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Her first time might have been with John, but her first orgasm had most definitely been with Nikola.




Chapter One

Helen was struggling to understand what all the fuss was about. She hadn't been the first of her friends to have sex by any means, but the few she spoke to about such a personal matter seemed much more enthusiastic about the experience, and about repeating it at every opportunity.

She supposed her best choice would be to speak about it to a man, but she didn't want to knock John's confidence; especially when he always seemed so delighted by their lovemaking. So, she would turn to her closest and dearest friend. He certainly might be able to shed some light on the matter.

Whilst many believed him a recluse and celibate, she knew that was far from the truth. She'd known him to study female biology and the workings of sex as intently as he did any other science project, not content until he had learned all the wonders and mysteries that the female of their species held.

So, her mind was made up. She would go to him with her dilemma, and he would be very discrete about it all – having no desire to risk her reputation or incur John's wrath.


"Helen? Are you well?"

She hesitated for a moment, then moved around his lab desk to sit beside him.

"I have a dilemma. I didn't want to trouble John with it in case it's all something over nothing."

"Go on," he asked with concern, turning his attention away from his notes and fully to her.

"You know that John and I have… lain, together?"

He couldn't hide the reflexive grimace at the thought of him in her bed, but she was his closest friend, and if she really needed to bring this into the conversation he knew she must have her reasons.

"Unfortunately, yes, I'm aware of that," he said casually.

She felt a little awkward then, knowing he'd never liked her blossoming relationship with John. But she pressed on. She needed her answers.

"We've been together on a few occasions now, only… my girlfriends who have lain with their suitors seem to have found the experience very pleasurable, and are eager to repeat the process."

"But you?" his interest was piqued.

"Well, bar my very first experience which was irrevocably horrid… as it is for all women…" she hesitated, "it's not entirely unpleasant but I often find it quite uncomfortable. It's not something I would consider to be the best part of our relationship at all, certainly not something I'm ever eager to repeat."

"Go on,"

"But it is expected of me, and John seems to get such pleasure from it. I just feel like perhaps there's something the matter with me, perhaps I'm not any good at it?"

His features softened at her obvious self-doubt.

"Forgive the bluntness of my questions, Helen, but does he use his hands or his mouth to stimulate you in any way?"

"Uh," she stuttered, but made herself get a grip. He wasn't asking because of crudeness, but a desire to help. "I… lay down, and open my legs and… he enters me."

Nikola tutted.

"My my, no foreplay, you have been missing out Helen. It's no wonder you've been finding the experience uncomfortable."


He ignored her question, pressing on with his own.

"How about when you and he… approach the end? do you achieve orgasm then?"


"Yes, Helen," he couldn't help but smirk now. She had the intellect of a hundred men and the beauty of a hundred goddesses… he was digressing… but when it came to sexual behaviour she was as innocent as they came. She had always been too focused on her education and equality as a woman to have paid sexual antics anywhere near enough attention.

"Nikola, this isn't for your amusement,"

"I'm sorry, that's not why I'm amused." He reassured her, taking one of her fidgeting hands in his. "You are aware that a woman can orgasm, just like a man does?"

Her eyes widened at the concept, and she found her mind replaying something John always did near the end of their lovemaking.

"Well, John does gain a rather enthusiastic expression just before he…"

"Ejaculates?" Nikola supplied.

Helen nodded somewhat shyly.

"But what would be the purpose of such a response for a woman? When a man does so it is with the purpose of procreation. Why would a woman need to do so too?"

"For pleasure, Helen." He supplied. "I suspect that this is the element that's missing from your sexual experiences to date."

She felt herself blush.

"Oh dear. Do you think this is achievable for me? Is this what my friends have been enjoying?"

"I'm almost certain of it. Although, an experiment may be in order."

"What sort of experiment? I can't possibly say anything to John. He'd be most embarrassed."

"An experiment with me." He offered simply, noticing her blushing increase tenfold at the insinuation.

"You would really do that for me? I don't know that I even believe myself capable of this, orgasm, as you call it."

"I will most definitely do this for you, Helen. Trust me… we'll get to the bottom of this."




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