Author's Notes

I originally uploaded this fanfiction to my old account on this site, but decided to move it to my new account in order to shake off some irksome stalkers. I am surprised and thankful for all the kind support I've received here—honestly speaking, I wrote this not because I'm a fan of this anime, but merely as an experimental attempt at pairing stories. I'm not a big fan of romance stories, and truthfully I have zero experience when it comes to teenage love—to think I'm a teen myself too. (What an irony.)

It all happened when I helped out with a bit of beta-reading for my friend Kiribou's fanfic titled Tale of the Orange Bird, also hosted on this very site. As I was editing his opening paragraph, I had the sudden inspiration to write one. I didn't copy his work, because his was Ichika x Charlotte, whereas mine was Ichika x Houki. Our beginnings are pretty similar—he used the opening I suggested when I edited his work.

Another thing is, at that time when I went to check out the archive for IS fanfics here, I saw that most of them are Ichika x Char, and a handful of Ichika x Laura. That makes me more determined to write this, a dedication to Houki fans and Ichika x Houki shippers. Oh, just to make myself clear: I do not ship for any particular pairing. I only feel that someone should try other possible pairings to spice up the archive. (Uh, that sounds pretty wrong…?) It would be quite boring to see the same pair repeating over and over again, right?

I noticed that slash and pairing fanfics are extremely popular on this site, so I finally mustered enough courage to pen this down. This is my first time writing such kind of stories, and being a pretty critical person to myself, I daresay that this piece of work is far from perfect—it definitely still needs a lot of polishing.

This twoshot is solely based on the anime adaptation of Izuru Yumizuru's Japanese light novel series, IS: Infinite Stratos. I have to emphasize the fact that this story is a direct sequel to the anime only as I've yet to read that far in the light novels, so I do appreciate if people don't start to compare this with the light novel and bombard me by pointing out the so-called 'mistakes'. I actually showed this story to my friends who have watched the anime before and took the pain to make sure that the canon characters did not go out of character. I do get complains every now and then that Ichika is too dense in this story—for your information, he is really very dense, be it in the anime or the original light novel. Please stop flaming me about Ichika being a complete romance idiot because he obviously is one, period.

Another thing: I wrote this right after the end of episode 12 of the anime, way before the OVA was even announced for release. I know that the OVA has confirmed Ichika x Houki as the official canon pair (for the anime series), but whatever it is, I feel that this pair really needs more love.

Some supporters actually expressed queries about whether I'll be continuing this sweet tale of the cute pair, seeing that it is an open ending. I am sorry to say that for now this is where I end—I may consider continuing it, if I have the inspiration and drive to write more in the future. I'm currently still schooling, so my priorities are my studies, and therefore my progress with story writing is extremely slow—I'm often on long hiatus because of my hectic school work.

Once again, I thank my wonderful supporters—my friends whom I showed this work to, and all my beloved reviewers who enjoyed my humble writing—for helping me to make this fanfic a success. Appreciated!

Until then!


Sweet Wine | IS: Infinite Stories by kurotsuba.

IS: Infinite Stratos © Izuru Yumizuru.

Tale of the Orange Bird by Kiribou.