I followed Norman all the way down to the barn. I could tell that he was trying very hard not to cry and to keep it all in, so I didn't attempt to talk to him, since I might accidentally upset him more. So I kept quiet until we made it to the barn.

Norman walked into the barn with a dreary look on his face. He sat on a bench with his back to me on the other side of the barn. I thought about saying something to him but decided against it. Instead I just went up and sat next to him. After a second of silence, I slowly reached my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder. He didn't say or do anything to object, nor did he look at me, we just sat their in silence.

" Rotten luck" Said a voice, coming from the entrance of the barn. Me and Norman both turned to see who had spoken and say Cyril standing their with a sad expression. We watched as he walked further into the barn and over to Mr. Green's machine. Cyril started to compliment the machine, trying to be sympathetic but Norman interrupted him before he could go any further.

" He's not dead" He stated firmly, looking straight at Cyril. I sighed. I knew he was going to think like this, and why shouldn't he? It's only natural, I should know...I did it when I lost my parents.

I grabbed his hand and looked him straight in the eye and spoke softly too him,

" Norman I know you think like that now, I did too but soon your mind will be taken off it by other things, Better things." I tried my best t give him a small smile, but I think he could tell it was forced.

" No I don't think, I know." He perused. " The Army must have gotten it wrong." I sighed again and squeezed his hand a little, hoping he would see sense.

" Norman, The Army don't get it wrong." Cyril slowly said, trying not to upset him more.

" No he's not dead. I know he's not... I can feel it." Said Norman after a short pause.

" How?" Me and Cyril asked at the same time. Norman looked at us both before he started to explain to us about his father being able to feel things in his bones and that he had the same feeling.

I remember Norman telling me stories about when his father had feelings in his bones and where able to help cows, or get ready for floods and things like that. I also remember him telling me that on every single one of those times...his father was right.

" all right." I breathed. They both looked at me and I continued. " I trust you." I took his hand again and smiled at him, this time however it was not forced. He gave me a small smile also.

" The question is..." Cyril piped up, " What are you going to do about it?" After a moment of silent thinking I put forward my thoughts.

" Well you need to find out where he is because if you don't then your mother..." I hesitated. I didn't want to say it because one I didn't want to think about what would happen and two, I just didn't feel like it was my place to say.

" Then she'll sell the farm." Supplied Norman. " How can we find him?" Continued Norman. Their was another moment of silent thinking before Cyril came forward with his idea.

" I know a way!" He suddenly said. My head snapped towards him.

" What!" I half said half yelled.

" Well my father he's..." He started but we all said the second part together in a moment of excitement " Very high up in the war office!" Me and Norman both smiled at Cyril thinking we had had a great idea.

" The only thing is is that he's in London!" Cyril said like he had been let down.

" How do we get their?" I asked.

" We can't ask my mother, we need to bring her proof that he is alive" Norman explained.

" Then who can help us?" Cyril asked a little worried. I looked down for a moment thinking that their was nobody that could help us, when suddenly...I got a thought. I lifted my head and looked a Norman, he looked back at me. Apparently we had both had the same idea. Their was only one person who could help us now: Nanny McPhee.

The three of us ran quickly out of the barn and started frantically searching for the nanny.

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