Kendal hurried the Madison's side, kneeling beside her. Her friend had crumpled to heap, panic in her eyes.

"Something's wrong." she sobbed again.

"It's going to be okay." said Kendal, trying to keep her voice steady, rubbing a comforting hand up and down her arm.

Kendal looked up at Randi, how was still on her feet; standing there shell-shocked.

"Don't just stand there, call an ambulance!" cried Kendal.

"What? Yes… yes..!" gasped Randi finally coming to her senses. She fled down the corridor to the nearest phone; in the photographic studio.

Kendal turned her attention back to Madison. After Madison had lost Sara, her premature baby girl, last year, her world had tumbled down around her, Kendal couldn't bear the thought of seeing her life shatter like that again; she prayed this was just a false alarm.

"Are you in pain?" she asked.

"What do you think!" cried Madison, angrily pushing her away. "I'm so stupid… I'm supposed to take it easy…"

"We don't know anything is wrong yet." insisted Kendal. "You need to stay calm… Stay calm for your baby."

Still sobbing, Madison struggled to control her breathing.

"I killed my baby… I killed my baby again…"

"Do not think like that!" said Kendal firmly. "Please, just breathe."

Madison tried her best to obey, but she could barely contain the panic building up inside her.

The heard the clatter of Randi's heel as she hurried back,

"The ambulance is on the way," she said "And I got Helena to call…"

Randi stopped and looked suddenly very pale.

"Helena's calling who?" asked Madison, then she notice Randi's expression. "What? What's wrong?"

Randi knelt slowly in front of Madison, looking briefly over to share a worried look with Kendal, before giving her friend a worried smile.

"Darling… you're bleeding."

Madison looked helplessly to her two friends; she began shaking her head determinedly.

"No, I'm not going to lose her." she said determinedly through her tears. "I'm not… I'm not… I'm not!"

"No you are not." echoed Randi, taking her friend's hand and squeezing it tight. "You just have to hold on, Madison. The ambulance is on the way and if Helena had got hold of him, so is Scott. Just hold on!"