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Summary: Shoichi wakes up to a soft bed and warm pajamas. He wasn't there before which means some touched him! Now Shoichi has to go on a hunt to find out who even thogh about touching him!
Warnings: Mild language (Due to a mad Shoichi and Byakuran), Shonen-ai, and slight pedophileness(Due to Daisy)

Finding the Culprit

Why do I do this to myself? Every day I work myself to the bone with Spanner, trying to meet the over-the-top expectations of my cruel boss, Byakuran~san. From the moment I wake up until it's so late in the night that I can't even undress myself before passing out. Today was no exception. As I hobbled to my room, my eyes cloudy with exhaustion, I began to pull as my shirt. Unfortunately, it was too late. I leaned against the wall, and let sleep overcome me.

Byakuran was walking down the halls, singing quietly to himself. Suddenly, a sleeping Shoichi, frozen in the process of removing his shirt, caught his eyes. Byakuran chuckled softly, and ran a hand through his spikey, white hair.

"Uwaa~ My Sho~chan is sooo~cute!" he nyaed in his childish voice. He stared lovingly at Shoichi for a bit before mumbling,

"But… I should probably move him…"

Byakuran gently scooped Shoichi up, and carried him to his room. The Millifiore boss quickly dressed Shoichi in his pajamas and laid him down in his bed lovingly.

"Bye B, Sho~chan! ~" Byakuran whispered, leaving the room silently.

The next morning, Shoichi sleepily sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes trying to remove the remainders of sleep. Something's wrong. Something was not right. Glancing down at himself he realized what was wrong. I'm in my pajamas…I'm in BED! I was NOT here last night. I'm NEVER able to even make it all the way to my room! Someone moved me! Someone even DRESSED me...HOLY CRAP! SOMEONE TOUCHED ME! WHO THE HELL TOUCHED ME! This is just UNACCEPTABLE! I have to find the person who did this to me! I threw the sheets off my bed and stormed out of my room and straight into Spanner's workshop. I scanned the room littered with different parts of machines and Mosca blueprints, but was not able to locate Spanner. I didn't have TIME for this, stupid Spanner!

"SPANNER!" I yelled, seeing his head pop out og King Mosca near the back.

"hn?" he muttered.

"LAST NIGHT! Did you touch me?" I demanded from him.

Spanner stared at me as if I have grown a second head. This has been happening far too much lately. '-.-

"Why would I touch you? And why do you think someone touched you?" he asked in his monotone voice. He had a point; this stupid technophile would never touch me, or anyone else for that matter.

"I WAS IN BED!" Spanner gave me blank stare as if to say 'and' "WITH MY PAJAMAS ON!" I added quickly.

Spanner suddenly leapt into action, finally understanding the importance of the situation. He leapt out of the King Mosca and raced over to one of his many computers.

"Are you checking the security footage?" I asked.

Spanner didn't respond as he continued to type and stare at the computer screen.



"All then footage from last night has been altered." he said, looking at me blankly. I stared at him in shock, not being able to respond.

"This marshmallow residue smeared over the cameras could serve as evidence that Byakuran~san did it…..but that does not seem highly probable." Spanner speculated.

Instead of listening to Spanner rant on his findings, I stormed out of the room in search of the other Millifiore members (and the jerk that touched me).

I first wandered into the living room of the base and stumbled upon Kikyo and Zakuro playing cards, as usual. I stormed up to them, determined to find out if they touched me.

"Oi! Kikyo! Zankuro! Did one of you touch me last night!" I demanded.

They both looked up from their cards and stared at me weirdly. Zankuro put his cards flat on the table and folded his arms across his chest.

"I'm sorry to tell you this Shoichi, but…I'm straight." Zankuro stated.

For reasons unknown, my face started to turn a bright red.

"S-SO AM I!" I stammered.

Kikyo raised an eyebrow suspiciously and turned back to his hand of cards.

"Sure Shoichi." he said in a sarcastic tone. 'WHY THE SARCASM?'

"I AM!" I yelled, trying to reinforce myself.

Zankuro smiled at me slyly. Why, I regret to say, am about to find out.

"Aw Shoichi, don't worry about us, we support you!" he declared.

I turned as red as a tomato and began to storm out of the room. No way did one of these damn gamblers touch me.


Out in the hall I heard Zankuro yell from behind me,

"I TOLD you Shoichi, I'm STRAIGHT!"

Unable to form any word of retort, I stormed off, flushing madly. Making my way through the endless maze that was the Millifiore base, I finally ran into Bluebell. She was in the library looking through some random book while sitting in a comfy armchair. Noticing me, she looked up from her book and smiled at me gently. I tilted my head slightly, could it really have been her? Well… might as well ask… though I doubt it.

"Hello Shoichi! What are you up to?" she asked me, putting away her book as I made my way over to her.

"Hi Bluebell, I know it's rather sudden, but last night, did you touch me by any chance?" I asked awkwardly. Bluebell looked at me confused.

"Touch you? No no, ever since I found out about you I haven't even thought about it. N-Not that I thought about it in the first-" she began, but I cut her off.

"Found out about me? What did you mean?" I asked. Bluebell gave me a gentle smile.

"So Silly! Ever since I found out that you were into men!" she declared happily.


Bluebell stared at me worriedly.

"Um… Shoichi?" She asked.


"Y-You…. You think…. That I'm…. gay…?" I finally managed to splutter out.

Bluebell looked a little awkward.

"Y-Yeah….you are….aren't you? Please don't go into denial Shoichi! I don't mind, really!" she rushed, looking a little upset.

She's upset! What about me! I'm learning things about myself that I never knew…not that what they are saying is true or anything, and everyone needed to get that straight!

"I'M NOT GAY! I'M 100% STRAIGHT!" I yelled, storming out the room, yet again.

"Denial isn't healthy Shoichi!" Bluebell called after me.

I didn't bother to respond; instead I just simply started to walk faster.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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