This time, they did sleep together. And somehow it made Peter feel better than he'd ever felt in years. He locked himself in the shower afterwards and felt too numb to even May become nightfall, maybe Jerry actually would let him leave, as he seemed to have got what he wanted. Or maybe Peter would have to break out, and it may take him longer than one night. Long enough for Jerry to get him to feed. So far, his body was doing a pretty good job of fighting it. He had no urges, and he just didn't feel any different; no heightened senses, no super muscles. If he could just get out and get to his books, and possibly Charley, he could fithesis. It could be all right.

"Do you know why it felt so good?" Jerry called through the door, making him jump..

"Piss off, Jerry!" he yelled back when he had recovered. The fucking creep.

"Let me in," he said, his words causing fear to settle in the pit of Peter's stomach. He swallowed.

"Why? Can't you leave me alone for five minutes?"

"Because you're crying."

He stiffened, and touched his knuckles to his eyes in surprise. "I'm fine," he mumbled into the cascade of water, wiping them. Then he raised his voice. "I'm fine. I want to be on my own. To have a fucking shower in peace."

Even as he spoke, he was trying to crowd out images of them having shower sex in his brain. He hoped the door would hold if Jerry insisted, because his willpower really wasn't up to much just then.

Jerry was laughing. "Come on. If you're really leaving, don't you want to go one last time?"

Peter squirted shampoo into his palm and began scrubbing it into his hair, focusing on ignoring Jerry. Focusing on not saying something the vampire wouldn't be taken in such good humour. He didn't hear from Jerry again, so he assumed he'd gone away and eventually relaxed. He turned his mind back to them earlier, closing his eyes and letting the water clean him. Before they'd had sex, full on, full blown consensual sex, Jerry had asked him the same question, and Peter had answered with the tears evident in his voice.

"I don't want to hear it."

Jerry had laughed but took pity on him and let it go. And fucked him rather than mocked him.

When he was out of the shower, he wanted to sleep again. Why was this day so fucking long? And why was he tired instead of surged with adrenalin? His new vampire stamina should be able to cope with vampire sex. And if he'd been slipped any medication in hospital, his new body should have caused it to wear off.

He found Jerry lounging on the bed, reading.

"Why am I so tired?" he snapped. He had some vaguely masochistic urge to see if he could push Jerry, actually piss him off. What he would actually do to hurt him.

Jerry didn't look up. "Maybe it's your PMS."

"Ha, ha. You're so funny, Jerry, so fucking funny. If Charley doesn't fuck you over again, you should try stand up."

There was a little silence. Jerry was looking at him now, and his face was a perfect blank, not angry, but that was somehow all the more terrifying. Peter's brain had frozen and all he could feel was his heart. He backtracked. He hadn't said anything that bad.

"Well, haven't you got brave," Jerry said dryly. He didn't say anything else, but Peter somehow knew he wasn't off the hook.

"Sorry," he muttered eventually. "I'm - tired."

And scared. And bitter and furious at you. His eyes automatically sought out the clock.

"Two hours," Jerry murmured, and Peter's eyes snapped back to him. His eyes were wandering over Peter's still damp body, and Peter had to physically repress a shiver. And not one of disgust. Fuck. He wanted to sleep.

"Come on," Jerry said as if reading his mind, slapping the bed. "Lie down. You won't sleep all night."

"You won't wake me if I do. Or you'll lock me up."

Jerry made his come on face at him, and held out his hand to him.

Peter wanted to test his rebellion a little further, but he ended up slumping on the bed at a non-touching distance from Jerry.

"I'm not sleeping," he murmured, half to himself. He could stay awake for two hours. He could.

"Sure," Jerry said disinterestedly. "So," he said, after a moment. "You and Charley. You guys still in touch?"


"Hm. Why would you lie about that?"


"Just friends?"

"Of course," he snapped. "He's 17."

He felt Jerry shrug.

"And you really don't want him turned?"

"You're giving me the choice?" he sneered.

"Well. Funny you should ask."

Peter sat up, taking the bait.

"Stay for a bit, and I'll leave Charley alone."

"You mean you'll kill him in future as opposed to now? That's nice of you."

"Don't be dense. I mean I won't hurt him ever if you stay. Well. Unless it's self defense."

"And you want me to stay- "

"Not forever," he said quickly. "A few weeks, a few months. It's better for you, anyway. You've got a lot of getting used to."

Peter thought about it. "What if you're lying?"

"I don't lie. I don't need to."

"That's great, but what if you're lying? How can I know?"

He shrugged. "What do you want me to say? I'll make you a contract if you like."


"You've got a little while to think about it," Jerry said lazily. "And I'm not talking about locking you up or anything. Just stay, learn were meant to stay in hospital for 2 weeks, right? So you can't say you have to take care of things at work."

Bastard. Bastard, bastard, bastard. He was such a creep. Peter hoped he could read his mind.

"I can smell your frustration," he mused. "It's kind of hot."

Peter sighed then, feeling some of his anger deflate with it. Because he'd been expecting something like this all along. If Jerry wasn't doing anything to him or keeping him by brute force, he must have something else up his sleeve.

He could go straight to Charley and they could work something out. Or, he could go straight to Charley and get him and possibly his mother killed. Or. He could stay, learn how to use his new strength and abilities to the best possible advantage in the shortest time possible, and then go to Charley and work something out. Maybe.

He was going to stay. It might mean him hating Charley forever, but he was staying. He didn't say anything. He could still change his mind in the next two hours or so.