Some knights of Camelot were on patrol out at Camelot looking for the Regent – Arthur Pendragon's – evil, half-sister, sorceress – Morgana Pendragon – she had taken over Camelot. But the group of knights currently on patrol had taken out her and her half-sister, Morgause's immortal army. They were looking for her in a village where they had heard reports of her sightings with her half-sister.

In the group was the Crown Prince and Regent – Arthur Pendragon himself. There was a knight of noble birth Sir Leon. Then there were several knew knights including the king's fiancé's brother – Elyan. There was Sir Gwaine who was for once not drunk! There was the muscular, tall and ever silent Sir Percival. Lancelot who seemed almost always in competition with the Prince mainly due to the would be Queen – Guinevere – who had won the hearts of both future king and knight. Last – but definitely not least not that most knew this – was the servant of Prince Arthur. Merlin and Arthur whose relationship began rocky at best would rarely be seen without each other. Merlin would ride into battles with Arthur. But unbeknownst to the prince his servant had a dangerous secret which could kill him if anyone knew. Merlin or Emerys as the druids called him was the most powerful warlock in the world. He was destined – at Arthur's side – to unite Albion under one high king – Arthur Pendragon.

That was why Merlin was the first to feel the strange wind that over took them. The Prince, Knights and Merlin ended up in a strange room. It had large glass windows and soft bed like chairs. There was a strange contraption in the middle of the room.

'That would be sorcery,' said Arthur.

'I don't think so,' said Merlin not feeling any of the tingly feeling he got from magic.

'How would you know?' asked Arthur.

'Oh no reason,' said Merlin.

Lancelot looked at his magical friend who shook his head.

'Oh come on look,' said Merlin.

He went over to the strange contraption and turned it on. He then found a strange box thing saying Merlin thinking it was for him he pushed it in a whole which he had a feeling would be the right size for it. With this he allowed the box to light up.

Gwen was helping Gaius with Huinith who had come to them ill when the knights and Merlin were away. She hoped that they would be back soon. Though she told herself that it was to inform Merlin about Huinith's health she knew it was also to see her handsome fiancé and Lancelot. That was why she was scared when a strange wind overtook them and she ended up falling into Arthur's strong arm.

'Gaius? Mother?' Merlin said.

Gwen saw the hurt as Merlin took in his mother's haggard appearance. Merlin knelt down by the woman and she sat up looking perfectly fine again. Gwen thought that maybe she had just been missing her baby – well grown up son. Then she heard the strange and mysterious music on the strange lighted screen.

'Magic?' she asked.

'No,' said Merlin sounding peeved. 'Come on lets see what it does,' said Lancelot pulling painfully and guiltily on her heartstrings.