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Chapter Twelve

"Lay on your front," he encouraged, pulling the pins from her hair so it cascaded down her back.

"I'd rather lay on my back, with you between my legs,"

He growled lowly, shifting for a moment but forcing himself back to his human form.

"Do as you're told." He demanded playfully, the glint of mischief in his eyes holding wonderful promise that she couldn't dare argue with.

She shot him another glare, but did as he'd requested nonetheless.

He watched her settle onto her stomach as he reached for some sweet almond oil, pouring it on his hands and rubbing them together. He knelt on the bed and gently started massaging her calves.

"Mmmm," she purred, his fingers working their way up her legs. Despite her eagerness for him to pick up exactly where he'd left off when he lifted her from the bath, she had to admit she enjoyed his attentions.

He shifted higher up the bed, tipping some more oil directly on her back then spreading it across her fair skin and down, in several firm strokes.

"On your back," his breath suddenly tickled her ear, breaking her from her reverie.

She turned lazily over, stretching her hands above her head and pressing her chest up and out towards him, beckoning him for even more attention.

She tried to ignore just how needy he was making her feel.

He carefully lifted her hips up off the mattress and slid a pillow underneath her ass. She didn't question the change in position, certain he had a valid reason for it. She simply shifted slightly to get comfortable again, and he pressed a kiss between her breasts, working his silky hands across her skin and slowly encouraging her to bend her legs up and open.

"I love your hands," she whispered, reaching up to stroke his face tenderly, coaxing him closer for a kiss.

His kisses were corrupting, and she was so distracted she never noticed the way he'd shifted onto his side beside her and one of his hands was making its way towards the junction between her legs.

He used his whole hand to gently massage her there, and she started to rock herself brazenly against him, glad he hadn't made her wait any longer to carry on with the evenings experiment.

He turned his hand over to drag his knuckle slowly downwards, effectively reminding her of their moment in the bath. She moaned lowly, lifting herself slightly off the bed with impatience. She was ready, and very willing.

He stroked her a few more times, turning his hand back over and swirling his finger around her before gently slipping the tip inside. It went in easily, and she released a ragged breath.

"Is this part of the massage?"

He chuckled at her question, her eyes dark and lustful as he swirled his fingertip around her and slid it inside once more.

"I thought we could try a little… internal massage, if you will. There's a lovely little area inside you that can elicit the same response as your clitoris when stimulated correctly. Sometimes the response is even more powerful."

"There is?"

He continued to toy with her as they spoke, dipping ever so softly inside her then swirling around the outside over and over again. She was relaxed and comfortable and almost in awe at how much she was enjoying the way his finger slid in and out of her. On the few occasions John had shoved a finger inside there had been an uncomfortable resistance that made her fear nothing was supposed to be put inside her at all… but not with Nikola.

"Indeed. Some envision it as an entirely separate spot altogether, but it's my theory it's merely an internal extension of your clitoris. Would you like me to see if I can find it?"

"Very much so,"

He refrained from grinning, instead kissing her softly and slipping his finger a little further inside. He massaged the front wall of her vagina a few times, but could already feel the swell of his destination, and stroked a little deeper, curling his finger and pressing the area firmly.

She let out a gasp of appreciation, and he massaged her there more firmly, bringing a second finger into play.

"Oh- Nikola- Niko I feel like-"

She clenched tightly around him on instinct.

"What Helen? It's alright, tell me what you feel?"

She looked at him a little embarrassedly.

"Like I need to… urinate."

He kissed her in reassurance.

"That's normal. It means I've got the right area."

"But what if I- if I can't… hold it in?"

"You just need to trust me. You're not about to lose the contents of your bladder, I promise you. If you want to fully enjoy what I'm doing then you really need to relax these muscles of yours, okay?"

She tried to relax as he advised, and he massaged the area firmly, again and again.

She couldn't help the fear she was going to ruin his bed sheets, and it took a few more minutes for her to stop automatically clenching, but once she did she found her pleasure increasing at an astronomical rate, and he started moving his fingers faster and harder.

And then his thumb moved to her clitoris for a combination of sensation that made her completely lose control.

She let out a wail of pleasure as her orgasm began, and he kept stroking her incessantly, drawing her pleasure out longer until a shattering scream escaped from her mouth and a gush of clear fluid shot out against his hand.

"Nikola!" she trembled, and he dared to stimulate her again, quickling drawing a second orgasm from her and a few incoherent curses.

"I could watch you orgasm for eternity," he whispered, as she lay exhausted from the intensity of her body's response, certain she wouldn't be able to walk for at least an hour.

"I think I could let you."