Scott came racing into the hospital; he found a worried looking Randi waiting by the nurse's station.

"What happened," he cried, "Where is she?"

He had just got a garbled message from someone at Fusion that Madison had gone into labour, and he had hurried to the hospital in a panic.

Randi put her hand in Scott's arm to try and calm him.

"She's with Frankie. He's checking her out… I don't really know…" began Randi

Scott pulled out of her grasp trying to search out Madison's room. Randi wouldn't let go.

"You have to let him do his job."

Scott turned back to her, a frantic expression in his face as he tore at his hair. The baby was early… was she going to miscarry… would their baby survive?

"But what happened?" Scott demanded.

"I don't know, there was blood… but…" began Randi, searching for an answer to soothe Scott's distress, but she knew she didn't have one. "I don't know…" she finished lamely.

"I need to see her." said Scott trying to pull away again.

"You need to wait for the doctor!" insisted Randi.

As she spoke Frankie emerged from one of the nearby hospital rooms. He hurried forward the moment he saw Scott.

"Where is she!" demanded Scott.

Frankie held up his hands.

"Firstly you need to calm down… Madison has worked herself up into enough of a state I don't want you making it worse."

"I need to see her!"

"Of course." said Frankie, "But we need to talk about a few things first. Madison has had a Placental Abruption; basically the uterine lining has come away and is causing her to bleed out. The best way forward for mother and child is to perform a caesarean and stop the bleeding. The only way forward in fact."

"Then you need to do it!" exclaimed Scott.

"Unfortunately Madison is refusing treatment. She believes that is this child is born early it will die. I have tried to explain to her that at thirty-four weeks, her baby has a much greater chance of survival than little Sara who was born at only twenty-eight weeks. In terms of baby development the difference is huge."

"What happens if there is no caesarean?" asked Scott.

"Then Madison risks not just the baby but her own life as well!" said Frankie.

Scott looked around the hospital corridor feeling lost and desperate, not sure what to do next.

"Maybe you could talk to her." suggested Frankie. "I think she just needs to be reminded she's not alone in this."

Scott nodded his head.

"She's this way." said Frankie, leading him towards the hospital room.

Scott found Madison sat up in bed, an oxygen tube under her nose face and leads on her chest leading off to a heart monitor.

"Madison." he said quietly.

She looked up, her face streaked with tears.

"I'm trying to stay calm. I don't want to hurt the baby." she stammered. "If I stay calm, the contractions will stop and everything will be okay."

Scott stepped forward to sit in the edge of her bed and take her hand.

"That's not what Frankie said." He said quietly.

"I don't care what Frankie said." replied Madison. "It's my body and my baby and she isn't coming out until… until she ready."

"But it sounds like she's ready now." said Scott.

"No…" snapped Madison, then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, remembering her vow to stay calm. "No," she said again, this time her voice steadier. "It's too soon."

Scott squeezed Madison's hand tighter.

"Honey, you don't have a choice… your bleeding… and is they can't stop it, it will kill you and the baby."

Madison shook her head.

"It's too soon." she said again.

"What happened to Sara, it won't happen again. Frankie said at thirty four weeks her chances of survival are massively improved."

"You don't know that!" insisted Madison.

"Do you really think Frankie is going to let anything happen to our baby? I'm not talking about any old doctor, I'm talking about your friend and confidant; do you really think he is going to do anything but the best for you and our baby?"

Madison blinked slowly and looked up a Scott.

"Because you refusing this treatment," continued Scott, "It isn't just risking the life of our beautiful baby, but you risk your own life as well." He bent down to kiss her hand. "I can't lose either of you. I won't."

Their eyes met and Madison started to sob.

"I'm scared, I'm so scared."

"I know, so am I." said Scott, "But we have each other and we can get through this."

He kissed her hand again and Madison gave him a small smile.

"You won't leave me." she begged squeezing his hand.

"They would have to pry me away with a crowbar." said Scott.

Madison took a deep breath.

"Okay." she said at last. "We can do this… I guess today is going to be our baby's birthday after all."