Rory brought the Jaguar to a halt and checked his watch.

"Are we in time?" asked Amy, flicking a loose thread of hair out of her eyes.


"Then let's go."

They both bundled out of the car and looked up at the hill they had parked in the shadow of. Rory sighed.

"Do you remember us looking out of breath when we saw our future selves?" he said.

"Rory Pond, the Lone Centurion, the man who's fought Vampires, Daleks and a Minotaur - afraid of climbing a hill?" teased Amy, giving her husband a kiss.

Rory blushed, and together they trudged up the grassy hillside for a minute until they reached the top. Rory and Amy held hands as they saw the church, the graveyard, and tiny blotches of blue grass. There was a tall blue box standing by the church, its light had only just stopped flashing.

"Behold," remembered Amy, smiling, as she saw the TARDIS doors open and her past self stepping out. "Rio."

"That looks really weird looking at it from here." said Rory, frowning as the Doctor started jumping on the spot and then rushing off to inspect the blue grass.

"So, we were just standing here and waving." said Amy, straightening her jacket.

They watched as the Doctor turned to look in their direction and they took it as their cue to start waving. So they did.

They watched the Doctor took out a pair of binoculars and they saw their past selves join him in looking with disbelief at them.

"Relive past glories." muttered Rory.

"Some glory," laughed Amy. "The day my fiancé died."

Rory grinned, and they watched their past selves and the Doctor turn to walk away, when they saw Rory stop Amy in her tracks and lecture her about wearing the engagement ring.

"You really are the world's biggest fusser." commented Amy, as Rory took the ring and went back to the TARDIS while Amy went to follow the Doctor.

They watched in silence for another minute as Rory left the TARDIS to be greeted by Ambrose and Elliot.

"She thought I was the police," explained Rory. "Her nan or someone's grave got snatched by the Silurians."


"You know, back then, I was so unsure about travelling with you. I felt so out of place. And then dying didn't help my confidence much."

Amy wrapped her arms around Rory's shoulders. "It all turned out well in the end, though, didn't it?"


There was another minute's silence, before Rory clapped his hands together. "Right, then, are off?"

Amy nodded, and they turned to trudge back down the hill, when Amy stopped.

"Ooh, wait. After you died and I," her voice broke slightly. "After you died and got sucked into the crack, we left and landed back there. I then saw just myself waving at me."

"How long away is that?"

"A few hours, at least. Maybe you should go and have some lunch while I wait here. Since I only saw myself, you can pick me up later."

Rory frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Amy replied, waving a hand. "It's gotta be done. Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey and all that stuff."

"Ok," Rory gave Amy a kiss. "Meet you back here soon."

Amy nodded, as Rory started back down the hill.

Amy then sat, cross-legged, on the grass and looked up at the sky. Didn't the Doctor say something about the sky going dark? She hoped not. Although, she would rather that than getting sucked under the ground again. The minutes began to tick ever-slowly by, and Amy waited. Again. The minutes turned to hours - in which the sky had gone dark and became light again, and in which the ground had shook, and by the end of the second hour she knew that she was now lying at the centre of the earth - being held hostage by the Silurians. After the fourth hour, she had noticed the ground beneath the TARDIS loosen a little, and after a while she was alarmed to see the blue box completely slip into the ground. Was this what happened the first time? Or was time being changed? It was hard to tell, but Amy acted with her gut and decided that it was the first one. After another while, she began to feel slightly calmer, as if a wild storm had just stopped. She knew it was over. And, with a stomach-twisting pang of loss, she realised that her past self had probably just suffered the loss of Rory Williams. She couldn't suppress the tear that slid from her eye and down her cheek. Then, at long last, she saw the homey shape of the TARDIS fade into view, and the Doctor step out without a word to Amy - who quickly followed. She remembered now how he had tried to make her remember, but had failed. He must be feeling awful. She had to resist the sudden urge to run from the hill and give the past Doctor a hug. Then, after another few minutes, she stood up and began waving. Her past self waved back and shouted "Hello, me!", while the Doctor looked on sadly. Amy wondered how he would react if she told him that it had been planned. That Rory had in fact been somewhere close by getting a coffee.

Amy then remembered that she had walked away after waving, and quickly hastened to do so. She stopped halfway down the hill and strained her ears to catch the sound of the TARDIS as it had taken off, but nothing.

Rory had only just arrived in the Jaguar when she reached the bottom of the hill.

And then they left without another word. They both knew that the other was remembering. Remembering their time with him. The Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond, next stop everything.