Text Convo Between Bruce and Dick:

B: Did berry cum tent?

D: Wet the fluke?

B: Oh ship, I meant, *Dick Barry come yet?

B: *DID!?

D: *What the fuck?

B: Did Barry come yet?

D: Yeti


Text Convo between Artemis and Wally:

A: I got hick strippers for dinner, is that okay?

W: Um...I perfer my stripped to be babes, not hicks

A: I meant chicken strips

A: Wait...what!?

Text Convo between Zantana and Kaldur:

K: What was the pussy of last nights metronome?

Z: Excuse me!?

K: Oh good lord! I meant *what was the point of last nights meeting

Z: ...Maybe you should just call me...

Text Convo between Megan and Conner:

M: Wanker is gonna be going hoe, so you only need to set fortnight Pluto

C: ...Um...

M: What?
C: Who's wanker?

C: what's a hoe?
C: and what on Earth is a fortnight Pluto?

M: Hippo Began, I mean to say Wall is going hole so we only need front plutonium set

M: *Hello *Megan *Walking *Hope *four *Platter

C: I'm assuming Wally is going home, so I only need to set four plates?

M: Yep.