And why only Monica and me?"

"This only concerns Monica and you" she opened a door to a room in the back and led me in. She then called Monica in and placed a map on a table.

"I called you two here today to discuss several pieces of information. First of all, we have confirmed another of the five. In fact, we have confirmed two of the five." She gestured to us both. "You two"

"Ok then," Monica pondered. "But why did you only summon us two to hear that? It's not really private."

"That's not the reason." Harriet continued. "It's the place we're going next that will concern you two the most." She pointed at a town on a map. "Here."

That's when Monica and I shivered. The town was familiar to us. It was where we used to live. It was our birthplace. It was where our parents were killed.

"I know this is personal to you and I understand if you don't want to go. We can postpone and-"

"No" I shook my head and turned to Monica. "We'll go. We have to go. Put matters to rest. It's now or never."

We both turned to Harriet and nodded.

She clapped her hands together and smiled. "Perfect! Now, one more piece of info. Well, it's kinda two. Megan isn't part of the prophecy. Oh, and she can't come."

"What?" We exclaimed at the same time. "But Megan's part of the team! She has to come!"

"Remember when I told you last time Tom couldn't come?" Harriet reminded us. "In the end he helped save you! Besides, Megan's destiny is unfortunately intertwined with Gerrard."

She packed up her things and left the room, leaving us on our own.

"So, we're to return to our dreaded hometown, Megan's to leave us, and we are to help defeat the vampirates with Aziel and two other unknown people.

Life's just great.