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"So...YOU told them that I was gay!" I asked in an exasperated voice, although I already know the answer.

"Well, You are~!" Byakuran replied happily.

OAO... (I swear my face is going to become stuck like this)

"And HOW did you come up with that ASSUMPTION!" I screeched, slowly losing what little self-control I still had.

This was WAY too much to deal with first thing in the morning. Byakuran was starting at me with slight confusion on his face.

"Why, what a silly question Sho~chan! Ever since I claimed you as mine when we made up a couple of weeks ago." He stated with a big smile on his face.

I tried to think about all the events that had happened in the last couple of weeks. The only thing that had really affected me in the last couple of weeks was Byakuran's major temp...er...tan...trum...Wait...

"YOU MEAN THAT KISS YOU GAVE ME!" I yelled as realization dawned on me.

Byakuran just gave me a blindingly cute smile while leaning towards me.

"Why of course Sho~chan! Don't think that you can just forget and get away from me that easily." Byakuran said slyly, giving me a quick peck on the lips, before straightening back up.

Since i was already blushing from the news that I had just learned of being Byakuran's lover, that little peck on the lips made me blush even redder than I already was. Glancing around the room, I noticed that almost everyone was staring at us. Kikyo and Zankuro seemed to have lost interest since they weren't in trouble and were fighting over there game. Bluebell looked pleased; Daisy looked slightly disappointed (why? I'm too scared to find out), and Spanner stopped caring and was sucking on his lollipop. Looking at Byakuran i saw that he was looking rather pleased with himself. I sighed and buried my embarrassed face in my hands. I know that I unconsciously accepted to being Byakuran's lover and I also knew that I would most likely regret doing so. Finally realizing that the feeling before was my love for Byakuran didn't help the matter, but I knew that acceptance was the only decision that I could make.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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