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(Text convo between Conner and Wally)

W: hey did you get a new phone

C: Yeah, it has autocorrect, what ever that is

W: Cool, so wut up

C: Robin and I r goin to the tampons later, gotta do an under cover mission, i need to look like the one terror twin, he looks like hes from jersey shore

W: u guys r goin were?

C: OH DEAR LORD! The tan pods, tanning booth, oh god, okay, forget what i said in that txt

W: wutevr, just as long as u guys rnt goin to the tanpons

(Text convo between Conner and Dick)

D: So wut up

C: Just got out of prison, wanna shoot some batman later

D: Hell no


C:BASKETS! Damn i hate the autocorrect on my phone

D: Oh, ok, u scared me there for a minute

(Text convo between Conner and Kaldur)

K: So how are you and Robin getting to Gotham

C: Huh

K: teleporting, bio ship

C: Wouldn't know were to park the bio shit, were gonna toilet paper

K: Excuse me

C: Were gonna toilet paper there

C: Crap, I meant teleport

K: funny you should say crap

C: shut up

(Text convo between Conner and Artemis)

A: So Megans dragging you to a concert tonight

C: Yeah, she wants me to wear a bannana

A:...I hope you're gonna wear a shirt underneath that

C: BANDANNA! God, I hate my phone

(text convo between Conner and Megan)

C: I love you

M: *doesn't know how to reply* Autocorrect again?

C: Nope, I meant to say that

M: ;)


(Forward Message between Batman and Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Superman, Martian Man Hunter, Wonder Women, Green Lantern and Red Tornado)

BM: Sorry I can't make it to the meeting, I broke seven boners

F: Yikes, when did you find the time to do that

BM: I'm Batman, I break villains boners every week

MMH: Good Heavens Bruce, have some morals

GA: Okay Bruce, official TMI


WW: God, I could have gone without know that thank you very much

BM: I broke seven boners, so what, everyone does

SM: Only you Bruce, only you

BM: It's a common thing

RT: To break a bone

BM: Exactly, that what I've been saying

SM: think again

BM: *checks messages* OH SHIP, FORGET WHAT I WROTE!

F: Ship? WTF?

BM: Ship

BM: Slip


WW: Well gtg break some BONES

SM: What, not boners, you do that all to easily

WW: F.U.

BM: Oh jizz

BM: JEEZ! Damn you, autocorrect!

A/N: So there is this hilarious website called 'Damn you, Auto correct' and I thought this would be funny. Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading!